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How Marketers Should Use Hashtags on Facebook Properly

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Many marketers are unsure about whether they should be using Facebook hashtags on a post to start a campaign or to boost influencer marketing. We believe that hashtags on Facebook are a very useful tool for marketers as they can help you attract influencers and followers. This article will go into detail about the best way to use Facebook hashtags.

Part 1: Why You Should Use Facebook Hashtags

1. Hashtags Connect Your Content

The reason why it is so useful to use hashtags on Facebook is because they will help you connect your content with other people who may be interested in what you have to say. It is likely that other people are posting about similar topics, products or services.

Hashtags lets you form a connection with those people. Your content is easily accessible with hashtags, as anyone who is browsing through the current posts on that hashtag will see your posts.

2. Expand Your Reach

Using hashtags is a win-win approach on Facebook. There is no downside associated with adding a couple hashtags to every Facebook post. And the upside is huge.

A hashtag delivers expanded reach on the platform. A previous post would only be seen by followers or those who specifically search for your business name on the platform. Hashtags ensure that anyone clicking on a hashtag and browsing through the feed may come across your content.

Part 2: What You Should Know About Hashtags

Hashtags are a concept that first started on Twitter, where individuals were able to add a # before writing a word or phrase. The hashtag is a searchable device on these social media platforms, as a person is able to click on the hashtag and see other posts that include it as well.

Every hashtag that is created on Facebook has its own URL. When someone clicks on the hashtag, they immediately go to that page, where they can see other posts from the same hashtag.

Part 3: How to Use Facebook Hashtags Properly

1. Use Popular Hashtags

The first rule to succeeding with hashtags is to use ones that are already very popular. These are branded or social community hashtags that everyone uses on a regular basis.

For instance, a hashtag such as #MotivationMonday is a common example of a popular hashtag. But a company could also use a single hashtag for all its posts, creating a branded hashtag. As the company becomes more popular, the usefulness of that hashtag would increase.

popular facebook hashtag

2. Cross Social Performance

A useful side effect of Facebook adding hashtags is that you can now create more posts that are applicable to all the major social networks. Hashtags are used on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The same promotional post can go out on each site. It would have great performance as the hashtags you are using would be popular on all of those sites.

But it is important to use some caution with using the same posts for all your social accounts. For instance, posts that are image or video-centric are better for Instagram, while posting links is more useful on Twitter and Facebook.

3. Promote Special Events

When there is a special promotion, event or landmark associated with a business, using a hashtag for that occasion can be very helpful. A business that is having a sale, for example, could use a hashtag such as #discounts to indicate that fact. Anyone who is searching for that hashtag would see the post!

Hashtags are also useful for contests. While you cannot have someone enter a contest through a hashtag because of Facebook rules, it is helpful in letting more people know about the contest.

Part 3: Be Careful With Hashtag Privacy Settings

Facebook has privacy settings that can be enabled on any personal or business account. And those privacy settings will impact hashtag post visibility.

When the settings do not let anyone else but your followers see your posts, even posts with a hashtag are not visible to non-followers. It will be important to adjust those settings to ensure that you have a wider reach with your posts that include hashtags.

For instance, you could choose a privacy setting where only followers can see the posts, or followers along with friends of followers. The second option gives you a little more reach, but still limits visibility.

When marketers are attempting to reach the widest possible audience, making posts public is the way to go. It will make non-hashtag posts public as well. But it ensures that any post with a hashtag has incredible reach.


Hashtags have become a crucial element of the Facebook experience. Someone who is searching for a product or service in the area, reading about a popular topic, or hoping to gather information on a news story will use hashtags. Marketers can use hashtags to ensure that any promotional campaigns, influencer marketing strategies or general posts are reaching a wider audience.

So hashtags are so important to Facebook. If you want to attract more audience, video is also a must. Here we recommend using Filmora to edit Facebook videos easily. Just download it and have a try!

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