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Reducing Noise in Videos Made Easy with Premiere Pro [All Workable Methods]

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Nov 16, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

It is impossible to eliminate background noises from the environment we shoot in. However, you can always remove them from recordings using different tools. These tools analyze the audio waves and detect unwanted noises for removal. They use spectral separation, filtering, and other adjustments to fine-tune audio. Some tools like noise reduction in Premiere Pro offer audio enhancements afterward.

In this article, the center of the discussion is background noise remove Premiere Pro. It is a professional video editor offering multiple functionalities with AI support. Besides Premiere Pro background noise reduction, users will find some other tools. Most of these tools use web and internet support to carry out the process. In the end, users will discover a desktop alternative to Premiere Pro for noise removal.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Are the Potential Benefits of Using Noise Reduction Tools for Video Editing?
  2. Part 2: Reducing or Removing Background Noise in Premiere Pro: A Guide
  3. Part 3: Other Noise Reduction Tools You Can Look Out For (Online)
  4. Bonus Part: Controlling the Vocals with A Fine-Tuned Video Editor: Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion
AI Noise Reducer
A cross-platform for facilitating your video editing process by offering valuable benefits!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: What Are the Potential Benefits of Using Noise Reduction Tools for Video Editing?

There are a handful of advantages of using noise reduction tools for video editing. These tools, including noise reduction Adobe Premiere, elevate overall video. The removal of unnecessary voices and noise brings clarity to the content. Viewers can focus on what is important instead of being irritated by noise. There are many potential benefits of noise removal tools discussed as follows:

1. Refined Audio Quality

Once you listen to a video after recording, you realize the number of unwanted noises. Such noises can irritate viewers and may decrease your content's worth. Using noise reduction tools will assist you in dealing with such issues. You can remove unwanted audio elements like hisses, hums, or background voices. Reducing insignificant sounds will ultimately elevate the original sound quality.

2. Builds Production Value

One of the indications of high-quality content or production is its ability to manage audio. Audio management like background, wind, and hum removal counts in productions. Hence, employing such tools contributes to higher production value. They help in clarifying audio, which helps with increased audience engagement.

3. Maintains Audience Engagement

In today's fast-paced lifestyle, hooking an audience to the screen is a fundamental task. One of the ways to achieve it is through high-quality sound. A professional video creator removes the unwanted yet distracting noises from videos. Even in outdoor shoots, using such tools can enhance the maximum sound damage. This extraction of background sounds maintains the audience's attention and engages them.

4. Consistency Throughout the Scenes

In videos at a larger scale, combining multiple clips can cause noise havoc. Using these noise reduction tools for the overall film or separate clips brings consistency. This way, they retain the audio quality and engagement through the videos.

5. Creativity and Accessibility

Using background noise removal tools can increase the chance of creativity. A high-quality video sound without distracting noises is easy to edit. In addition, users can apply different audio drive effects to elevate content. Moreover, enhanced audio quality enhances the content reach and comprehension. It helps those who rely on something other than subtitles to understand dialogues.

Part 2: Reducing or Removing Background Noise in Premiere Pro: A Guide

Who isn’t familiar with noise reduction Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional editor? It serves as both video and audio editing software with AI abilities. Creators can bring precision to their content using its editing and trimming tools. The software assists in upgrading video visuals via transitions, effects, and titles. With its custom features, you can infuse your videos with your unique style.

Amongst its multifunctionalities, one is the Premiere Pro audio noise reduction. It is about making a few right clicks in Adobe to achieve audio clarity. Users can boost the audio by reducing unwanted and distractive sounds. It helps sharpen elements like dialogues, music, sound effects, and ambiance. Moreover, you can add depth to audio using the Reverb option and control everything.

Different Ways To Remove Background Noise in Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a versatile tool to denoise audio in multiple scenarios. This section emphasizes general noise reduction and some specific ones. Users can follow the step-by-step guides below to denoise audio Premiere Pro:

1. Reduce Noise

Employing noise reduction in Premiere Pro will eliminate the overall background noises. This will elevate the overall audio quality of your video. Here are the steps to perform noise reduction in Adobe Premiere Pro:

Step 1: After importing your unedited video in Adobe, navigate towards the top toolbar. From the many options there, locate and select the "Audio" option.

access audio tab

Step 2: An “Essential Sound” panel will appear on the right side of the preview section. From the four major audio elements appearing on this panel, select "Dialogue."

open dialogue settings

Step 3: Further, go to the "Edit" tab, and under the "Repair" section, enable the box for "Reduce Noise." Then, change the position of this slider to the right for maximized results. It is advised that you should not move the slider towards the right, as it can distort your own voice. Keep the slider between somewhere in the middle.

manage reduce noise settings

2. Reduce Rumble

When shooting outdoors, it is not uncommon to face high wind noise. This sound can be both distracting and annoying. So, if you want to free your audio of wind noise, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Upon importing the media with wind noise, move towards the upper tool panel. Select the clip in the timeline, which will feature a settings panel at the right.

select clip and access sound settings

Step 2: Navigate towards the right-side panel using your cursor and select the "Dialogue" option. 

open dialogue settings

Step 3: Then select the "Edit" tab and locate the "Repair" segment under it. In there, enable the "Reduce Rumble" option. Then, adjust the position of its slider according to your preference.

reduce rumble settings

3. Reduce Reverb

Recording in some places can cause an echo in your voice, but Premiere Pro can manage it. It has the Reverb option to manage the depth of your voice. Follow the steps given below to remove noise Premiere:

Instruction: Under the "Edit > Repair" tab, trace and activate the "Reduce Reverb" option. Further, experiment with the position of the reverb slider to adjust it.

manage reverb settings

4. Enhance Vocals

Employing any of the above actions may impact the vocal quality in videos. However, noise Premiere Pro gives you the option to adjust that as well. The next section discusses the step-by-step guide to enhance vocals:

Step 1: After setting the above options, scroll down into the "Edit" tab in the right panel. Locate and activate the "Clarity" option and adjust its slider.

open clarity settings

Step 2: Then move towards the "Preset" section and click on the Downward Arrow icon. From the dropdown menu, choose the "Vocal Presence" option. You can also choose the "Podcast" voice to bring back vocal clarity.

set preset settings

Step 3: Below the “Preset” section, locate and enable the “Enhance Speech” option. Further, you can select between “High Tone” and “Low Tone” options.

maintain enhance speech feature

5. Manual Audio Effects

An alternative method to remove audio noise in Premiere Pro is to use audio effects. These effects will improve the clarity of content to make it engaging. If you choose to use this method, here are the steps for you to follow:

Step 1: Select your media in the timeline, and from the left side of the window, locate and select "Effects."

access effects section

Step 2: In the search bar, add the name of the specific effect you are looking for. You can look for denoise, reverb, and other options. For instance, you have searched and selected the "Denoise" effect.

look for denoise effect

Step 3: Navigate towards the “Effects Control Center” and go to the “Denoise” section. Then, select the “Edit” button in this section.

look to edit denoise settings

Step 4: From the new window, expand the “Preset” option and choose from high or low settings. You can also play with the slider's position to adjust it. In a similar way, you can add as many audio effects as possible and adjust their settings.

change preset settings

Part 3: Other Noise Reduction Tools You Can Look Out For (Online)

Although we discussed noise reduction in Premiere Pro, it can be confusing for some. It is understandable as it was designed to assist professionals. Locating and adjusting effects in its extensive editing interface can be difficult. This section mentions some online alternatives for removing noise in Premiere Pro:

1. is a versatile tool and a substitute to reduce audio noise Premiere Pro. It has a clear-cut user interface that only requires you to upload the video. The tool uses AI assistance to remove noise from your music videos, vlogs, and more. It can remove 6 types of background noises and has a built-in audio enhancer. It covers denoise, speech enhancement, wind, reverb, hiss, and click noise.

Moreover, supports diverse audio formats, including MP3, MOV, and more. It is compatible across a wide range of devices and ensures synchronized working. Users can access it anywhere, on any device, and denoise audio with security. The AI-backed technology performs noise reduction from videos rapidly.

media io noise reducer

2. Kapwing

Does noise reduction in Premiere Pro feel like too much of a learning curve? We have brought another alternative with a minimal yet modern editing interface. The tool has AI-backed algorithms to remove background noise with precision. The AI detects and eliminates unnecessary sounds and enhances vocals. Its noise-reducer AI is free to use and only requires you to log in.

After enhancing your video's audio, you can edit it afterward with Kapwing’s built-in resources. The fact that it operates online helps you to access it from anywhere. With its synchronization option, you can experience a streamlined workflow.

kapwing noise reducer


Noise reduction in Premiere Pro was manual, but this AI noise remover speeds up the task. If you must clean up noise from a voiceover or podcast, this is the tool. In addition to removing noise, you can embed music within this tool. The AI can detect wind, rain, traffic, clock ticking, and humming noises.

Moreover, you can enhance the audio quality of your Zoom and other recording by removing noise from such recorders. The tool supports all popular media formats like MP4, MOV, and more. Editing videos afterward, like adding effects or trimming in, is an option.

veed io noise reducer

4. Podcastle AI

This is another easy-to-access alternative to removing noise Adobe Premiere. It can auto-eliminate those background conversations and static noises. With this tool's existence, record your videos without worrying about noise. You can also record voiceover within this tool and remove background noise.

In addition, the tool has built-in audio and video editing features and enhancements. Upon removing noise, you can use its effects and animations to uplift the video.

podcastle ai noise reducer

Bonus Part: Controlling the Vocals with A Fine-Tuned Video Editor: Wondershare Filmora 13

With the increasing trend of vlogs and blogs, creator's attention shifted to such tools. Removing background noise can sometimes result in decreased vocal quality. For audio clarity through denoising and enhancing, you can use Wondershare Filmora. This is an AI-driven desktop alternative to noise reduction in Premiere Pro. Filmora is a reliable tool for enhancing both your video and audio content.

Free Download
Free Download

It has AI-backed algorithms that keep updating according to modern needs. Recently, Filmora has launched its V13 version for efficient editing. The software can assist through text-based video editing and copilot editing. In addition to these, it introduced the AI Vocal Remover tool as an audio editing aid. Users can employ this feature to separate their vocals and background noises.

One of the applications of this tool is to assist in removing vocals from songs. Removing vocals doesn't damage the quality of the audio. This helps you with inserting vocals as voiceovers for tutorial or explainer videos.

Steps to Employ AI Vocal Remover Tool

Since maintaining vocals is an important part of video content, Filmora offers it. Its AI vocal remover is amongst the leading tools in the market. You do not need to waste hours on understanding it since we have its user guide here:

Step 1: Initiate Filmora and Import Media

Upon downloading Filmora's latest version from its website, launch it. Once you access its main display, click the "New Project" button. Upon entering its editing interface, click "Import" to import files. Then, use the drag-and-drop technique to bring them to the timeline.

import media to filmora

Step 2: Access the Vocal Remover Tool

Now, select the video you added to the timeline and right-click on it. From the options panel appears, locate and select the "AI Vocal Remover" option. This will feature the AI Vocal Remover pop-up on the screen and show progress.

initiate ai vocal remover feature

Step 3: Export the Vocals

Once the process is completed, you'll see two different audios in the timeline. One is the background audio, and the other is your video's vocals. You can export the vocals by clicking the "Export" button in Filmora. Afterward, you can use them as a voiceover for your videos, vlog, or blogs.

generate vocals and export


In conclusion, you are now aware of noise reduction in Premiere Pro and its features. The article shed light on different methods of removing background noise in it. It familiarized readers with some online alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro. As a final point, we discussed a professional and multifunctional desktop tool.

Wondershare Filmora has all the options to denoise audio or save a video's vocals. Its AI-backed features boost the productivity of editors and creators. The more you use it, the more you discover about this amazing editor. For more information, you can visit its official site and download it to explore.

Free Download
Free Download
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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