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Top 10 White Day Gifts Idea for Your Love

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 14, 22, updated Jul 23, 24
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White Day is celebrated on 14th March, exactly a month after Valentine's Day. The purpose of this day is for the men who have received gifts on Valentine's Day to reciprocate the gesture to the women they received the gifts from as a show of gratitude.

Originally, the day was called Marshmallow Day. The reason for this was Ishimura Manseido, a candy company, created marshmallow treats specifically as gifts for this new holiday. Seeing as it was successful, other companies soon ventured into the tradition, specializing in white chocolate treats. The day eventually became White Day, although gifts of regular dark chocolate are now common.

We'll look at White Day Gifts ideas and who you can give them to.

Who Should You Give White Day Gifts?

White Day is an excellent chance to show appreciation to the special women in your life. When the day was first celebrated in 1978 in Japan, it gave back the gifts given to men on Valentine's Day to the women in their lives, whether that be wives, female co-workers, or daughters. The idea behind this tradition still stands, although it has become more modernized over the years.

The tradition is known as Giri-choco, and it combines the common word for chocolate and the Japanese word for the obligation. Girls can also give candy to their loved ones, and this is known as Tomo-choco or Honmei-choco, candy for friends.

Basic Requirements for White Day Gift

Ideally, these 'answer-day' presents are supposed to be expensive, such as lingerie or jewelry. Popular Japanese white day gifts include bags, lotions, and foods like white chocolate, marshmallows, candy, and cookies.

According to surveys, young women tend to prefer sweets as a return gift from men. In the past, they would be pleased to receive high-end brand chocolates. Most women today appreciate handmade sweets. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the basic requirements for White Day Gifts.

1. You Can Pick Something White

Traditionally, White Day gifts should be white. So you might want to think of fun ideas like white lingerie for your partner or white chocolate or white chocolate if you are looking for Giri gifts. You can also use a white gift bag or white gift wrap paper and tie it with aesthetically pleasing ribbons.

2. Decide Which gifts were Honmei and which One Were Giri

The Giri tradition has led to confusion among various circles. Returning the favor to female co-workers out of obligation and giving romantic gifts has often been hard to differentiate. A romantic gift is confused with an obligatory one and vice-versa.

“Giri-choco” refers to “obligatory chocolate;” it's often given to friends, family members, teachers, and colleagues. On the other hand, “Honmei-choco” refers to “true love chocolate,” and it's of a higher quality; it's given to someone you wish to start a romantic relationship with or your lover.

3. Make Your Intentions Clear

While you should give White Day gifts to women who gave you gifts on Valentine's day, make sure you let them know if you would like to be friends or want to start a romantic relationship with them. Return Gifts with similar items and get something special for Honmei gifts.

10 Best White Day Gifts Ideas

As the world prepares to celebrate White Day 2022, you must be wondering: What is the perfect gift for my better half? We have got you covered.

It is important to note that the presents do not necessarily have to be in white because of the event name. It can be something precious and thoughtful. That said, let's look at ten of the best White Day gifts ideas that you can give your other half on this special day.

1. Bathtub Caddy Tray

Why wait till the weekend to soak in your bathtub? A candle-lit bath at night makes the evening worth it. Fill the tray with wine, sweets, candles, and books. Then let your significant other enjoy a relaxing bath.

A Bathtub Caddy tray retails between $38 and $50. Let your woman enjoy it without breaking the bank.

white valentine's day gift

2. Pajama Set

It's 2022, and we've spent the past two years mostly indoors. Pajamas are back in style for their comfort and coziness. Since most people are now working from home, PJs are a great gift to give to the woman in your life.

A set of silk pajamas will allow your significant other to sleep like a queen. Choose a fun pattern and gift her to win her heart. The price of pajamas ranges between $20 and $100.

white valentine's day gift - pajamas

3. Hoya Heart Plant

With the price ranging from $25 to $35, these tropical heart-shaped succulent leaves can act as a symbol of your love during White Day. The plant is popular for its shape, and what better way to express love than a heart-shaped plant. The best part is: you can choose from a range of options. Go for pot colors that best compliment the space.

white valentine's day gift - hoya heart plant

4. Customized Coffee Mug

The best part about coffee mugs is that they are customizable. You can include something sweet and sentimental funny messages to something. This gift will undoubtedly put a big smile on your partner's face. The price of a customized mug varies depending on the words you want to appear on it and its quality, but it can range from $15 to $100.

white valentine's day gift - customized coffee mugs

5. Gift Card

It is important to note that giving someone a gift card as the actual gift may be considered lazy and not thoughtful. However, if you would like to throw in something extra, or your gift has been stuck in delivery limbo, you can get your S.O. what they are yearning for with a timely gift card. You could go for a classic Amazon gift card, and you have loads of options.

white valentine's day gift - gift card

6. Face Masks

We all love glowing skin, and given we are still in a pandemic, no other time is best for a self-care day than this time. Even though the vaccine is already out, staying safe is still the best option for everyone.

A face mask can retail from as low as $1 and can go as high as you want to, depending on how bougie you want the face mask to be.

white valentine's day gift - face masks

7. Sweets and Flowers

Nothing spells love more than flowers. When you add sweets to it, you undoubtedly have a winning combo. Sweets and flowers can be a perfect add-on to your gift. What's more? You don't have to break the bank to get these gifts. Besides, a celebration of love cannot be complete without including fresh flowers and sweets. Flowers are can change the mood of your significant other, and sweets will melt their heart

white valentine's day gift - sweet and flower

8. Camisoles or Classy Lingerie

Keep things classy and spicy in your partner's closet with camisoles; they are currently the in-thing worldwide. Available in various colors to suit the taste of different women, the passive style of the camisole is made from silk-charmeuse and trimmed ever-so delicately lace along the neckline to accentuate its sexual appeal. Your partner will love this gift as she can wear them outdoors or while she's lounging in the house. The bottom line is: You can never go wrong with this as a White Day gift.

white valentine's day gift - Camisoles or Classy Lingerie

9. Gold Charms - Hearts, Crowns, Animals

This is one of the perfect White gifts for the love of your life. Women are known to adore small and dainty things. So you can get her gold charms, as they are a safe option you can go for on White Day since your woman is guaranteed to love it. Surprise her with gold charms that feature different colored bands. You'll find a variety of charms online. It's a beautiful way to celebrate those precious milestones and moments while letting your partner accessorize according to her mood.

The price of gold charms starts from $135. You can give your partner this gift as a sweet gesture when you invite her for a night date.

white valentine's day gift - gold charms

10. Long Distance Relationship Pillow

If you are in a long-distance relationship, this is the ideal White gift. It is a great way to show your partner that you are always thinking of them. This gift will decorate her bedroom, making it romantic, sweet, and creative. These pillows range anywhere between $18 and $50.


● The National Confectionery Industry Association initiated White Day as an "answer day" to Saint Valentine's Day. The Association recommended that men should pay back the ladies who gave them flowers, chocolates, and other gifts on February 14. .

● These thoughtful Japanese White Day gifts are ideal for men who want to answer or return the women who presented them gifts on Valentine's Day

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