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Cute Valentine Emoji to Share with Friends

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 19, 22, updated May 20, 24
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Emojis are the popular short forms of passing on a message quickly and conveniently. During this Valentine's season, you will be thrilled to uncover various emojis to accompany your lovely message to your lover or other friends. Several Valentine emojis can spice up your message with just a spark. They include those depicting hearts, hand-holding, flowers, chocolates, among others. However, there are no specific Valentine emojis. Perhaps this is because what suits Valentine’s Day can also be utilized for love expression all year round. These include special occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

valentine emoji

How popular are emojis among people?

Emojis have become a common language in the 21st century, especially among the younger generation. Even though emojis have been around since the 90s, it is just recently they hit the computers and phones screens. It was in 2012 when Apple released iOS 6 and the emoji keyboard. Henceforth, other operating system devices followed suit, and people now enjoy using emojis every day, according to, and over ten billion people send emojis daily, as puts it. These show that emojis are popular among internet users.

15 Cute Valentine Emoji to Share with Friends on Valentine's Day

Let’s now check out the most popular 15 Valentine emojis to utilize this season.

1) Smiling face with heart-eyes

This yellow-faced emoji with an open smile, showing teeth and cartoon-hears for eyes, shows in-depth love. It generally conveys infatuation, adoration, and feelings of love towards the recipient. It suits many occasions, from a lovely birthday message to "keep strong" etc. Use it this Valentine's Day to spice up emotions in your lover’s heart.

valentine emoji - smiling face with heart eyes

2) My face blowing a kiss

Kisses are mind-blowing, especially when they come from a dear friend. Why not try it with an emoji this Valentine? This heart-warming emoji is ready to energize you for a tough day ahead. It is a yellow face winking with lovely lips blowing a kiss. Use it to express feelings of love and affection to your friends this Valentine.

face blowing a kiss

3) Face kissing with closed eyes

Flying kisses tell us all that love is already in the air. Most people close their eyes while kissing, perhaps for concentration and that mind-blowing feeling. This emoji will help you perform that lovely act this Valentine's. Find this yellow face with smiling eyes and rosy cheeks emoji to pass your kisses to your loved ones. It shows romance and deep affection, which is suitable for this love period.

valentine day emoji- Face kissing with closed eyes

4) Kiss Mark

When was the last time a kiss mark was left on the collar of your shirt or blouse? If your lover is far apart, worry less as this Valentine's emoji will do the magic. It is depicted with bright lipstick that is meant to show the whole world that you deserve that kiss. Use this seductive emoji this Valentine's for a permanent mark on your lover’s heart.

valentine day emoji - kiss mark

5) Sparkling heart

Nothing beats the brightness of a star. The sparkling heart says it all. Stars are bright, and whenever you receive such an emoji, it assures you that your life with your loved one will be forever bright. Assure your loved ones this season that their stars will shine as needed, even in the darkest corners.

emoji for valentine - sparkling heart

6) An arrow through the heart

You must have felt a sharp arrow pierce your heart at that very moment when you fell in love. This Valentine's emoji couldn’t explain it further. The heart with an arrow is like the arrow that cupid shoots for love, and it’s meant to pass a deep message of love, care, and affection. This is what your lover may need for confirmation of that deep love.

valentine emoji - 	An arrow through the heart

7) Ribbon-wrapped heart

Apart from just expressing your love, you can spice it up with a unique gift. This heart with a ribbon represents a special gift for your loved one. It works pretty well when you are far apart and just want to make the day special in the eyes of your loved ones. It could be a box of chocolates, jewelry, or other special gifts.

Ribbon-wrapped heart emoji for valentine

8) Growing heart

You can’t be the same again after meeting someone special in your life. Your heart will continue to expand to accommodate your newfound love. This emoji is a wonderful pink heart, located inside a slightly larger heart that continues to increase in size as time goes by. Use it to express to a loved one how important they are in your life and your heart.

growing heart for valentine

9) Beating heart

If you’ve ever met your soulmate, then you know what a beating heart means. There is instant chemistry that starts to vibrate all your organs, especially your heart. If you feel that way this Valentine's season, then the "beating heart" emoji will do you good. Put it next to your lovely message and let your crush know what’s on your mind.

beating heart emoji for valentine day

10) The heart is on fire

Love is very cunning. You can feel like your heart is on fire whenever you see or think of your crush. This emoji says it all. Let your loved one know that your heart is on fire for extreme forms of love and lust. But be careful as well, as it may depict a sense of burning a past love and moving on.

heart on fire emoji

11) Red heart

Red is the color of love, and therefore, this emoji carries heavyweight in terms of love matters. It is the most commonly used emoji to express love and concern to friends. Use it during this Valentine's season to express immense love and care.

red heart emoji for valentine day

12) A woman and a man hold hands.

Holding hands is common during weddings and other dates among lovers. Holding hands assures the public that you are together in your walk. This Valentine emoji is a symbol of two beings in a tight relationship. If you are on that path, then assure your partner that your relationship cannot be shaken by passing on this emoji along with that lovely message.

holding hand emoji for valentine day

13) Wilted flower

It is not always a matter of satisfaction when it comes to love matters. You may have been hurt in the past and want to revamp your relationship. The wilted flower emoji represents a dying or dried-up love. It could be to express sad sentiments like heartbreak. You can also use it to pass that vital message to that loved one who hurt you.

Wilted flower emoji for valentine

14) Teddy bear

You see them all over as Valentine’s Day draws nearer. This gift suits all ages, from toddlers to grown-ups. It's depicted by a brown or white stuffed toy bear, seated with arms to the sides and a friendly smile. Send this Valentine's emoji to bring a smile to your friends' faces this season.

teddy bear emoji to use on valentine day

15) Ring

This is a strong bond symbol. Yes, a ring may complete the equation, especially if you want to propose to your lover or are looking forward to an engagement. You can use this gemstone to represent your intentions before the day comes.

ring valentine's day emoji

Bonus Suggestions! Make Your Video More Fun by Using Valentine Emoji

The availability of third-party apps makes it possible to customize your message for your loved ones. Filmora Video Editor is a simple tool with advanced editing features for cutting, trimming, adding soundtracks, emojis, and other effects. It contains customized Valentine emojis that you can use this season. Follow these steps to import your videos and add animated emojis for a spicy video.

Step 1: Begin a new project.

Start your video creation by launching the "Filmora" Video Editor. Next, select the "New Project" option from the welcome window. You can also click on the "Settings" tab to customize the frame rate, aspect ratio, and project resolution.

Step 2: Import your video clip

Choose clips from your computer to import into the editor and drag them onto a video track on the timeline. You can eliminate the clip parts that you may not need.

Step 3: Insert an emoji

Check the "Elements" tab and select the "Emoji" category. You can then browse through Filmora’s list of emojis. Then drag and drop the emoji of your choice onto the video clip you are creating. Note that you can adjust the play duration, choose different motion effects, and position the emoji on the screen.

create a emoji valentine video with filmora

Step 4. Export your project.

Check that your video is good to go. Then click the "Play" button located below Filmora’s preview window to get a glimpse of what your video is like. If it's good enough, click the "Export" button and choose where to export your project. You can save it on your computer or share it directly on YouTube and Vimeo social media sites.

You can also use Filmstock effect packs to make your video even more lovely.

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● Besides using emojis to accompany your message, Filmora Video Editor lets you customize your clips and videos with Valentine emojis as well. The process is easy, and you can pull off a quality video in just a few steps. Nonetheless, check out our list of which emoji to use to pass that special message to your loved one during this Valentine season.

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