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Complentment to Runway ML to turn your creativity into real scenes and edit them effortlessly with AI.
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  • Generate engaging videos from text inputs instantly.
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Practical Knowledge of RunwayML Text to Video Generator

Are you looking for some of the coolest text-to-video makers? In this article, you will learn about Runway ML text to video makers and similar tools.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 29, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

The internet is the gateway to almost all of our solutions. There was a time when you had to create images or videos using a dedicated tool installed in your system. However, that time is long gone because of AI technologies like Runway text to video generators. Now you can generate or even edit videos from anywhere without any installation.

Video generators like RunwayML text to video makers can be accessed from anywhere using the internet. This article will provide you with details about RunwayML text to video and how to use this tool as well. Additionally, this article will discuss some of the top alternatives to RunwayML.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Runway ML AI: A Great Research Utility in AI Video Creation and Editing
  2. Part 2: How To Utilize The Gen-2 Text To Video Functionality in RunwayML?
  3. Part 3: Online Alternatives to RunwayML
  4. Part 4: Offline Alternative: Wondershare Filmora and Its Exceptional AI Text-To-Video Feature
AI Text-To-Video Software
Complentment to Runway ML to turn your creativity into real scenes and edit them effortlessly with AI.
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Runway ML AI: A Great Research Utility in AI Video Creation and Editing

Amazing tools like Runway text to video can save money if you're into video creation. You must be thinking about how a tool with AI advancements can save you money. While RunwayML can, it provides a platform to create video clips using text and user prompts. Now you don't need a light, camera, or a clapper board slate. With RunwayML, you can easily make video clips using the power of AI.

This tool uses synthesis with diffusion models to generate videos for you. With this text-to-video Runway tool, you can create videos without filming. Your videos will appear more realistic because RunwayML uses stable diffusion technology to create them.

runway ml website

Key Features Of Runway ML

Converting videos from text prompts is the most advanced feature that RunwayML AI text-to-video provides. Let's explore what other features this tool offers for video generation:

  • Other than video generation, you can create and generate images with RunwayML. So, it means RunwayML is a complete digital content creation platform.
  • Moreover, you can enlarge your images using RunwayML. It provides you with the option to increase the resolution and expand your still images.
  • RunwayML allows you to imagine a photo, and it will provide you with the required results. It takes images as input, and then by entering the prompt, you can recreate photos.
  • Using RunwayML, you can easily remove or eliminate any object or element from your video. Other than that, this tool allows you to replace or remove any background from your digital media.
  • Moreover, this AI-boosted tool allows you to transform any video into a slow-motion video. Additionally, using this tool, you can animate or add motion to your images.

Part 2: How To Utilize The Gen-2 Text To Video Functionality in RunwayML?

If you want to learn how to use Gen-2 in Runway AI text-to-video maker, don’t worry. This section is dedicated to helping you learn to use RunwayML:

Step 1: Open the RunwayML official website and provide the credentials to sign in to your account. After that, you will be navigated to the tool's dashboard; from there, click “Text to Video.”

open tool and select function

Step 2: In the new window, write a script or enter a prompt and hit “Generate.” By doing so, you will receive some generative media based on your command. You can also press the "Free Preview" button, which will lead you to a new window showing multiple content options it can generate.

add prompt to generate

Step 3: After processing, a video will appear in the window. Press the “Play” icon to review your video clip or extend it using the appropriate button. You can also click the three dots icon to adjust the speed of your video. To save the video on your device, click the "Download" button present on the video preview screen.

xport ai generated video

Part 3: Online Alternatives to RunwayML

If you're having trouble finding the alternatives Runway ML text to video tool, no problem. In this section, you will find some of the best alternatives to RunwayML.

1. Fliki

If you’re looking for a video maker that doesn’t require any effort and skill, Fliki is the right tool for you. Using this tool, you don’t have to record or capture anything. It is a text-to-video maker that has around 1500 different voices for narrations. Not only this, Fliki supports over 75 other languages for narration and script input. This tool can create videos on the go using stock media with the help of AI.

fliki ai text to video

2. InVideo

You don’t have to be a skillful video creator to create a marvelous video. InVideo is a tool that can make your life easy with simple video creation steps. This is a simple drag-and-drop tool with over 5000 presets available for video creation. It offers different video-making template options, including intro and outro makers. Moreover, you can trim, cut, and even add transitions using InVideo.

invideo ai text to video

3. Lumen5

Lumen5 is another text-to-video generator like the text-to-video Runway tool. It is a cool tool, like other options in the list, that can create videos using scripts. However, a unique feature of this tool is that it can transform your blog posts into amazing videos. So, no more just simple texts when you can create videos using Lumen5. It can modify your blogs using stock media into impressive videos, and you can also select an AI voice of your choice.

lumen5 ai text to video

Part 4: Offline Alternative: Wondershare Filmora and Its Exceptional AI Text-To-Video Feature

Wondershare Filmora is a highly efficient video editing software that comes with AI text to video generation. The software is friendly to both beginner and intermediate creations, offering you a wide range of intuitive features.



  • Subscription Plan: US$19.99 per month
  • Cross-Platform Plan: US$69.99 per year
  • Perpetual Plan: US$19.99 Onetime Payment

Key features

  • User-friendly interface that is easy to learn and use
  • Wide range of features for creating and editing videos, including transitions, effects, and text overlays.
  • Large stock library of royalty-free music and stock footage
  • Readily available templates and presets to quickly generate videos
  • Easily export videos directly to popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok
  • User-friendly interface with a learning curve suitable for all kinds of creators
  • Extensive library of free and paid assets to enhance your videos
  • Wide range of features for video editing
  • AI-powered features to automate video creation and editing
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Lacks advanced features for AI video prompt generation
Try AI Video Prompt Generation
Try AI Video Prompt Generation

How to Use Filmora’s AI to Video Feature: A Tutorial

Here is a brief step-by-step guide on how to use Filmora to generate AI videos. The process is as simple as writing a text prompt and getting the video ready:

Step 1Lauch Filmora AI Text-to-Video Feature

Once you launch on your PC Filmora, click the AI Text-to-Video option to start the video generation process.

filmora 1
Step 2Add a Text Prompt or Video Script

On the AI Text-to-Video video, add your text prompt. You can also modify other settings such as text language and video voice. Then click the Text to Video button at the bottom to prompt Filmora to generate the video.

filmora 2
Step 3Preview the Generated Video

Filmora generates the video based on your prompt and a new editing window. You can now a preview video and make any further editing needed.

filmora 3

More AI Features of Filmora to Bring More Excitement to Your AI Videos

Wondershare Filmora, the video editing software has incorporated AI features that make generation and editing of AI videos easy. While you can generate high-quality and length video clips with Sora, Filmora provides you with great AI features to enhance your videos. Some of the AI features that you will find useful with your AI text prompt video include:

Get a personal video editing assistant that analyzes the content of your video footage to provide tailored suggestions for edits. This reduces all the guesswork in editing, helping you produce better visual content with less effort.

Automatically generate a thumbnail for your AI prompt-generated video. The tool gets the 3 best shots from the video and allows you to customize based on your needs and target audience. You can choose from 58 presents and edit text as desired.

Enhance your videos with this seamless object masking tool with a single brush stroke. It allows you to intelligently recognize objects in your AI video and fine-tune mask control for each detail.

This feature will allow you to generate scripts or ideas for your video. Get inspired with AI-generated scripts, generate titles and descriptions for your video, and more.

Seamlessly edit the text in your AI-generated video with this built-in text editor. It allows you to input subtitles in your video by converting spoken word to text.

The feature is found exclusively in Filmora mobile and allows you to further enhance your AI-generated videos.

Try More AI Features
Try More AI Features


To summarize, video generation can now be done without actual video footage. Many tools like RunwayML text-to-video generators can help you create videos. However, there are so many things that RunwayML needs to offer. For that purpose, you can use Wondershare Filmora to create videos using its stock media and edit your videos.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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