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How to Remove Background Music from Video?

Background music removers are quite handy in covering daily tasks. This article focuses on the background music removers online for Windows and Mac, followed by a detailed overview of their operation.

Are you a creative creator? Do you long productivity at the workplace? Or are you either Windows or Mac user?

With the media and creative industry progressing exponentially, advanced features have become necessary. The background music has to be eliminated in multiple instances. It is important to add one’s music, voice, or audio. Most creators prefer visuals instead of audio. Hence, a background music remover is needed.

The article previews a background music remover online, Windows, and Mac. The step-by-step guide to using the apps would also be the crux of the article. So, are you with us? Let us do this together!

Part 2: How to Remove Background Music on Windows?

Are you into Windows? Do you find Windows more workable than any other operating system? It is good to know! The section provides an overview of Wondershare Filmora. Wondershare Filmora is a perfect background music remover, and there is no denying the fact.

Wondershare Filmora is known for audio and video editing. It is why removing audio from a video is one of the strongest suits of this software. The “Audio Detach” functionality continues to create real chaos in the world. Besides this, creative professionals can rely on Filmora to customize timeline-track controls, fade audio in and out, and perform audio ducking like a pro.

With that said, Filmora splits and adjusts audio with a simple process. Moving on, Wondershare Filmora has a particular specialty in video editing. There are more than 300 effects that make any regular video extraordinary and magical. The motion graphics and animations bring revolution to the workplace and enhance viewer engagement.

Wondershare Filmora is used in the creative industry for changing backgrounds. The motion tracking feature enables you to keep the subject in the frame. Furthermore, do not hesitate to resize videos, and add watermarks, logos, and whatnot. Isn’t that tempting for you?

There is an extensive set of video formats supported by Filmora. For instance, MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, VOB, 3GP, 3G2, MPG, MPEG, TS, TRP, TP, F4V, M4V, M2TS, MTS, DAT, WMV, MKV, etc.

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If you want to know how to remove background music from a video, continue exploring the section. Let us begin!

Step 1: Opening Filmora

Launch Wondershare Filmora from your Windows operating system. The interface appears in a couple of seconds. Click on “New Project” after selecting the aspect ratio for the video. Now, navigate to the “File” located in the top panel. Select “Import Media” and then “Import Media Files.”

import the media files

Step 2: Importing Process

Use the system to import the file after it is displayed in the Media Library, drag and drop it to the timeline. Change the resolution or frame rate as you deem necessary. After that, the user is directed to right-click on the media in the timeline. Hit “Audio” from the menu.

confirm project settings

Step 3: Detaching Process

Select “Detach Audio” from the “Audio” sub-menu. The audio will be detached and shown on the timeline separately from the primary video. Now, please right-click on the audio to delete it. You can also click on it and press “Delete” from the keyboard.

tap on detach audio

Step 4: Exporting Process

You can preview the video as well to check if the audio is removed permanently or not. The user can export the video now by clicking on the “Export” button. Select the output format and hit “Export” to save the video without background music on your computer.

export your edited video

Part 3: How to Remove Background Music on Mac?

Allow us to introduce you to another background music remover. iMovie is a free tool that comes pre-built in Mac. It has an extremely interactive interface that makes workability flawless. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t worry for a second.

With an extensive range of audio tools and classy themes on the go, iMovie has got it all. Essentially, the great chrome keying ensures productivity in personal and professional life. There are excellent movie templates that bring variety to the lot. As far as the resolution is considered, iMovie comes up with 4K. Isn’t that great?

iMovie is also responsible for your security. Hence, there is no need to worry if your data is on the line. The “Audio Detach” functionality helps remove background music from video. The quick edits and workable interface make iMovie the best for Mac lovers.

Follow our lead to know how to remove background music from video via iMovie.

Step 1: Preliminary Process

To begin, launch iMovie from your Mac computer. Hit “Import Media” to browse the targeted video file. After the video is imported, drag and drop it to the timeline.

tap on import media button

Step 2: Removing the Audio

Moving on, use the “Control” button from your keyboard and bring the mouse to the video and click it. Tap on “Detach Audio.” The audio will be separated and shown on the timeline.

choose detach audio option

Step 3: Sharing the Output

Click on the audio to delete it. After that, click on “Share,” located in the top right corner of the interface. Hit “Export File” from the displayed options. You can change the resolution, quality, description, tag, and compress type from the window that pops up.

select export file option

Step 4: Final Process

Now, click on “Next,” input the output location and rename the file. Press “Save,” and you are done.

tap on save button

Final Thoughts

We are moving in circles. Sometimes we wish to insert music into the video while struggling to remove it some days. Isn’t that life? Therefore, the article featured three background music removers for online, Windows, and Mac. We expect that the procedure will be of great help to you as you mute your video once and for all.

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