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How to Create Picsart Cartoon

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
How to Create Picsart Cartoon

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Cartoonized images are a convenient source of fun and media entertainment in present times. Try hands at creating your own caricature masterpieces with Picsart!

Part 1 How to Edit Cartoon Picture in Picsart

Cartoonized pictures as you must be aware of, are comic transformations of real-time images and are widely used on social media to add a funny angle to the diversity of conversation going on, or even just as a source of plentiful amusement.

If you often feel motivated to experiment with the art and are looking for a perfect solution, see through the following section for a detailed and stepwise guide to create and edit a Picsart cartoon with utmost ease and within a quick time span:

User’s Guide to Edit Cartoon Pictures in Picsart

Step 1: Download the Picsart Application

Visit the official Picsart website to download the desktop version of the app in your Windows or MacOs supported PC.

Step 2: Make a Selection

Launch the app in your system to reach the Picsart welcome screen. Navigate to the bottom and tap the ‘+’ symbol. You are now required to choose a desired image to create the cartoon edit. You can either browse through your system gallery or search a specific one from the Picsart photo library in the ‘Search Bar’ at the top of the app screen.

Picsart Image Editor- Image Selection and Upload

Step 3: Let’s Get Editing!

When you have made your choice, navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of the app screen and click on the ‘Effects’ tab. Make a side scroll to choose a specific effect category, like that of ‘Artistic’ or ‘Magic’ to open a library of effects in the selected category.

As an example, selecting the ‘Cartoonizer’ option in the ‘Artistic’ effects category can add an immediate caricature feel to your selected real-time image. You can further include manual adjustments to get the perfect cartoon look by pressing and holding the ‘Cartoonizer’ option. There are a whole variety of magical effects, such as, Neo Pop, Soul, Badlands, Animation and Paw in the ‘Magic’ effects category, that are just perfect in giving your edit a fantasizing look with a Picsart cartoon background.

If you are looking for a quicker editing process, prefer adding cartoonized elements, like ‘Picsart Stickers’ to your image instead of going for a complete caricature edit. To do this, open the ‘Picsart Photo Editor’, navigates to the ‘Sticker’ symbol and click on it, followed by searching ‘Cartoon Sticker’. You can alternatively search a specific keyword with the ‘Cartoon’ descriptor, if you are clear on what you want to add.

You can further, resize your selected sticker with a ‘Two Finger Pinch’ or use the ‘Eraser’ tool to ward off any unwanted portions from the same. You are free to take as many repetitions of the process as you wish, till you get the perfect result for saving to your device and sharing on your social media handles.

Picsart Image Editor- Image Editing Procedure

Step 4: Time to Save and Share!

When you are satisfied with your work, navigate to the right hand corner and tap ‘Apply’ to finalize your changes, followed by clicking on the ‘Next’ button at the top right corner of the app screen to save and export your creation.

Part 2 How to Make a Cartoon on Your Phone

After a detailed analysis of the cartoon editing procedure in your desktops, let us see thro ugh the method of creating cartoonized images on your MacOs and Android smartphones on the following section:

Stepwise Procedure for Creating Cartoonized Images on Phone

Step 1: Download the Application

When going to use the Picsart editor application on your smartphone, you will first require a download of the same in your concerned device. You can do this by visiting the ‘Google PlayStore’ for an Android device or the ‘Apple App Store’ for MacOs smartphones.

Step 2: Choose a Real-time Image

After a successful launch of the ‘Picsart Editor’ application in your smartphone, reach to and click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the app’s working interface. This needs to be followed by selecting any specific real-time image, either from your smartphone gallery or the Picsart photo library using the top ‘Search Bar’ of the interface, for creating a cartoonized edit.

Picsart Image Editor- Selecting and Uploading Image

Step 3: Editing Begins!

Once you are done with selecting the image, proceed to add effects to your selection by clicking the ‘Effects’ tab in the bottom toolbar, succeeded by picking a desired effect type through a right scroll. Tap on any category, such as, Magic, Artistic, etc, to open the effect library of the same.

For instance, you can click on the ‘Cartoonizer’ option within Artistic’ effects to supplement your uploaded real-time image with an instant cartoonized effect. You are also granted the liberty to make manual changes to set the caricature image effects as per your preferences, which you can do with a ‘Press and Hold’ of the ‘Cartoonizer’ tab. If you have a diversion towards complementing your cartoonized images with magical effects, choose from Animation, Neo Pop, Paw, Badlands, Paw, and other amazing options in the ‘Magic’ category.

Picsart Image Editor- Applying Effects to the Cartoonized Image

Step 4: Save and Export

When you have completed the editing process and the changes satisfy you, go to the ‘Apply’ tab at the right side of the editor screen to see the changes appear in your edit. You can now navigate to the upper right corner of the app screen and click on ‘Next’ to save your work locally to your device, along with exporting the same across different media platforms.

Part 3 How to Cartoon Yourself on Picsart

Having learnt about the interesting ways to edit cartoon pictures and create cartoons on your smartphone, you might like to try hands on creating a cartoon portrait of yourself in the Picsart editor for a variety of reasons, like that of creating cartoon profile pics of yourself. Let us have a look of the procedure for the same using the Picsart Online Image Editor tool in the following section:

User’s Guide to Create a Cartoon Portrait With Picsart Online Photo Editor

Step 1: Launch the Application

In any of your favorite internet browsers, search for and open ‘Picsart Desktop Editor’. In the app’s working interface, tap ‘Upload’ or ‘New Project’ to choose an image from your device or the free to use Picsart image library respectively, for proceeding with the cartoonized transformations.

Picsart Image Editor- Image Selection Interface

Step 2: Edit Your Selection

Tap on the ‘Effects’ tab from the editing toolbar at the top of your image and select a desired effect category to access the diversity of cartoonifying filters. It is recommended to select the ‘Magic’ category for the most splendid cartoon effects, such as, Paw, Badland, Animation, Soul and Neo Pop among many others.

Picsart Image Editor- Image Editing Interface

You can even make manual adjustments in the brightness, color, saturation, burn and fade, etc., of the image by clicking on the ‘Adjust’ and ‘Blend’ options at the top of the image workspace.

Picsart Image Editor- Manual Effect Adjustment

Step 3: Download and Share Your Work

When you are done editing, navigate to and click on the ‘Share’ option at the upper right corner of the editor screen to download your cartoonized image.

Picsart Image Editor- Cartoonized Image Download Interface

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Cartoon Image Creator

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Picsart is certainly a dependable solution to create caricature images, but if you are keen on looking for an alternative application to cater to the need, Introduced to the software market by Wondershare, the Filmora Cartoon Image Creator can be a convenient rescue. The app promises you of a high quality cartoonized edit with a plethora of editing effects to suit your most specific editing preferences.

Ending Thoughts

Creating cartoonized edits from real time images is a fun and entertaining activity along with being the latest media trend.

The Picsart editor application allows making caricature images from actual stills through desktop, smartphone and online compatible image editing program.

Talking of suitable Picsart alternatives, you can rely on the Filmora Cartoon Image Creator application for high quality cartoonized image creation.

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