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How to Record Skype Meeting on Windows and Mac | Skype for Business

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Skype for Business is an efficient and inexpensive unified communication platform offering many integral components for online communication. It can streamline all business communication needs and lets you record skype meeting directly from the app if you’re working from home or remotely and you want to capture meeting minutes or a presentation, study group discussions or a lecture, or preserve family moments forever.

You can take advantage of the recording feature to save yourself from constantly taking notes haphazardly, jotting one thing, and missing another important point in an online lecture for example. Here I’ll be introducing an amazing piece of software to record skype meeting. You will learn:

Part 1: Recording Options on Skype for Business

Skype for Business offers you several options for recording and managing your recorded video files. To access the recording options on Skype for Business follow the steps below. 

  • Press the “Gear icon” right next to the options menu. It will open an “Options” dialog box. Or you can also access the Options by clicking the downward-facing arrow next to the gear, then choosing the “Tools” and finally chose “Options”.

options dialog box

  • In the Options window, you’ll get a list of settings options on the left pane, press “Recording” to open the recording options.

recording options

  • Here you can determine the location where all the recordings will be saved. Also, you can select the video quality under the image resolution section.

Part 2: How to Record Skype Meeting on Windows

Skype for Business allows you to record skype meetings on Windows PCs directly from its app. It’s an easy and straightforward method of recording your meeting and I’ll go through every step to show you how you can record your next Skype meeting.

  • Once you start or enter a meeting you can see the “More Options” button, press it, and select the “Start Recording” option. If the recording option is dimmed for you, your audio may not be connected. Press the mic icon to enable the audio and try again.

start recording option

  • Once you start the recording you can see the recording controls at the bottom of the meeting to pause, resume, or stop the recording.

recording control

  • You can check who is recording the Skype meeting by pointing to the red recording button on the top right corner of the Skype meeting. When one or any of the participants is recording the Skype for Business meeting all the other participants will see this indicator.

red indicator

  • After recording your family meeting or office presentation you want to save the recorded video, go to the same menu “More options” and press the “Stop Recording”.

stop recording

  • All the recordings will be stopped, and you’ll be notified.

see participant

  • Skype for Business saves the recording automatically in an MP4 format that is compatible with Windows Media Player. The recording takes some time to process the meanwhile you can exit the meeting. Skype will show a notification when the recorded file is ready for viewing or sharing.

Part 3: How to Record Skype Meeting on Mac

According to Microsoft guidelines, Microsoft has yet to introduce the recording feature to its Mac version of Skype for Business. Recording on Mac has not been made available.

no mac recording

Here you can try third-party software to record skype meeting. Wondershare Filmora is an amazing tool for video content creators and the general public at large that can be used to record Skype meeting with its flexible recording features. Access the recordings later to extract vital information from a meeting or share it with the participants. Filmora screen recording delivers high-quality 4K video output with a high framerate and best sound quality both from the connected microphone and computer audio system.

Let’s see how to record skype meeting on Mac using Wondershare Filmora:

  • Download Filmora and install it on your computer system. It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems and offers a trial version for you to enjoy the tool freely.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

  • Open Filmora, then click on the “New Project” option to enter the full feature mode.

click new project

  • Go to Record, then drop-down the menu, and chose the “Record PC Screen” option.

find record pc

  • Now head over to the skype meeting you want to record.
  • You will be prompted with Wondershare Filmora Scrn recorder options i.e. in case you want Full-Screen recording, audio, and microphone options. Once you press the record (red) button filmora will start the countdown to recording the screen.

click red button

  • You can confirm if the software is recording your screen or not by looking at the top menu bar, a red recording button will be displayed during the whole screen recording. To pause or stop the skype meeting being recorded press the red button on the top menu bar.

stop skype meeting

  • Press the Stop button to finish recording the skype meeting. You’ll be taken back to the filmora editor window where you can tweak around with the recorded meeting.

find recorded skype

  • You can locate the recorded file by right-clicking the recorded file in the media library and selecting the “Reveal in Explorer” option.

reveal in folder

  • You can drag and drop the recorded file to the timeline if you want to edit it. Filmora can easily cut, trim, rotate, layer multiple video effects, and much more. That’s up to you how deep you want to dig into the features of this amazing video editing toolkit.

add effects skype

Part 4: Manage Your Recordings

The Skype for Business recording manager allows you to view all the recordings and prepare them for sharing.  You can open the recording manager in two ways:

  • one way is to open it from the Skype for Business main window by pressing the down arrow or drop-down menu next to the settings icon. Then select “Tools” and “Recording Manager” from the list.

recording manager

  • You will see “More Options” menu and selects the Recording Manager to open it.

manage recordings

Now that you have access to Skype for Business Recording Manager, you can view a recording, play it, browse its location, rename it, delete it, and publish it online for your viewers.

access skype recordings

To prepare it for sharing with other participants, click on the “Publish” button. It will open a “Save and Publish” window where you can name the recording file, specify the location to save, and under the options chose what parts of the meeting to include i.e. video, audio, panorama video, messaging, and presented content. When everything is ready press the “OK” button to save the recorded meeting.


Skype for Business allows the presenters to record skype meeting with all the details like video, audio, PowerPoint slides, etc. The in-app recording feature records every members’ video and audio at the same time. For the limitations of call recording on Mac, Wondershare Filmora can also be a good choice for you. It offers unparalleled features with an intuitive design, and you can record unlimited Skype calls and that with no limitation on Windows or Mac computer systems.

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