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The 7 Best Video Stabilizer Software & Solutions

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Gone are the days when making a documentary or short film was a job of technical skill and one must be expert to deal with video editing and associated tasks. Nowadays, everybody can shoot and record a video with the smartphone camera. After the dawn of these revolutionary technologies and its daily uses, video editing has become an easy-to-do job, provided that you know which video stabilizer you must use. There are lots of video stabilizer software programs accessible in the business, both free and paid. It will perhaps be a hard task for you to select one editing software from the long list and then to finish the editing task.

All these video editing software have different features, price points and some are hard to use. It doesn't matter if you are a novice or an expert as you could benefit from a wealth of remarkable software out there. This article will provide you with a quick review of the best and most excellent free and paid video stabilizer software. This will give a quick overview of software for both novice and professional film editors.

#1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is the first video stabilizer software we would like to recommend. It stands out by it's very easy-to-use interface. It also allows you to create professional videos. With Filmora , you can not only stabilize the shaky video footage, but also offer you multiple editing solutions for creating beautiful videos with ease. What's more, it allows you to export the videos into any format you like, such as MKV, WMV, MP4 etc., you can even burn the video into DVD with Filmora.

Stabilize your video footage with Filmora is very easy:

    • Drag and drop your shaky video footage to Filmora Media Library and then place it in the timeline;
    • Right click the shaky video footage in the timeline and select Stabilization from the menu; or double click the shaky footage in the timeline to enter the Video editing interface and check the Stabilization option.
    • Filmora will automatically stabilize the shaky video for you as the screenshot shows below:

 Filmora Stabilize video

  • Fine tune the stabilization effect by dragging the smooth level slider.

So, let's check how to stabilize shaky video with Filmora in details:

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

If you want to know more detailed steps about how to stabilize shaky videos, you should not miss Stabilize Video. To get a less shaky video, maybe you need to use a video stabilizer. For more information about Video Stabilizer, you can check Best Video Stabilizers.

Even for the video footage shot by action cameras, Filmora can stabilize it quickly with ease. You can check the the guide about how to edit action camera videos here. Check how to fix shaky GoPro action camera videos Here .

#2. AVS Video Editor

This video editor could be the primary option when you are searching for a simple to use, high quality rich and fast video stabilizer solution for your computer. Made by Online Media Technologies, this provides many remarkable features like massive amount of effects, Blu-Ray video support, multilingual support, capability to share videos straight in platforms like Flick, MySpace and Facebook valuable features like stabilization. This is considered as one of the best video stabilizer tools for Windows. This is available for only $59 with an unlimited trial version. Key features include HD support, dual audio track, non-destructive editing and Single video track.

#3. DeShaker

This is one of the ideal video editing programs for Windows. It works with SDVs and HDV video clips. Deshaker does a remarkable job for editing wobbly videos. To use this software, first you have to download the VirtualDub and then have this filter.

#4. Adobe Premiere Elements

It is one of the most sought after software when it comes to video stabilizing software. Roughly around 100 to 150 dollars, this program allows you to detain different courses such as .vob format found on DVDs and exports videos for playback in many different formats. It also has simple to utilize editing tools like cut, join, trim, titles and transitions. This software also allows you edit and make DVDs with the right burner. When you are searching for entry level video editing software, Adobe Premiere Elements is a great one to get and really provides many things at a low cost.

#5. Final Cut Pro

This is a very powerful video editing program for people running a Mac. This tough video stabilizer software costs 999 dollars for a new edition and you only need to pay 299 dollars for the upgrade. You're going to enjoy how great this software works and experts recognize it as a must-have tool to edit shaky video. The features run through all kinds of professional grade items and has automatic setting like Easy export, iChat Theater, full DVD support, limited Blue-ray support, native AVCInra Support, ProRess Codecs, New Timecode, window, Alpha Transiiton and Blu-Ray support. This is considered as one of the best software for novice and experienced users. However, it is very expensive.

Learn more about Final Cut Pro Editing Tips

#6. iMovie

This is entry level software for video editing. Apple once again moves forward with something which even teenagers are finding valuable to make high quality videos. This software is available for only 79 dollars, when you are running an older Mac. This features picture stabilization, editing control with precision editing, iDVD integration, slow motion, green screen abilities and lots of different features that you do not really see in basic and low quality software. This also comes pre-loaded in new Mac computers, so you may already have this set up and not even know it. When your computer did not come with this, then buying it alone is not going to cost too much.

Learn more about iMovie Tips

In spite of your budget, you can edit your skate videos, home videos or any sports action you could find. You do not need to be an expert and you do not essentially need to own a Mac to do it. You can be imaginative without spending too much. If you want to learn more about how to editing videos, please check Filmora Video Editing tips.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

For those who are looking for adding specially camera shake effects to video, check this video below and figure out how to do that in Filmora.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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