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How to Create a DIY Green Screen Video Effect?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 04, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

No matter how big the budget of a Hollywood movie is, at the end of the day, it has to rely on the humble green screens for special video effects. The stunning studios from where your favorite YouTubers and gamers stream their videos are graphical video effects created through green screens. Even the studios that you see on TV channels are a graphical creation of green screens. You must be wondering how they could achieve such awesome graphics with a simple green screen.

All you need is a good-quality green fabric, a professional video editing software, and a camera. You may not believe it, but that is all you need for creating DIY green screen video effect. You do not have to be a professional video editor to edit the green screen on your videos and add any special video effect. In this article, you will learn how to create your own DIY green backdrop.

What Is Green Screen Technique?

A green screen is nothing but a green fabric. In a video, a green screen is placed in the background behind the subject. In the editing phase of the video, the green screen is replaced with any background image or video effect that stays intact in the video as long as possible. In short, the green screen technique involves superimposing photos and videos on the green screen in a video.

Starting from the video game industry, movie industry to video streaming and TV channels, the green screen technique is used everywhere. The stunning graphical component of these industries is totally dependent on the green screen technique. In fact, DIY green screen for zoom meetings and video conferencing is widely used. Along with that, YouTubers and Twitch streamers use DIY green screen for streaming live.

Technically speaking, instead of a green screen, you can use any other color of screen. However, green screens are widely used, and it has become a norm. The main point to remember when using a green screen is that nothing else should have green color such as the dresses the subject is wearing. Therefore, in technical terms, the green screen is referred to as Chroma Key, and you will find Chroma Key option instead of green screen in most video editors.

Why Use Green Screen Technique?

The main reason why the green screen technique is used in movie and video making is that the video editor can replace the entire background at once instead of replacing the background frame by frame. Once you replace a green screen with an image or video effect, it stays the same throughout the video as long as required.

Therefore, the video editor can save a lot of time in editing and the editing stays uniform throughout which gives a realistic effect. If the green screen technique is not used and editing is done frame by frame of a video, there could be a manual error, inconsistent, and graphical glitches.

You can replace green screens with anything you want. It could be a still image of a beautiful studio with 3D effect like you see in case of YouTubers and gamers. It could be a moving, real-life landscape on any place in the world instead of a beautiful background picture. Similarly, it could be replaced by video effects such as explosions, stadiums full of people, battlefields, and likewise. At times, it could be live animations as you see on TV channels.

How To Create DIY Green Screen Stand Setup and Add Green Screen Effect?

If you want to have a green screen setup for your video, you need to have the following things ready.

  • A green cloth that is large enough to cover the entire background.

  • A video editing software to replace green screen in your video with anything.

  • External light for more video clarity and a good camera with mic.

Step 1: Setup DIY Green Backdrop

Your green fabric should be soft and bright. If you are going to be the subject of the video, make sure you are not wearing anything green. Moreover, do not keep any object within the video frame that is green in color. If there are too many green objects, you can use a blue screen.

When it comes to hanging the green cloth in the background, people find it very difficult. If your video frame is going to be a close-up to the subject, you can use a green screen panel to hang green cloth. A green screen panel generally has a collapsible structure for easy storage and transportation.

Otherwise, you need to install hooks in the wall if you are planning to replace the green screen with a studio-like scene so that the entire background of the video frame stays covered with green screen. You should opt for multiple green screens and stitch them together to cover the background completely.

Step 2: Setup Camera and Light

Whether you are shooting with a DSLR camera or smartphone camera or webcam, make sure you are shooting at least HD video quality so that the editing could be great. Lights are important when you are using green screen though they are not a necessity. The video quality and brightness get enhanced with lights. Diffused lights work the best and the background should be well-lit.

Most importantly, you have to place the lights in such a way that your body arms should not be casting any shadow on the green screen. You can either stand very close to the green screen or away from the green screen so that your shadow does not go till the green screen. Instead of starting to shoot the video from the very beginning, you should capture for a few seconds and make sure everything is perfect including the camera angle.

Step 3: Get The Best Video Editor For Green Screen Effect

There are various video editors available, but not all of them are suitable for green screen effect. We recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best video editor to apply green screen effects on your video while editing. The reason behind the recommendation is that the steps to replace the green screen with any image or video are super simple and anyone can do it. There is no need to be a professional video editor.

Wondershare Filmora also lets you capture video through webcam and you can also capture your screen. It is perfect for recording gameplay as well as your reaction and commentary. Similarly, you can record demonstrations, tutorial videos, as well as video conferences. You can apply green screen effects to your recorded video instantly and publish on different platforms. In fact, you can adjust all the parameters such as color scheme, audio ducking, keyframing, motion tracking and much more to enhance the video output quality.


Making videos with DIY green screen stand is no more an esoteric concept. You can set it up anywhere and start shooting video. The magic begins in the post-production stage where you can use Wondershare Filmora to replace the green screen with video effects that will blow the mind of your viewers and followers. Filmora has intuitive options and controls through which you can apply green screen effect in simple steps.

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