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8 Best Alternatives for AIVA AI Music That You Can Give Serious Attention

What other AI-based programs are available for emotional music generation, like Read this list to understand these options, from cost to the pros/cons.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Apr 19, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Technology has made it possible to create high-quality musical pieces without buying various instruments, editing tools, etc. There are editors available where you can manually customize the sound elements into one cohesive musical piece.

Now, technology has surpassed even that, especially with the introduction of AI mechanisms in instant music production. One of the best solutions for that is the software, but there are others. In this post, you will learn more about other tools you can use as an alternative to AIVA AI instead.

music editing on aiva platform
In this article
  1. Part 1: Why is the AI Software Useful?
    1. WaveBots Editor
    2. Wotja
    3. AthTek DigiBand
    5. Ecrett music
    6. Boomy
    7. MuseNet
    8. Audoir AI Music Pro

Part 1: Why is the AI Software Useful?

Before discussing the top alternatives for the composer tool, you should know about the app.

It is a highly suitable comprehensive software for high-quality music production processes using superior-level AI technology. Whether you are a professional composer or just a casual user who wants to see how song creation works, AIVA is simple yet powerful.

The modern AIVA Artificial Intelligence technology helps through the production process with focused support, providing many genres, moods, and themes for suitable customization.


  • Add a personal MIDI file to influence the composition ability of the algorithm.
  • Choose between varying genres of music.
  • Pro-annual plan users can make 300 downloads each month.
  • Get licensing support to own the compositions you make using AI AIVA.
  • Download the final file in MIDI or MP3 format.
  • Prepare high-quality 3-minute-long tracks.
  • Relatively reasonable costs for the paid plans.
  • The content produced in the free version will come with an AIVA music AI copyright.
  • Free users can download only three files per month.

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Part 2: Best Alternatives for Available Online

Of course, is an effortless tool to try out with many expected benefits for music generation. However, some users may want to switch to another software instead. In that regard, here are some suitable suggestions.

1. WaveBots Editor

If you want a high-quality AI music developer tool, WaveBots Editor is one of the top choices to try out. You will utilize different project bundles available in the platform to create multiple files for an album.

wavebots editor

A high-grade editor is available for advanced editing work, changing elements of songs, instruments, and figuration lines.

Compatibility: Windows

Cost: full version cost starts at USD 15


  • It supports WAV stem-based rendering.
  • Export the AI-based instrumental sounds in separate files.
  • Get the floating-point element quickly.
  • Customize the MIDI files before exporting.
  • Use SF2 soundfonts for WAV file rendering.
  • Export files in PICO-8 or MP3 version.
  • Relatively smooth functions as a Windows PC application, even in the full version.
  • It would help if you got example outputs separately first.
  • Some features are available for experimental use, like TIC-80 export, GoatTracker export, etc.

2. Wotja

Wotja is one of the best alternatives to AIVA AI that musicians and composers try out for high-quality music production. You can create different musical projects using available ideas that you get on the platform.


Then, you can create and preview your songs on the tool.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, watchOS, tvOS

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 1.49


  • Works as a Host application or plugin for VST3 or AU3 types.
  • Easy to use on different device types.
  • Create relaxing soundscapes and generative music.
  • Text-to-music ideas are available.
  • Easily get docs support for different Wotja engine-type functions.
  • Tutorial available for a simpler understanding of processes.
  • Release MIDI audio files.
  • Get a slow learning curve here.
  • Mainly for ambient music generation.

3. AthTek DigiBand

AthTek DigiBand is another high-quality app on Windows for suitable music generation. It comes with auto composition functionality that automatically creates musical pieces within seconds. Here, you can choose the genre, emotional vibe, and instruments for making the song, and the program will carry out the process instantly.


You can also avoid copyright-related issues while using this platform for background song preparation.

Compatibility: Windows

Cost: Free, USD 49.95


  • Automatic detection and improvised accompaniment for solo singing.
  • Virtual keyboard support for automatic melody generation.
  • It recognizes chords and instantly creates suitable musical accompaniment.
  • Fast emotion-based song composition.
  • Get multiple types of preset structures to use.
  • Diverse instrumental tracks are available.
  • Allows the generation of digital singer-based tracks.
  • Outdated functionality compared to more modern AI-based music composers.
  • It does not work on various devices or operating systems.


If you want to create high-grade sound effects and compositions instantly and without many complications, SOUNDRAW is a top-level software to try. You will get varying types of royalty-free songs to use in this software and make changes to the clips you add here for editing.


You can change the vocal and musical quality in the files you create and finally download them for personal or commercial use. Also, bookmark them if you want to return to editing the files again later.

Compatibility: web-based

Cost: Free, Pro- USD 19.99/month


  • Create and use an unlimited number of songs.
  • Share the file on connected social media and YouTube.
  • Download around 50 songs each day.
  • Customize vocals, instrument sounds, and more with simple features.
  • Get royalty-free music in some short seconds.
  • Trim the file as needed.
  • Make multiple levels of customization to the song.
  • Each account is accessible on one device only.
  • You need to upgrade your plan if you want to create content for commercial use.

5. Ecrett music

Accessing this software and effectively creating a custom song with different styles is simple. Here, it is simple to make changes to the genre and mood of the audio and even adjust the scene for song production.

ecrett music

Users find it simple to adjust the volume and tempo through the platform. Then, after you set the different customization selections, activate the generation process.

Compatibility: web-based

Cost: Free, Individual- USD 4.99/month, Business- USD 14.99/month


  • High-grade modern AI technologies in place.
  • Customize the music with detailed features.
  • Multiple sessions of editing within the smooth interface.
  • Choose between many genres and moods.
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface is available.
  • Get royalty-free musical options.
  • Fast processing speed.
  • Free plan users do not get commercial use benefits.
  • It would be best if you upgraded to get unlimited royalty-free songs.

6. Boomy

Boomy is one of the top apps you can use if you are looking for a high-quality alternative to AIVA AI. Here, you can expect strong AI algorithms within the software to create high-quality sound effects instantly. Or, you can change the song arrangement to the fundamental level.


Users can compose songs with instrument, tempo, and mixing style adjustments here. Also, change the underlying song notes during the production process.

Compatibility: web-based

Cost: Free, Premium- USD 2.99/month


  • Get many AI-based style choices for sound customization to select from.
  • You can add underlying chord notes for song customization.
  • Diverse elements are available for high-grade and precision sound editing.
  • Dolby-powered remastering support.
  • Access a range of featured songs.
  • Quick processing functionality for AI-based music detection.
  • Easy UI to navigate while editing.
  • You need to register to use the software.
  • Users must upgrade to get full access to features like unlimited saves.

7. MuseNet

When it comes to song production, MuseNet is one of the top PC-based neural networks that users can try out for efficient music production. With this software, you can access ten instrument choices available here and prepare a 4-minute-long music composition with different styles. You can listen to the samples available for an idea of how this should work.


The software has strong predictive learning algorithms that study and detect rhythm, harmony, and style smoothly, preparing following token productions.

Compatibility: web-based

Cost: Free


  • Strong GPT-2 technology for song analysis and generation.
  • Easily detect rhythm, pattern, etc., in musical files to detect patterns.
  • Predictive learning of the sound effects in MIDI files.
  • 10+ instrumentation options.
  • General-purpose technology works here.
  • Get 4-minute files at the end.
  • Quick music processing.
  • Not best for total newcomers.
  • The instruments that users get here are mainly suggestive recommendations.

8. Audoir AI Music Pro

When it comes to choosing the best alternative to AIVA AI Music, Audoir AI Music Pro is a good selection for iPhone and iPad users to try out. The app has an intuitive, high-quality functionality that music producers and regular users find useful during song-making.

audoir ai music pro

You can choose between different vibes and sound types for your project and apply that easily here for music production.

Compatibility: iOS

Cost: Free, Pro- USD 0.99


  • Change the key and bass notes.
  • Visualize the song arrangement.
  • Export files as MIDI or audio files.
  • Adjust the melodies with full precision.
  • Set the mood for song generation.
  • Clear, easy-to-understand UI makes it suitable for beginners.
  • Super-fast processing speed for music generation.
  • Only accessible to iPhone or iPad users.
  • With this app, you will only get some advanced uses, like major scale support.


Of course, you should study all of the options here. Then, you can know which should give you the music production functionality benefits in place of AIVA Music AI. Review their detailed features, pros, and cons, and check out the cost-based variations. Then, based on your priorities, you can make the final selection.


  • 1. What should I concentrate on while choosing an AIVA software alternative?

    When you are searching for a suitable alternative to as software, you should consider what functions it produces, your needs, etc. Understand what AIVA does not include that you need or the features you like on the platforms.

    After understanding your main criteria for finding an alternative (user-friendly, cost, feature diversity, etc.), you can choose.

  • 2. Which is the best all-around alternative to try?
    Many of the tools mentioned in this list assure high-grade functionality with music production. SOUNDRAW is a high-quality choice with easy functionality and diverse features. Of course, based on preferences and editing-related priorities, people's options can differ.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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