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Tips for Adding Music to Photo Online

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 22, 22, updated May 20, 24
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So, you have a special occasion right around the corner, and you're in the mood to devote some time to your artistic endeavors. Let's look at ways to bring your creative potential to light and add music to photo online.

Create the perfect homage to your relationships-be they familial, romantic, or platonic. There's always a reason to celebrate a relationship for how it enhances your life. Let's explore all the ways we can add music to your photos, free and otherwise.

Bring a little magic to the celebrations with these ideas on adding music in online photos.

 Part 1 Why Can We Add Music To Photo

When you add music on photo, online or otherwise, you get a sense of the true spirit and recall the photographed moment. Furthermore, it is recommended to use music while creating a slideshow using photos of memorable moments.

For example, you can use photographs projected on a larger screen for important occasions such as celebrations, marriages, and birthdays. You simply use the correct tool to assist you with putting music to images.

Add music to photo, it can help set the mood of the celebration. It can make memorable moments feel more authentically heartwarming. It's similar to the atmospheric music of the horror show. If added subtly, it can even evoke a physical response.

By building positive associations between the audio, image, and memory, you can easily trigger powerful emotions in the recipient.

 Part 2 Websites For Adding Music To Photo Online

If you're looking to add music to an online photo converter, the following websites can help accomplish this task. You can create a photo montage with a beautiful soundtrack to match.

Addmusictophotoallows users to upload either one image or a series of images. You can also upload a soundtrack to align with the sequence of the photos. It helps add music on photo online.

The time taken to create the output mp4 file depends on the number of images and the song itself.

import files to media

It does come with a size limitation. It prevents the addition of files over 25MB for images and 100MB for audio.

The best part of using this website is that it's free.

Moviemakeronlineis perfect for creating an mp4 as it can add music to one photo online or many. You can add the photos yourself or add them from a stock library available for music and images. Add music with photos online using this website.

 import files to media using moviemakeronline

Additionally, you can also enter text for the images in the mp4. This gives you more creative direction and control. Another benefit of using moviemakeronline is that you can also stipulate the duration. You can customize the musical experience of the video.

You can also download the video as an export for social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. This software helps add music in photo online.

Using Keevi,, you don't need to download any software or install any apps to add a visual to a track. Regardless of your amateur or pro status, you can do it like the pros. It can help you add music to photos online. All you need is Keevi, a readily available source that uses an internet studio to incorporate sound or music into any image.

You can either upload images from your computer or choose a picture out of multitudes of royalty-free stock photographs available on Keevi's 'upload' panel.

use keevi online studio

You can edit the timeline of the audio used with Keevi's online studio. You can choose when and where an image can appear and for how long. All these give you a range for how long an image can appear.

 Part 3 Steps To Add Music In Photo Online

Add music to video/photo online can be relatively simple with some prior prep work. Regardless of if you want to add music to one photo online or multiples. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can do it.

In this tutorial, let's use mymoviemaker online to demonstrate how to add music to photo online.

Step 1: Line up the photos you've chosen. It would also help to select the soundtrack/mp3 file.

Step 2: Go to the website.

Step 3: Add the photos and mp3 using the "Add Files" button. You can also choose an image from their stock photos. The same is applicable to their free music.

import files to media using moviemakeronline

Step 4: You can edit the duration of the added song for the picture. If you would like to use a single image for the entire song, choose the 'stretch' button.

add stretch to use single image per song

Step 5: Select the format and resolution of the output file based on the social media platform. You can customize the output. Click on "Make Video" for the desired result.

create custom output for video

 Part 4 For More Interest: Add & Edit Your Music In Photo

While these websites simplify the task of adding music to your photographs, it might not be enough. If you're looking to do more with your project than add music in photo online, then we can help.

You can make the image clips more satisfying with the help of video editors. They can help you adjust the length of the music, the sequence of the image. Some even have unique features that can enhance image quality. So, if you would like to use such a video editor, you should opt for Wondershare Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora can help you add music to photo. You can also tap into the library of several kinds of music. They're also copyright-free music. Some features are applicable not just for audio but also the video you're hoping to create with the sequences of images and music.

Step 1: Load Filmora On Your System

You will need to download and install the software on your personal computer or laptop. You can download it on both macOS and Windows.

Step 2: Import Your Images

You can click on the "Media" tab to open the file manager. You can also drag and drop your chosen images. Remember to enter them in the sequence you like for the video. If not, you can still rearrange them on the timeline.

import files to media using filmora

Step 3: Add Effects and Animation of Images in Filmora

Click on the video timeline so the "set duration" button can come into view. You can customize the duration of each image along with the effect on the image. You can choose from over 300+ effects for the image. Another cool feature is that with Filmora you can animate the images.

adding animation to the image using filmora

Step 4: Add Music To Photos

You can go one of two ways with this. One, you can import a file from your computer. Simply click on “import” and browse for the file. Another way is to use audio from Filmora’s royalty free library.

add audio to images using filmora

You can also add effects to the audio using Filmora. There are five main effects that you can produce. They are Echo, Lobby, large room, small room, and phone. You can access them from the “Effects” tab. Just scroll to the audio effects sub-category and you’re good to go.

audio effects using filmora

Step 5: Export Finished File

You can edit the images and audio until it suits your needs. You can then export the file as an mp4. Filmora also offers a range of outputs like avi, webm, mov, f4v, mkv, and more. If you're targeting the output for a device like mobile-friendly or desktop friendly, you can change the settings accordingly.

export file as a video using filmora

That's how you add music to photo using free online tools! Hope that this article helps other users tell stories and share amusing content both online and offline.

With this skill, you can make mementos for memorable occasions. Between the versatile combination of music and imagery, you can evoke a powerful response in the recipient of this video. So go forth and make every occasion a montage of fond memories and shared bonds.

Learn to upskill by learning to add music to photos and level up your relationship at the same time.

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