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Hitfilm Express - A Guide to Download, Install, Key Features

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated May 20, 24

If you are involved in video editing, you better know the importance of using hitfilm express download. This video editing tool helps the users to perform video editing efficiently. Along with basic features, the program also provides advanced-level functionality that makes edited videos phenomenal. Every casual video editor gets attracted to the hitfilm express download for its extraordinary features. Anyone can download the video editing software from an online platform named FXHome.

The free software is so impressive that it can give tough competition to paid video editing platforms like Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects. For both novice and seasoned youtubers, this platform provides some amusing features like 400+ visual effects, compositing tools presets, and cinematic features to unveil their creativity at its best.

1. How to download and install Hitfilm Express?

People increasingly depend on this software since it is free to download. Available for both Mac and Windows, this software works as exceptional community support. The software comes with documentation and tutorials so that new users don't face any difficulty getting used to the platform. You can download hitfilm express editing software from any third-party platform, but it is advisable to download the video editor from the official website directly. You only have to ensure that your internet connection is speedy enough for activation.

Here is the step-by-step process for the online installation of HitFilm Express.

hitfilm express

  • First, go to the official website of HItFilm Express and click the download button.

  • You have to fill in the details directly on the registration page. You will get the download URL in your mail address by doing this. Check your inbox to download the installer.

  • Now, allow the installation file to run and then follow the steps.

  • Once the installation is completed, it's time to activate the software. A dialog box will appear on opening the program with options like login and activation. Click the "Get Free License" to land on the website.

  • After getting into the website, log in to your previously created FXhome account. When you have finally logged in to your account, search the serial code.

  • Revert the software and hit the Activate and Unlock button to enter the serial code and opt for software activation. It is how your entire installation process will be completed.

2. Key Features of Hitfilm Express 

If you want to take your video editing to the next level like a professional, hitfilm express editing software is your one-stop solution. Here is a wide array of features that provides amateurs to professionals a seamless experience.

Professional project quality: The UHD support and RAM preview of HitFilm Express provide the users the supreme quality formats. Whatever footage you collect from documentaries captured by high-end cameras or smartphones, HItFilm will manage everything.

Commentator recorder: Once you click the button, you will easily adjoin voiceover to the uploaded videos without leaving the HitFilm. The HitFilm Express is designed so that your recording will promptly add to a soundtrack so that you can do the finishing touches with the audio effects.

Integrated timelines: Keep switching from one tab to another, same as you do on the browser, as per your needs. You can edit in one tab, make a composition in the other, and then get back to the editor without the necessity of loading other software.

Customized playback: You can personalize playback. It will help you get exposed to non-stop playback in the trimmer, thus preventing lagging and making edits easier. It allows you to control the playback quality and make hasty edits.

Smart search: With the help of HitFilm Express, you can locate your desired keyword quickly. It will also help you find properties for all the effects, media, and timelines. In case you come from a different software system, the algorithm of hitfilm express editor identifies the keyword links and assists you in finding your search.

Numerous streams: To allow the gamers to have a rejoicing experience, HitFilm allows importing files with multiple audio streams and provides you with complete flexibility over workflow.

Adjustable trimmer: With HitFilm Express, you can re-trim clips even after adding to the timeline. The moment you double-click the clip, it will automatically get sent to the trimmer panel to allow you to make necessary adjustments. Once you have completed the changes, the clip will be again updated.

Cinematic outlook: You can prepare your film with the classic cine-effects of HItFilm Express. Choose your most preferred effects like Day For Night, Three-Strip Color, Film Grain, and other styles to give a cinematic edge.

3. How to edit videos with Hitfilm Express?

Editing is cutting and accumulating the selected clips to tell the story better. Editing consists of adding sound effects, transitions, and other visual elements to help it view excellent results.

hitfilm how to edit

You have to set up the editor timeline and start importing clips to edit your clips. Use the editor tools like roll, slip, drag, selection, ripple, and others to customize your edit.

hitfilm orange section

  • Choose the Set in point button from the point where you want to start the clip. In the timeline, you will notice an orange section representing the part of the clip you want to play.

  • Now, skip through, and decide where you want to end the clip. You have to click the Set-out button. You can alternatively use the I and 0 keys as shortcuts.

  • Once you get your selected start and endpoint, you can drag down the portion of the video into the timeline. This time, you can get a message that shows the editor settings are different from the adding clip. It is your choice how you want to keep your settings.

  • If you find the selected set of a good standard, you can move forward and select “Yes” to ensure that your project gets changed into that setting.

  • In the viewer section, you will get to view the final outlook of the video. Here, on the downside of the timeline, you can click on the Zoom bar to see things in detail. Your previews will depend on the selected settings that you have made beforehand.

  • If you want to change your default setting, you can come to the hamburger icon for tracking and changing the size of the video to different ones.

  • Add a clip to the timeline: Position the play head at the timeline point where you want to start the clip, and then hit the insert clip button.

hitfilm set details

4. Hitfilm Express Alternative to Edit Videos

Anyone who finds video editing fun filling can try out Filmora. It is an ideal alternative to hitfilm express editing tutorial. Whether you shoot in an entry-level camera or a high-end video camera, Filmora will help you create and edit the most suitable videos. During the video editing procedure, you can experience multiple challenges that help you stay patient and work slowly to come out with the project.

filmora edit videos

It is the best video editing platform for beginners since it can provide comprehensive support for creating different video formats. The user-friendly interface and powerful editing features make the video editor one of the most used video editing software.

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Step-by-step guide for editing videos with Filmora

Step 1: Double click on the Filmora’s icon to start working on your project. Either open the new project or click on the aspect ratio for time-saving editing.

Step 2: Select the "project setting" option to customize the aspect ratio as per your need. Next, you will go to the import media files to choose the import with the instant cutter tool and opt for easy trimming of videos.

You can also use a lens correction tool to improve the quality of videos.

Step 3: Create a new folder and organize the clips alphabetically to increase efficiency.

Step 4: Drag and drop the trimmed videos on the timeline and rearrange them to remove the unnecessary parts. Press the play button to get previews of your added video clips.

Step 5: Now, it's time to add audio and visual effects to your trimmed footage. You can also add opening titles and subtitles and use text templates to work on the video transition.

Step 6: With the help of a color correction tool, you can make the videos look vivid. It takes enough time and dedication to master color correction for your videos.

Step 7: When you are 100% sure about the final outlook of the project, you have to export the videos on YouTube for fast uploading on social media networks. Otherwise, you can opt for saving the video on the hard drives.

5. FAQs about Hitfilm Express

1.Is Hitfilm Express still free?

Ans: HitFilm Express is still free with alternative paid add-ons. The free video editing software helps make excellent films and video games with the professional-grade VFX. From students, beginners, and gamers to you Tubers – anyone can work on their creativity without spending a penny.

2.Is Hitfilm Express safe to download?

Ans: With more than 5 million active users across 160 countries, HitFilm Express is safe and legit software to download. If you are susceptible to using this platform, it is an excellent option to experience some remarkable features and learn A to Z of video editing.

3.Is Hitfilm Express still worth it?

Ans: IF anyone opts for the paid version, it will be expensive. However, the video editing software has beginner-friendly features like different AI tools for guided editing, 4K support, and others that hardly make any sense compared with other free software.

Looking at its professional features and high-quality editing, it is the most powerful video editing platform.


In a nutshell, HItFilm is an entirely free version of video editing software. Beginners can quickly learn it since the editing features can be easily grasped. To create amateur videos for professional ones, HitFilm Express is your one-stop solution. The customizable effects and compositing layers provide your videos with an excellent cinematic look. Everything you will get without spending any money.

Therefore, if you want to learn the A to Z of video editing for absolutely free, you can blindly rely on the hitfilm express editor.

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