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Best Audio Editors for Android in 2023

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Jun 02, 2023• Proven solutions

Smartphones and tablets will help you record audio on the go, but one thing that needs to be done after recording is editing the audio. For that purpose, you will require an Android audio editing app

As we all know, editing a sound is mandatory for having the best audio recordings in your video content to engage the audience. Fortunately, Android is a fantastic platform with many applications that will assist you with doing this. In the following article, you'll discover a rundown of applications, i.e., the best audio editors for Android that will help you with editing audio records on your Android device.

11 Best Free Audio Editors for Android

We have rounded up some of the best tools that will allow you to edit your audio with ease.

1. AudioLab

AudioLab has to be your first stop for audio editing purposes as it is the best audio editor for Android. It gives several options, such as splitting, trimming, reversing, and merging audio files. In addition, it also allows you to convert files into MP3, OGG, OPUS, WAV, FLAC, and M4A.

This app also permits you to change the bitrate of a file and convert all the files at once with the Batch Processing Tool, and it saves your storage. Moreover, it can also help change your voice with the help of voice effects, making it even more fun to use. 

audio editor for Android - AudioLab

Key Features of AudioLab Audio Editor Recorder & Ringtone Maker:

  • You can access 18 bands to change the volume of a particular frequency with the Equalizer tool. 
  • It can be used to add changes to your voice and special effects. 
  • The Tag Editor permits you to manipulate the cover art of your songs and albums. 


  • Simple user interface 
  • Different languages available 
  • Multiple capabilities of Audio trimmer, merger, and mixer 


  • Pro subscription is necessitated to use a Noise generator, Equalizer, and Speed changer

    3. WaveEditor

    WaveEditor is an app with plenty of editing options. It allows you to edit an existing file, record one of your choices, and convert a file into MP3, FLAC, and OGG. This app is identical to other professional audio editors for Android. Horizontal and Vertical zoom options are included. In addition, the Edit option lets you copy, paste, and delete parts of your file. The track allows you to duplicate, and the Macro enables you to convert audio to stereo or mono. 

    audio editor for Android - WaveEditor

    Key Features:

    • The Detail option shows all the properties of your file. 
    • Advanced functionality effects are added to change your voice and volume. 
    • Tools to adjust the loudness and pitch of your audio file. 


    • It makes audio format conversion easy
    • Supports a huge variety of file formats
    • Allows to merge multiple audio tracks


    • Many of the helpful features require a subscription 

    Record and Edit Audio with Wondershare Filmora on Desktop

    If you want to record audio and then edit it on your Windows and Mac computer, you can try Wondershare Filmora. This audio editing software allows you to record voiceover, remove audio background noise, add fade in and fade out effects, or add audio effects like echo, reverb and more to the audio file.

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    4. WavePad Audio Editor Free

    WavePad is undoubtedly the best free audio editing app for Android as it allows you to access the options to save, import, and export audio tracks. At first, when you export your audio, you will get a copied version of your track which helps to zoom in on essential parts of the audio. Moreover, all the essential tools for conversion and trimming are included. Multiple tools such as auto gain, amplify, compressor, and normalize are available. In addition, high pass and low pass filters are added to the cleanup tool. 

    audio editor for Android - WavePad

    Key Features:

    • It allows you to loop and duplicate tracks of your choice. 
    • The Equalizer enables you to select 3 and 8 bands. 
    • Effects give you access to various effects like doppler, distortion, and vibrato. 


    • It allows audio scrubbing 
    • It works on Android, Mac, and Windows 
    • It is a great time-saving app


    • It doesn't allow multi-track audio editing 

    5. Voice PRO

    With one of the best audio editors for Android, such as Voice Pro, you can record music and your voice in 100 various formats. In addition, you can encode the audio track and convert them into mono or stereo form. Furthermore, it can mix, merge audios and remove vocals, file conversion, and background effects. Also, this app can convert your voice to text in 40 different languages. 

    audio editor for Android - Voice PRO

    Key Features:

    • It allows you to add real-time background music. 
    • It has the ability to tag specific parts of the tracks. 
    • It supports access to different formats with up to 320kbps bit rate. 


    • Permits to record 100+ formats 
    • It can be used for removing noises and adjusting 
    • The bit rate can be customized 


    • It's not free, and it is costly

    6. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio 

    Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is the most loved and highly rated android audio editing app. It offers a variety of advanced features, such as multi-track audio recording, audio splitting, and splicing, trimming, cutting, and even eradicating the tracks. Additionally, it can be used by connecting with USB audio interfaces. 

    audio editor for Android - Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

    Key Features:

    • It lets you access multi-track audio. 
    • It allows MIDI recording. 
    • Premium features such as audio slicing and splitting are added. 


    • It offers multiple virtual instruments 
    • It can be used in removing an entire track 
    • Supports various track recordings


    • The free version doesn't let you access all the features

    7. Timbre

    Timbre is one of the best audio editing apps for Android as it allows you to join audio tracks, cut parts, split files, reverse the audio and change the volume or speed of a track. In addition, it lets you convert any audio file to several formats. It also has the ability to edit, convert video files and resize them. 

    audio editor for Android - Timbre

    Key Features:

    • It offers a text-to-speech function. 
    • It allows you to change the bitrate of a file. 
    • The Console tool helps to run a command line with the FFmpeg program. 


    • It lets you adjust the bitrate of a file
    • It is free and does not have any ads
    • It enables you to crop audio from a video 


    • Its audio merging tool is not great 

    8. FL Studio Mobile

    FL Studio Mobile allows you to edit and customize your own music using premium synthesizers, sliced-loop beats, and drum kits. In addition, you can make necessary changes to your voice recorder using the effects like auto, reverb, ducker, and much more. Moreover, the app permits you to browse presets and samples. 

    audio editor for Android - FL Studio Mobile

    Key Features:

    • It allows you to change the pitch of the presets and samples. 
    • It supports exporting audio files in various formats. 
    • It includes a wide range of features and effects. 


    • It has premium quality audio samples 
    • It enables the import and export of tracks 
    • It offers multiple effects 


    • No free installation is available

    9. Mstudio

    Mstudio allows you to edit, record, mix and merge audio files. It also includes advanced features like pitch adjustment, mutter, and tempo change. You can even remove audio clips from videos and convert them into video clips, isn't that great? Moreover, all the files imported from this app are neatly organized and saved. 

    audio editor for Android - Mstudio

    Key Features:

    • It is excellent for creating your own audio remixes. 
    • It allows you to change audio formats. 
    • It is not mismanaged, and you can find features easily on the menu. 


    • It is greatly organized 
    • It offers a variety of features and formats 
    • It can convert video clips into audio tracks 


    • Not many voice effects are added 

    10. Dolby On

    If you're searching for the best audio editor for Android, Dolby On is here for you with some latest cool features. It lets you record and edit audio. Additionally, it includes tools like noise reduction, three bands EQ and boost sound. You can connect your Twitch or SoundCloud, and you're ready to go. 

    Key Features:

    • Presets like deep, natural, and thumb are added. 
    • You can avail all the features by tapping and tweaking with one swipe. 
    • It includes trim functions and allows adding visualizations. 


    • It includes natural presets 
    • It lets you record and edits both 
    • It has three bands EQ function 


    • It doesn't offer voice effects 

    11. MixPad Multitrack Mixer

    If you're looking for the best free audio editing app for Android, then you are on the right track. The MixPad Multitrack Mixer offers a variety of professional audio editing and recording features. It is mostly used for creating music, mixing songs, and creating a podcast. Also, the mixing features to edit audios is a plus, too. 

    audio editor for Android - MixPad Multitrack Mixer

    Key Features:

    • It permits you to mix your audio and music files. 
    • It offers professional editing to edit audio tracks. 
    • It is used to mix and create songs. 


    • It supports all audio formats 
    • It offers various editing effects 
    • It permits multi-track editing 


    • It can only export audio files below 32 bitrate 


    Everybody's audio editing requirements are distinctive, but all these apps are efficacious enough to cater to your needs. As you can see, there are many high-quality audio editor applications available. Of course, there's a lot more than this out there, but these are some of the most reliable options you can avail of to satisfy your audio-editing needs. We hope that this article will help you choose the best audio editors for Android.

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