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Best mkv player for PC and mobile

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

MKV file formats are gaining more and more popularity these days due to their ability to delivery rich video content. If you have also collected few MKV media files on your device then probably now you are searching for a good quality MKV player. You can find wide range of option online but when quality matters then top rated solutions must be the only choice. The article below will provide you complete details about some of the best MKV players that are compatible with PC and Mobile devices.

Best MKV Player for PC:

1.DivX 10 High Quality MKV Player:

You will be glad to know that Divx is currently available in more than 11 popular languages and works perfectly on Mac and Window platforms. The package includes DivX converter, Web Player and basic player so you can enjoy any stream online or get content converted into any desired file format like Mov, MP4, MKV and Avi etc. This free of cost software tool is designed to offer wide support for high quality DIVx videos. The DivX files can be easily played on almost all DivX devices like digital TVs, Blu-Ray Players, mobile phones and tablets. 


2.5K Player:

5K Player works like free of cost MKV player for android while offering classic content delivery. It offers high quality Matroska video playback option. Even if you are a beginner with player softwares, 5K player allows easy control options with wide range of playback options. You will be glad to know that abilities of this software tool are not only limited to MKV files rather they can go beyond while offering easy playback solutions to FLV, WMV, MOV, AVI, MPEG-4, , MOD, AVCHD, M2TS files.


3.VLC Media Player:

VLC media player is well known among video lovers. It can offer incredible playback options to MKV video player while offering full compatibility to Mantroska files and secondly it makes streaming option easier because most of the streams these days are loaded with .mkv extension. Thus, you need not to mess up with other codcs or special filters to make your content playable. It can be used to organize subtitle, multiple audio and video tracks on much decent way to improve viewing experience. But the sad part is that most of its advanced features make the interface too complicated for beginners. VLC cannot even play the popular Blu-Ray discs.


4.Free MKV Player:

As the name indicates, this software tool is dedicated to play MKV files so you need not to search for additional solutions when you once have downloaded MKV player on your device. The user friendly guide offers easy installation process and once installed then this player can be used to play all high quality MKV files with ease. The picture quality on MKV Player platform is stunning so you can enjoy rich viewing experience.


Best MKV Player for Mobile:

1.MKV Amp Player:

This is one of the fastest media players for Android devices and it can support high quality MKV content with ease. It extends support to various subtitle formats while offering impressive delivery for Audio, video files having any popular file format like RMVB, AVI, 3GP, MOV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, MKV and 3GP etc. Users can open their files using dedicated file browser tool inside Amp player. The network streaming support is one added advantage.


2.VLC for Android:

VLC is a popular open source platform that can play almost all popular video file formats while ensuring impressive content quality. It can process files from network streaming sites, devices and discs etc. This free software tool is designed with ad free service and you need not to make any in-app purchase.


3.MX Player:

Here is a powerful MKV player that allows support to subtitles along with its advanced hardware acceleration. It offers impressive hardware acceleration service along with added support to multi code decoding. Users can further enjoy Pan, Zoom and Pinch to Zoom features on MX player. The subtitle support is one more advantage whereas kids lock keeps your content safe all the time.


About MKV Format:

MKV files are well known as multimedia contained formats; they have capability to incorporate many sub-titles, videos, audios etc into a single file with unique encoding techniques. In a most general case, you can easily access a MKV media file that has MP3 support for audio, for video. Such files offer wide range of features like fast seeking abilities, metadata support, chapter, menu and easy selection for different video and audio streams along with subtitle support an error recovery system. But, MKV files are not supported by all media players, so if you want o enjoy this high quality content then it is better to get your own MKV player or use some trustworthy codec solutions.

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