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Hunting Some of the Most Proven AI Character Voice Generators

Are you looking for AI tools or platforms for voice generation? Learn more about different AI voice generator character tools that can help you in this quest.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 30, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

AI is improving itself every second with millions and billions of dataset entries. Innovation of today is becoming history, not in years but in months. This is the pace of how AI is changing rapidly, which is being adapted by the entire world. If we wind the clock back, who thought there could be tools to generate AI voice characters?

However, this is not even the start because determining AI's capabilities is almost vague. Generating images and videos using AI is one thing, as AI can now mimic voices. Many characters' voice generators available on the internet can copy one's voice. All you need to do is provide your voice to the tool, which will train itself to mimic your voice using character AI voice technology.

In this article
  1. Part 1: A Review On The Top-Rated AI Character Voice Generators [Online/Offline]
  2. Part 2: A Pricing Comparison of All AI Character Voice Generators
  3. Part 3: Realistic Voice Generation During Video Creation Using Wondershare Filmora
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Part 1: A Review On The Top-Rated AI Character Voice Generators [Online/Offline]

This article is all about AI voice character generators and their offerings to users. So, in this portion, you will learn about some of the best voice generator tools powered by AI.

1. PlayHT

A complete package for voice generation is offered by PlayHT. It is an AI-based voice tool that can generate audio files in different voices. This tool provides over 800+ AI voices and supports more than 142 languages. The best part of this voice generator is that you can clone your voice with it. Export your audio files in mp3 and WAV and generate a professional file for commercial use.

Compatibility: Online

playht ai character voice generator

2. Typecast

Typecast is the perfect tool for content creators who adds humor to their content. It can help create audio files in different voices and give your audience a reason to laugh. With this tool, you can change the style and tone of the generative voice. All you need is to type your text, provide it to the tool, and your voice is generated. Typecast provides more than 400 generative voices to choose from.

Compatibility: Online

typecast ai character voice generator

3. Speechify

It is another amazing text-to-speech tool that uses AI to give you an incredible output narration file. This simple tool allows you to enter your document and provide you with the audio file. The audio file will be of top-quality, with a clear and accurate voice produced using AI technology. Using Speechify, you can make adjustments like the speed and voice tone of your audio files.

Compatibility: Online, iOS, Android, and Chrome Extension

speechify ai character voice generator

4. is a platform that has so many amazing tools under its platform. One of these amazing tools is its character AI voice generator. You can add voice to your animated character using Moreover, you can create your AI-enabled avatar and give it a voice with this intuitive platform. Using this tool, you can fade in and fade out your generative AI audio file.

Compatibility: Online

veed io ai character voice generator

5. TopMediAI

You can create audio files in the voice of your favorite character with TopMediAI. This tool provides several options, including the parameters of changing pitch, speed, and much more. Apart from customization, this tool supports 70+ different languages. Moreover, you can generate voiceovers in more than 3200 AI voices with TopMediAI.

Compatibility: Online

topmediai ai character voice generator

6. Resemble AI

Resemble AI is an exceptional platform that takes your voice-mimicking talent to new heights. If you have a talent for mimicking voices, why only make your friends and family laugh? Using Resemble AI, you can take your skill and showcase it to a broader audience with your content. The AI is smart enough to understand the pattern of your voice and then clone it accordingly.

Compatibility: Online

resemble ai character voice generator

7. iMyFone VoxBox

If you've generated a digital character but don't know how to give it a voice, use this tool. iMyFone VoxBox is an AI character voice generation tool. This software uses AI to create a voice that resembles the character you've chosen. This tool provides more than 3200 voices, including Peter Griffin. Eminem, and Joe Biden. Select the character's voice you want for your digital character and create a voiceover in no time.

Compatibility: Windows, Android, and iOS

imyfone voxbox ai character voice generator

Part 2: A Pricing Comparison of All AI Character Voice Generators

A complete comparison of all these AI voice character generators has been discussed above. This portion will also help you learn about the different plans each tool offers, which will make your selection easier.

Tools Pricing Plans
PlayHT Creator: $31.2/month
Pro: $49.50/month
Enterprise: Custom
Typecast Basic: $8.99/month
Pro: $39.99/month
Business: $89.99/month
Speechify Speechify Limited: Free
Speechify Premium: $139/year Basic: $12/month
Pro: $24/month
Business: $59/month
TopMediAI Basic Plan: $12.99/month
Premium Plan: $19.99/month
Plus Plan: $39.99/month
Clone Basic: $14.99/month
Clone Premium: $19.99/month
Clone Plus: $39.99/month
Resemble AI Basic: $0.006 per second
Pro: Contact Sales
iMyFone VoxBox Monthly: $19.95
Yearly: $69.95
Lifetime: $129.95

Part 3: Realistic Voice Generation During Video Creation Using Wondershare Filmora

All the aforementioned voice generators provide limited usage of the generated audio. Although, when it comes to editing, a creator’s creativity should not be limited by such limitations. Wondershare Filmora is a vast editing software redefining the term content editor with its consistent upgrades. Moreover, this tool provides over 1000 pre-made templates and much more.

Edit Audio with AI
Edit Audio with AI

Filmora provides over 115 templates for its automated video generation mode. You can even create your effect or preset and share it with friends using a password. Additionally, this tool now offers AI tools to customize further and modify your digital media. Use your audio created using a fictional character voice generator in Filmora for exciting results.

Text-to-Speech Feature of Wondershare Fimora

Text to Speech is the recent induction of Wondershare Filmora in its AI-enabled tools catalog. Using the TTS feature of Filmora, you can easily translate your description or script into voice. This tool supports more than 25 languages and creates narrations using a supported language. You can even choose from 10 AI voices using Filmora's text-to-speech feature.

How To Use Text-to-Speech in Filmora – A User Guide

The above-mentioned tools might be experts in creating AI voices but when it comes to editing you should rely on none other than Filmora. Here’s a brief visual and textual guide to Filmora’s TTS functionality:

Text-to-Speech for Free
Text-to-Speech for Free
Step 1Access Wondershare Filmora and Import Media

Firstly, launch Wondershare Filmora from your system and press "Click here to import media" in the editing interface. After importing your media in "Project Media," bring your files to the timeline by simple drag and drop.

import media to filmora
Step 2Enter Your Text

After that, press the "T" icon in the timeline toolbar and choose "Quick Text" from the options. Next, enter your text by clicking the new text layer in the timeline.

add text to timeline
Step 3Select the Text-to-Speech Option

After adding your text to the textbox of the right-side panel, continue to select the ">>" icon in the timeline and choose the "Text-to-Speech" option from the menu. From the following window that appeared, adjust accordingly and hit "OK."

access tts function
Step 4Final Touches To TTS-Generated Voice

After choosing the AI voice and other options in the following window, press “OK.” Once the processing is completed, your audio will appear in the timeline. Click and hold your audio file to place it at the point you think is correct. In this way, you can easily access the AI-enabled TTS option of Wondershare Filmora.

generate ai voice filmora


To conclude, the clock is ticking, and with every other second, we are entering into further technological developments. Nobody thought AI could facilitate in the manner in which it is doing it right now. Tools like character voice AI generators can now provide voiceovers in any character's voice. Surprise your viewers and use these audio files in Wondershare Filmora for further modifications.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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