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10 Best Portable DVD Player

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Portable DVD players are one of the biggest needs of current generation and that is why most of companies these days are launching all new products to impress consumers in global market. You can easily find wide range of portable DVD players in market but the selection process is really very complicated. One need to go through many features to pick the right one that can meet his needs. The article below will help you to get some idea about what features one must consider during selection process of Portable DVD player. Further it will also help you to know about top 10 best portable DVD players that you can pick for your preference list. Keep reading.

How to Choose Portable DVD Players?

We have gone through these four evaluations while making selection for right portable DVD player:

    • Audio-Video Performance Test:

If you study specs of DVD players then you will get some idea about their performance but the most trustworthy details can be obtained only after testing audio-video quality on real time basis.

    • Test on Battery Life:

One of the most important feature of portable DVD players use to be their battery life that can ensure service on the go. Most of the manufacturers promise higher battery power that can serve for two to five hours with ease. Test for battery performance was conducted on maximum brightness level after full charge and then music was played till the time devices shuts down with empty battery.

    • Considerable features for DVD Player selection:

Most of the people that buy portable DVD players use to install them on back seat of vehicle and often kids on back seat use to enjoy the beats. So it is important to have a remote control for your kid so that he can switch between tracks while sitting there. It should also ensure smooth playback even on bumpy roads. Anti-skipping feature is considered important for a good quality DVD player.

    • Manufacturer’s support to portable DVD players:

Here is one important fact to consider, as portable DVD players are low cost devices and they are often designed with older technologies so most of the time manufacturers offer limited support to them. At max users will avail maximum warranty of 90 days with their product but in very rare cases it can be up to one year. It is advised to pick device with higher technical support and look for companies that offer live chat, phone contact and email like options for further communication.

Top 10 Portable DVD Players:


The Audiovox DS2058 is one of the highly featured portable DVD players that competes all products in market with quality test results. This player offers impressive audio video quality along with stunning battery life that is even better than gold award winner Pyle PDH14.


1. During the battery life testing, this device was able to work for whole night. This was the biggest reason behind its top rating.

2. Audio- Video quality is also found to be satisfactory along with viewing angle.


Users will not be able to find right customer support solution from this company. Probably you will never be able to contact those customer representatives.


Check at Amazon

2.GPX PD951B:

GPX PD951B was designed with brand new impressive features but during tests its performance for battery service and video quality was below average. Although, this device is designed with USB/SD ports, comes with a remote control and set of headphones but it lacks in anti-skipping performance as well as offers poor parental controls.


1. Maximum viewing angle of this device is specified to be 50 degrees from center and during test it offered great view with respect to all other potential competitors.

2. Handy remote control.


1. Battery life of GPX PD951B was observed to be too small even lesser then the rated value.

2. It serves with poor parental controls.


Check at Amazon

3.Lexibook DVDP5SP:

This Lexibook player is designed with spider man’s face but it serves users with average performance. Preferably you can use this product for kids and it not even come with manufacturer warranty. Viewing angle of DVDP5sP goes up to 45 degrees.


1. The built in type speakers of this device offer clear and loud sound performance.

2. Viewing angle is satisfactory enough.


Disc spinning is even audible via headphones.


4.Pyle PDH14:

Pyle PDH14 is well known for its largest screen size and wide range of advanced features including parental controls and anti skipping. This device allows USB as well as SD connectivity but battery service is below average.


This well designed DVD player possesses a 14” screen and it is the largest one among all players available in market.


1. The sound quality of built in speakers is not so good.

2. Battery lasts for shorter duration.


Check at Amazon

5.Insignia NS-P9DVD15:

It is a low price solution for your portable DVD player needs. Its narrow viewing angle brings more distortion on useful content. This player is designed with anti-skipping feature, parental controls and playback memory. The sad part is that package does not include SD/USB ports, headphones or remote control so you may have to make additional investment.


1. Excellent audio quality for headphones as well as speakers.

2. Great battery life.


It is designed with narrow viewing angle that can cover view only up to 25 degrees.


Check at Amazon

6.Maxmade MDP0919:

Maxmade MDP0919 is rated as best player for bumpy road trips. It ensures impressive video quality along with strong battery life and the compact design makes it very handy on the go. Viewing angle ensures quality output up to 45 degrees.


Once you have charged it up to maximum level then this player can work continuously for five hours.


The DVD player package does not include DC power adapter.


Check at Amazon

7.Naxa NPD-1003:

It is good to buy Nexa if you are low on budget and need something below $100. During tests this product offers great sound quality with impressive battery life. However, this player lacks somewhere in parental controls. Maximum viewing angle from center was 40 degree during tests.


1. Its battery can serve you half hour longer than the promised service time.

2. Amazing sound quality with maximum loudness value of 63dB.


1. Screen colours are reported to be disappointing with unsaturated appearance.

2. Missing Parental controls.


Check at Amazon

8.Philips PD9000/37:

Philips PD9000/37 is a compact player with many stunning features including long battery life. The car mount and anti-skipping abilities make it suitable for road trips but it offers low video resolution that goes only up to 640x220. The maximum viewing angle is observed to be 45 degrees and it allows satisfactory viewing experience. The best results were obtained for sound quality of this device that can last up to five hours.


1. The built in speakers of Philips PD9000/37 are loud and clear enough.

2. Long battery life.


It is not possible to connect this device to SD memory or USB for media playbacks.


Check at Amazon

9.Ematic EPD105:

Ematic EPD105 offers strong audio-video quality with wide range of features. The battery life is truly impressive whereas screen size goes up to 11.6 inches. The video resolution can go as high as up to 1366x768 pixels with vibrant colour details but the viewing angle is limited only up to 25 degrees.


Ematic EPD105 offered impressive battery performance during test that last for more than one hour as compared to its actual rating.


1. Limited viewing angle is a big trouble.

2. Customer support system is not so good.


Check at Amazon

10.CraigElectronics CTFT713:

This well designed portable DVD player offers great collection of features, including anti-skipping, parental controls and amazing battery life that lasts for 3 hours. The viewing angle is limited to 35 degrees and videos are often highly pixelated, however, you will be happy with its stunning audio quality. During tests, its maximum loudness was observed to be 93 dB for speakers whereas for headphones it was much smoother at 53dB.


1. Battery of CraigElectronics CTFT713 use to last up to 3 hours.

2. It offers great sound quality.


1. You will find its screen too dark as well as highly pixelated.

2. Video quality can bring disappointment to users.


Check at Amazon

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