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Best AVI Player for PC and Mobile

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

AVI is a popular media file format and many people keep on searching for a good quality player that can support AVI files. If you are also searching for best AVI player that can work on PC or Mobile then below is the list of best recommendations.

AVI Player for Windows:

1. VLC:

VLC is well known name in the world of players. It is an open source player that is available for free with cross platform design. This framework can play all popular media file formats while offering streaming services.

Key Features:

  • Simple, powerful and fast with interactive user interface.
  • It can play almost anything including streams, devices, webcams, discs and files.
  • No codec packs need as it extends support to all formats like MP3, WebM, and many more.
  • Works perfectly over Android, iOS, Unix, Mac OS, Linux and Windows.


2. MPC:

MPC-HC is best option if you need a light weight player with all good features. It also falls in the category of open source softwares and works for Window based systems. You will definitely enjoy extensive playback support, 100% spyware free service and ad free processing of MPC-HC.

Key Features:

  • Its light weight design makes it compatible with almost all computers.
  • Great customization options.
  • It is categorised as all round player that can also work like DVB player.


3. KM Player:

Versatility of KM Player is a hot discussion topic and its ability to deliver impressive sound quality makes it stand out among all competitors. You can definitely expect professional level content delivery service from KM Player.

Key Features:

  • It does not required additional codec support, still it processes almost all media file formats.
  • Internet and external codecs already included that can handle OGG, WMA and MPEG files with ease.
  • It can run on slow computers too.
  • No restrictions over memory, encoding, downloading and uploading needs.


AVI Player for MAC:

1. 5K Player:

This high definition player can process all your media files without any additional plugin or codec support. You can easily download content from Dailymotion and YouTube or it can be connected to big TV screen via AirPlay. Beginners may find little difficulty with its configuration process.

Key Features:

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Contains tuner and equalizer.
  • Direct download from YouTube supported.
  • Comes with MP3 converter.
  • It serves high quality content on big screens via AirPlay feature.


2.Cisdem Video Player for MAC:

If you pick Cisdem, you will definitely be able to try something unique with faster performance. This free video and audio player can handle all your media collection while offering higher content quality.

Key Features:

  • It can handle full HD 1080p videos along with 5K resolution level.
  • Does not required additional plugin or codec support.
  • Simple design that offers incredible playback experience.


3.M Player X:

M Player X is well known for its powerful, simple and eye catching platform that makes media processing quite easier. This all in one player ensures smoother playback for all media files and never make compromises for content quality with varying file formats.

Key Features:

  • Easy swipe, tap and pinch controls added.
  • Automatic subtitle detection and conversion facility.
  • One click video access from Vimeo and YouTube like platforms.
  • Apple remote support added.


AVI Player for iOS:

1.MC Player:

MC player is a feature rich software solution for all your media player needs. This technically advanced player can make your media playback dreams come true with impressive service.

Key Features:

  • Dolby digital sound support added.
  • Can easily pick videos from local networks like NAS, DLNA servers and Window Media player etc.
  • Wide range of media file format and subtitle format support.
  • Instant media download supported.


2.Player Xtreme:

This player can provide you instant access to awesome collection of features with its ability to play unlimited movies, GoPro footage collections and music.

Key Features:

  • It offers direct playback to almost all popular media file formats like WMV, AVI, AKV etc. You need not to search for additional converter.
  • Wide subtitle support for txt, smi and srt etc formats.
  • It can also download compatible subtitles from internet.
  • Sharper sound quality with great battery life.


AVI Player for Android:

1.BS Player:

BS Player is available for free with impressive hardware accelerated player abilities that support tablet and android platform with classic content delivery.

Key Features:

  • Background playback options enabled with pop up window.
  • Multiple subtitle and audio format supported.
  • Automatic subtitle search option included.
  • It can directly play uncompressed rar files.


2.AC3 Player:

If you often love to play numbers of media files containing different file extensions and do not want to see the unsupported file format pop up window anymore then AC3 player is best choice for your needs.

Key Features:

  • Classic graphic optimization service.
  • It does not require additional plugins.
  • Auto search can be initiated for desired music files.
  • Maintains play history list.
  • Support wide range of audio, video and subtitle formats.


What is AVI Format?

AVI is an abbreviation for Audio Video Interleaved media file format. It contains audio and video information in digital form so that playbacks can be organised. AVI can handle wide range of compressed digital data that comes from several codecs like XviD and DivX etc. AVI files generally have two parts where first one contains details about frame rates, file size and other characteristics, it is named as Header. On the other side the second portion contains chunks of information from audio and video world.


  • Several codecs support easy AVI compression.
  • It offers exceptionally rich audio quality.
  • AVI can be used to create playable discs and DVDs.
  • It is widely used to develop promos, ads and short movies due to its advanced compression capabilities.

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  • Uncompressed AVI files use to have very large size.
  • Compression beyond specific limit can cause loss of video information.
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