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Full Guide to the Best Magenta AI Music Alternatives

Want to find a better alternative to the Magenta AI collection for music generation? Learn about the best options here with an overview of their features.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Apr 18, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

In the context of the best tools available for high-quality music mastering and configurations, Magenta is one of the notable names to consider. However, while the open-source collection of high-grade AI resources is helpful for music producers, artists, marketers, and more, it may not always be suitable for the music production needs of everyone.

Knowing a suitable alternative to Magenta AI music should benefit you. In this section, that is what you will learn about. So, give this post a full, focused read.

magenta studio
In this article
  1. Part 1: What is Magenta AI Music?
    1. BandLab SongStarter
    2. Jukebox
    3. MuseNet
    4. Amadeus Code
    5. Loudly
    7. Audoir AI Music Pro
    8. ecrett music

Part 1: What is Magenta AI Music?

If you want superior-level next-generation AI support for music generation, then Magenta Studio is one to consider. This platform includes a full collection of multiple plugins for song production that runs on models and tools running with Magenta’s advanced AI-based technology.

The available tools are open-source and diversified, working with high-grade ML techniques for different levels of music generation. Whether you utilize the available plugins or standalone applications under Google Magenta AI, a top-notch user experience is guaranteed.

Part 2: Best Alternatives for Magenta Studio Available Online

While you can expect many benefits in the ecosystem of Magenta AI Google, knowing a usable alternative is a good idea for people. In that regard, here are some of the best competitors for various levels of the music generation process.

1. BandLab SongStarter

If you want a high-quality alternative to Magneta AI Music that is multifunctional and user-oriented, the BandLab SongStarter is high-quality. You will get many vibes to select from here for customized song generation with different sound variations.

bandlab songstarter

You can try the unique compositions available here to continue the advanced music production steps quickly and smoothly.

Compatibility: web-based, Android, iOS

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 14.99


  • Choose between various genres for music production.
  • The songs you will get are available for royalty-free usage.
  • Save or share the song items in MIDI file type for easier access.
  • Set different types of moods for music generation.
  • Tap on the music style or create lyrics with advanced technology here.
  • Fast processing power.
  • Try out preset compositions for reference.
  • Premium benefits cost a very high amount here.
  • Sometimes, the app needs to capture the microphone sound perfectly.

2. Jukebox

Regarding advanced music generation benefits, Jukebox is an excellent neural net-based solution to try out. It smoothly generates music with vocals in the raw audio format. Users can choose different artist-based styles or genres for the music generation process.


Overall, you will get many types of samples to access in the Open. ai-based Jukebox program to utilize.

Compatibility: web-based

Cost: Free


  • Use for transformer-based music generation.
  • Get many types of samples.
  • Easily predict the compressed sound tokens.
  • Open-source benefits are available.
  • Supports many genres.
  • High-quality predictive technology.
  • Superior-level lyrics detection.
  • Not easy to use for non-technical users.
  • It takes some time to get used to the functionality here.

3. MuseNet

If you are wondering which is the most high-quality option for music generation users can try out, MuseNet is a good enough choice to consider. It has strong tech support for superior-level chord detection.


Then, the technology in MuseNet uses predictive reasoning to plan out the song pattern for easier editing and customization.

Compatibility: web-based

Cost: Free


  • Superior-level GPT-2 AI technology assures faster song processing benefits.
  • Get samples to try out.
  • Transformer-centric AI-generated music is available here.
  • Set mood and sound genre.
  • Token-based sound composition.
  • Combine different styles, like country and pop-based sounds.
  • Easy rhythm and harmony detection.
  • Adding different sound pairings may not produce good-quality melodies.
  • Slightly complex to understand at the very beginning.

4. Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is undoubtedly a worthy alternative to Magenta AI music in the context of high-level editing work. You can utilize the app for stunning music production work online using the high-grade technologies working in the algorithm.

amadeus code

You can choose the genre and mood of the song you produce for high-quality results. Then, with a few settings options, make practical song-generation steps.

Compatibility: web-based

Cost: Free, Premium- USD 9.99/month; pay-as-you-go plan- USD 1.99


  • Check the song mood type.
  • Adjust the bass and pitch levels.
  • Change the BPM level as needed.
  • New chord progressions are available regularly for selection.
  • Share the MIDI file you add in DAW format.
  • Collaborative support is available.
  • Make and track customer query requests.
  • Only suitable for iOS users to try out.
  • The free version is available as a 14-day trial benefit only.

5. Loudly

Much like the Magenta artificial intelligence, the programming in Loudly makes it a simple option for musicians to try out. More than that, you will get 2500+ songs for free use on this platform that you can apply for different music editing and production levels.


Both video and audio-based customization features are available in this tool, whether you are using the app version or not. Plus, expect good quality licensing support for your content.

Compatibility: web-based, Android, iOS

Cost: Free, Personal- USD 11/monthly, Pro- USD 19.99/monthly (billion annually)


  • Use the diverse FX and vocalization options.
  • Change the rhythm in audio files.
  • Customize the audio tracks smoothly.
  • Get AI-based song recommendations.
  • Sync the video and audio with ease.
  • Create music for social media content, podcasts, intros, etc.
  • Enhanced the accompaniment parameter during editing.
  • Licensing benefits are limited for the free plan users.
  • It would help if you upgraded your plan to get the option to make more custom tracks.


If you want high-grade music generation benefits, is one to try, with different melody modification functions available. Moreover, you can run various projects without limit on this platform, regardless of your plan choice.

beatoven ai

It would help if you chose many moods, genres, and instruments for the melody preparation. Moreover, adjust other elements like volume dynamics for better song production overall.

Compatibility: web-based

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 1.92+


  • Get many track option choices.
  • Choose between varying genres.
  • You can start music creation from scratch here instead of uploading a file.
  • Different instrumental sounds are supported.
  • Simple uploading or drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Smooth and instant AI-based composition.
  • Set different moods for the songs you prepare.
  • Free users can only download 15 minutes of content per month.
  • Only paid users can avoid Beethoven. ai-centric attributions.

7. Audoir AI Music Pro

In the context of Magenta AI music, AI Music Pro is one of the top-notch alternatives for users to try out. With this, you can carry out different levels of song production using varying pre-existing harmonies and melodies or ones you create.

audoir ai music pro

The AI technology in place can produce varying music qualities, regardless of genre or quality. Finally, export it as a multi-track MIDI, audio track, or chord notation type.

Compatibility: iOS

Cost: Free, Pro- USD 0.99


  • Easily customize the song sections.
  • Organize the multiple AI-based song sections.
  • Change the key and pitch of the song file.
  • Set specific BPM levels.
  • Set the mood for AI music generation.
  • Add and manage AI song sections.
  • Choose between three tempo levels.
  • Basic-level tonal chords are available.
  • Single-note alteration is complex.

8. ecrett music

Regarding high-quality music generation, ecrett music is a high-grade option for multi-level usage. You can expect preset sound clips available here for further custom song-making.

ecrett music

You can check our chord progressions and samples to know what type of music you will create. Then, go forward with the process smoothly on this intuitive platform.

Compatibility: web-based

Cost: Free, Individual- USD 4.99/month, Business- USD 14.99/month


  • Useful for different types of content-based audio production.
  • Intuitive, easily navigable UI condition.
  • Royalty-free content is present.
  • Download multiple options.
  • Suitable for newcomers and professionals.
  • Highly tested AI technology.
  • Get 500,000 new patterns regularly.
  • Free plan users cannot utilize this software for the content they produce for YouTube monetization.
  • License support is suitable only for paid users.


Overall, multiple high-grade AI-based software alternatives are available in the market in the context of Magenta AI music. In varying ways, they all have many benefits to offer users. Some are unique to the tools, while others work as an exact alternative to Magenta Studio. Of course, you should carefully consider all your options for the best results.


  • 1. Which is the best alternative to Magenta AI Music for beginners? or Loudly are simple to use for total newcomers to song generation. Still, try out the other options to find the perfect fit for your requirements.
  • 2. What alternative for Magenta Studio should you consider for ground-level music production?
    If you want to start from the ground level, you can utilize to create musical numbers. You can use the present sound clips for the process.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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