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Best Music Player Software for Android

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Music Player is one of the most important software that your desktop computer as well as mobile handset must have. Especially if you are a crazy music lover then it is good to pick one of the best players from internet and get it installed on your android device to enjoy non-stop playback on the go. The article below will provide you details about 10 top rated music players for android platform; you can install any of these to get started.

1.BlackPlayer Music Player: (Free/ $2.69)

Black Player is an incredi9ble simple and elegant player that helps you to stay connected with high quality audio series on android device. You can start with its free version to enjoy basic features whereas extended benefits are available to paid users only.

Key Features:

  • Users can customize tab structure on their device screen.
  • It has so many options on top tab like scrobbling, widgets, equalizer etc.
  • Comes with ID3 tag editor and lots of themes.
  • Does not contain annoying ads.


2. Google Play Music: (Free / $9.99)

This play does not demand an introduction because it is already popular enough among android users. There are so many interesting features wrapped inside this interactive music player package.

Key Features:

  • It allows users to buy unlimited songs from internet.
  • Huge cloud storage that allows storage up to more than 7000 songs.
  • Efficient music manager that can handle all podcasts, playlists, iTunes and wide music collection.
  • Decent interface with catchy lock screen artwork.
  • Fast streaming service with classic audio quality.


3. Poweramp: (Free/ $3.99 only)

From a long past, Poweramp is serving android users like their favorite media player. You can get it downloaded from Google Play and get started immediately with its simple interface.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of theme setting options.
  • Lots of playback options including crossfade, gapless playback etc.
  • Many widgets, customization options and tag editing feature.
  • Efficient and effective interface that can even perform better than Material design.


4.Pi Music Player: (Free with in app purchase options)

Here is one more video player that can entertain all your music playback needs with its top class interface and gorgeous looks. Its UI is definitely the most interesting one with lots of advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Eye candy transitions make it more stylish.
  • Designed with built in 5 band equalizer that possesses bass boost feature.
  • Comes with 10 amazing presets.
  • 3D reverb effects along with virtualizer.
  • Interactive features like gesture support, enhanced folder view, sleep timer and loads of themes.
  • It can edit metadata in your media files.


5.Media Monkey: (Free/$2.49 only)

It serves like a powerful dark horse in the world of music player businesses and serves users with impressive playback options on its feature rich platform. Although, set up task is little bit complicated but it can ensure smooth interfacing for all media files ahead.

Key Features:

  • Contains loads of organizational features like podcasts and audio books.
  • In built equalizer.
  • You can enjoy auto media library synch services between computer and phone via Wi-Fi connectivity.


6.Stellio Music Player: (Free/ $1.99 only)

The most impressive thing to know about stellio is that its theme design and color use to change automatically as per art color of album that you are currently playing. It is best choice for youngsters who want to stay tuned to style while listening music.

Key Features:

  • Packed with impressive features like gapless playback, crossfade, scrobbling and tag editing choices.
  • It extends support to lossless rare media file formats.
  • Designed with high quality 12 band equalizer.
  • Includes 13 unique audio effects like Z-Treble, Z-Bass, AGC, Flanger, Reverb, Balance and VolumeAmp etc.


7.N7 Player: (Free/ $3.49 only)

It has one unique feature that makes it standout among all competitors. Instead of listing all your media files in so common playlists, it creates a collage form on screen so that users can easily scroll over their content and start with anyone they like.

Key Features:

  • Impressive collage formation system for media library.
  • Accompanied with 10 band equalizer, scrobbling, volume normalization and advanced tag editor feature.
  • Easy to use with powerful management system.


8.Phonograph Music Player: (Free with optional donation facility)

This platform has recently joined the race of media player business in android market but it offers quality services with simple and user friendly interface. It is definitely worth trying, its lightweight design will not clutter your device memory.

Key Features:

  • Designed with advanced material design interface that makes it more impressive.
  • Users can set new themes from wide collection at Phonograph library.
  • Great playlist features, tag editor options and fm integration.
  • Interesting home screen widgets with easy navigation facility.


9.Shuttle Music Player: (Free/ $0.99 only)

Developers have recently updated Shutter Music Player with few advanced features and now it is all set to hit the market of android users. It can play almost all popular media file formats while ensuring loss free audio details.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 6 band EQ setup.
  • Offers gapless playback.
  • It supports embedded lyrics.
  • There are tons of themes.
  • Professional version can also provide advanced services like ID3 tag editing, Chromecast support and folder browsing facilities including wide set of attractive themes.


10.JetAudio HD Music Player Plus: (Free/$4)

It contains so many advanced playback features even with its free version so android users can expect quality playback service from Jet Audio. However, free version can annoy you with lots of ads; if you can tolerate them then it is good to download this HD music player on your android device.

Key Features:

  • Free version designed with 10 band equalizer and pro contains 20-band equalizer.
  • Built in type tag editor.
  • Numbers of widgets along with so many convenient features.


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