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How to Make Beats for Your Music Videos?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Actually making beats to music videos is one of the best techniques to engage the viewer and adds to the whole video editing experience. Recently more and more people are interested in uploading music videos to Youtube. Videos perfectly synced to music beats gather more clicks, and it can also change the entire tempo and time signature. Finally your music video editing journey will take a whole new dimension with the help of beat making and you will be able to deliver something awesome to your viewers.

Part 1: How to Make Beats in Wondershare Filmora

Want to make beats for your music videos? You may need a helpful beat-making tool. One of the best bets is Wondershare Filmore. Its beat detection feature makes it a perfect fit for music videos. And this beat-making software also offers basic cutting& splitting features and a huge royalty-free library for your music videos.

Just download a free trial of Wondershare Filmora X and get started!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Import Source Videos and Music Files

Launch Filmora after download. You can simply just drag/drop or import the source videos and music that you need to make beats.


Step 2: Start Beat Detection

Right click the music file you want in the Media Library, select Beat Detection, and then Filmora will begin to detect the beats in the music file automatically. You can also go to the Audio tab and get 79 royalty-free music built in Filmora to make beats for your background music if you don’t have your source music.


Step 3: Drag and Drop Videos and Music to Timeline

Filmora might take a while to install the detection plugin, and then you will see a bear marker “b” on the thumbnail of the music file. This means the Filmora is done detecting the beats for the video you selected. Then it is time to drag and drop the video and music to the video and audio track respectively.


Step 4: Configure Your Own Beat Settings

Beat markers in red can be seen on the filmora on every four beats. This is the default configuration. Four beat markers responding to every hit.The settings can be changed by selecting the Beat Options from the right-click menu on the music file in the Media Library. A pop-up window will open where you can make the necessary changes.


Step 5: Sync Your Videos to the Music Beats

Now that you are done marking beats, you can accurately sync the video as per your requirement on the video tracks via per music beat on the audio track. This whole treatment will make the music video smoother and more structured.


Step 6: Save and export your edited project

After you finish all of your music video editing, you can click Export, select the format you want such as mp4 to export your music video. Filmora not only supports various video formats for the export, but also enables you to upload your music video to Youtube or Vimeo directly.


If you have any questions about the steps above when you try to make beats with Filmora or you want to make beats with different software, come on and get more detailed information on Best Beat-Making Tools.  And you can also watch the tutorial video below make beats for your music videos.

Part 2: Best Music Beat-Making Software Alternatives

The diversity and abundance in different video editing projects spurs the development of different video editing software. Apart from Wondershare Filmora, here are some of other beat making apps for Smartphones, Mac and PC computers. 

1. Final Cut Pro ($299.99)

Final Cut Pro allows the user to sync the beats to the video in many ways. Final Cut Pro does not allow direct addition of the beats but the app works in collaboration with the BeatMark X to help you add the beat markers to the audio you choose as the video soundtrack. This is all done in BeatMark X and then the user is allowed to create XML file then can be then exported to the Final Cut Pro.

The process of adding beats is quite simple. All you have to do is add the music to the timeline. Playback and punch the M key to add a marker on each beat. Then finally lineup the inserted clips.

Review: The platform does not allow an automated process for the addition of footage or creating cuts. And the price is not user friendly if you have a tight budget.

2. Premiere Elements ($59.99 as a single app)

Premiere Elements helps simplify the entire video-making process. Adding beats to the video is a simple task here. All you have to do is add the required audio file to the timeline and then make use of the beat detection. This adds markers to the entire track. The beat detection setting can be customized as per the requirement. The customization takes just a few moments.

Review: This feature can only be used in the expert view of the app only. The expert view app allows the user to add new markers just by punching the set bead maker option in the timeline.

3. Splice (Free, but offers in-app purchases)

Splice is one of the best available options for video editing in case you record lots and lots of videos on your iPad and iPhone. The app showcases all the required features that are needed to edit the videos like a pro. This app also features other editing tools that help to make cuts in the videos or applying filters to them. Splice syncs videos to the beats automatically and also add the transitions wherever required to make the video experience smoother. The app features a huge royalty-free music library and also a built-in voice recorder.

Review: The free version of the app offers very limited options and the user has to subscribe to monthly or annual subscriptions to enjoy the rest.


Making beats is of great importance, which can create magic when you work on a music video. Hopefully you may have a full understanding of how to make beats for your music videos after reading this article. If you want to make beats for your own music video, you can select from all the apps above, and Wondershare Filmora can be a good choice for you. Come on and join us!

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