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Dazzling Ideas to Inspire Your Outdoor NYE Fun

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more common to spend New Year's Eve at home, but if
conditions permit, choosing to go out to celebrate New Year's Eve is more desired by young people.

How About Going to a Virtual Party?
A virtual cocktail night is a great choice for you if you're a party person but don't want to be around a lot of people. Ensure everyone gets their ingredients beforehand, choose an easy-to-follow recipe, design your Zoom background, and let the fun begin. Cheers!
Furthermore, you can make your drinks extra exciting by adding a showstopping decoration, such as a sparkler.
How About an Elvis Night?
If you're looking to ring the bell with the King of Rock in 2023, you'll be glad to know there are a few events to choose from across the UK. Sit back and enjoy a show where you can sing along to prison rock and can't help but fall in love.
How About Watching the Fireworks?
Fireworks are a great addition to your New Year's Eve ideas list. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also all over the country. The main event takes place in central London and is spectacular.
Don't worry if you're not in or near London; there are plenty of fireworks displays in the UK and Ireland. Edinburgh has its own New Year's Eve fireworks display, another stunning sight.
How About Exploring Winter Wonderland?
Winter Wonderland isn't just a great place to visit during Christmas, but it's the perfect outing for New Year's Eve. London, Chester, Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent are some of the many places hosting the attraction.
How About Going Sledging?
Want to get out and enjoy this special day without burning a hole in your wallet? Be sure to give sledging a go! This family-friendly activity has earned a spot on this New Year's ideas list because it is both cost-effective and a great way to keep the kids entertained.
How About Going Mountain Biking?
If you're looking for New Year's Eve ideas that will get you outdoors and get you excited, mountain biking is a must. You can spend the day at one of the best mountain biking locations in the UK and Ireland.
The Nan Bield Pass in the Lake District is perfect for professional cyclists and offers Alpine-style views!

Fun and Relaxing Ways to Celebrate a Warm and Cozy New Year's Eve at Home

The countdown to the New Year has finally arrived; it is time to party your way into the New Year at home.
You'll easily be able to incorporate these ideas into any party theme you may want to achieve.

Video Memoirs
the Past Year
DIY Champagne Glasses
DIY New Year's Eve
Video Games
Dance It Out
Have a Pyjama Party
Host a NYE Cook-off
Host a Virtual
Cocktail Night
Create an
Balloon Wall

Share Video Memoirs

Only video can record everything in the past. So use video to record everything that happened to you in the past year, including joys and sorrows. It has no cost but can bring high happiness returns.

Recap the Past Year

Whether you've had an excellent or challenging year, it's no small feat that you made it through the year—so spend some quiet time this New Year's Eve journaling, meditating, and reflecting on all that happened in 2022.

DIY Champagne Glasses

Ditch the red Solo cups (and your breakable glasses!) and opt for sparkly plastic flutes instead. They'll make you look (and feel) fancier without risking breaking the good stuff (not to mention the cleanup will be a breeze).

DIY New Year's Eve Noisemakers

A New Year's Eve countdown isn't complete without noisemakers. These adorable, glitter-infused bells are perfect for shaking when the ball drops.

Play Video Games

Mario Kart and Among Us might be the only video games you're good at, but that's OK! Challenging your partner or friends virtually to a video game will be your new favorite tradition. There are plenty of options on your phone or laptop if you don't have a game console. It's fun to feel connected to others and help pass the time.

Dance It Out

Dancing lets you celebrate everyone on a song, turning them into one extensive prom playlist. Spotify has a feature where multiple users can edit playlists, so it should make it easy.

Have a Pyjama Party

If you're looking for New Year's ideas to unwind at home, consider throwing a pajama party.At this party, you can wear your animal print onesie, your most festive outfit, or your most gorgeous pyjamas, and best of all, after all the night activities, you can climb into bed! Perfect!

Host a NYE Cook-off

Are you after a New Year's idea featuring delicious food? If yes, then definitely consider cooking because it can provide ample opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal on New Year's Eve.Beyond that, you can make things more fun by hosting a cookout with your loved ones. You can choose to cook all your favorite appetizers, main meals, and snacks to fill the entire evening.

Host a Virtual Cocktail Night

A virtual cocktail night is a great choice for you if you're a party person but don't want to be around a lot of people. Ensure everyone gets their ingredients beforehand, choose an easy-to-follow recipe, design your Zoom background, and let the fun begin. Cheers!
Furthermore, you can make your drinks extra exciting by adding a showstopping decoration, such as a sparkler.

Create an Instagram-Friendly Balloon Wall

You could spell an inspirational phrase in a balloon on the wall and share it with everyone on Instagram. A full set of party balloons can also be purchased, but if you want them to float, you'll need helium.

The Best Gifts for Chinese New Year

Wave goodbye to boring biscuits and gift these goodies instead. You can also check out the guide on the best Chinese New Year gifts
to learn about the traditions, the meanings behind flowers and fruits and find more gifting ideas.
If there's anything Chinese parents have taught their children, it's to be sure to never show up to
someone's house empty-handed, especially when it's Chinese New Year.

A Vast Array of New Year's Food
that Brings Good Luck

Scrumptious foods that also bring good luck? Yes, please. New Year's food traditions from around the world have unique
meanings and are well worth considering putting on your menu as you make your plans for the year ahead.

Vasilopita Cake

The Greeks enjoy a cake called Vasilopita, also known as king pie or basil pie. This Greek New Year's cake is sweet, bready, and topped with almonds. Traditionally, the cake is baked with a coin or trinket inside, and the person who gets the treasure-filled slice is supposed to have good luck for the year ahead.


There should be no chocolate lover in the world who does not know about Godiva. It is an excellent idea to have some at home to entertain guests during Chinese New Year or to give as a gift during New Year's greetings.

Chinese Dumplings

With a history of more than 1,800 years, the dumpling is a classic lucky food for Lunar New Year, and a traditional dish eaten on Chinese New Year's Eve. Legend has it that the more dumplings you eat during the New Year celebrations, the more money you can make in the New Year.

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls get their name because they are traditionally eaten during the Spring Festival. Spring rolls are a Cantonese dim sum dish of cylindrical-shaped rolls filled with vegetables, meat, or something sweet. Fillings are wrapped in thin dough, then fried. This is where the spring rolls get their golden-yellow color.

Longevity Noodles

Longevity noodles unsurprisingly symbolize a wish for longevity. Their continuous length is also symbolic of the eater's life. They are longer than regular noodles and uncut, either fried and served on a plate or boiled and served in a bowl with their broth.

Salmon Rillettes

Salmon Rillettes are an easy, elegant appetizer made with poached salmon, smoked salmon, butter, sour cream, and fresh herbs.

Create Videos for a New Year's Party That Spark Joy

Video is a way to record New Year's memories and wishes, so why not try Filmora video editor? Whether it's Happy New Year wishes videos,
Happy New Year gif videos, or Happy New Year funny videos, Filmora has covered them all.

Start a Video Project
Click "Create New Project" from the main interface. Import the original video by using the "File" option or dragging it directly into Filmora.
Edit New Year's Video
Drag the video from "Media" onto the timeline. You can cut, split, or delete clips as you want. To make the New Year party video more attractive, find the "Party" option under the "Stickers" category and select the sticker you need.
Review & Export
Play the video and preview it once the editing process is completed. Then go to "Export" and save the video to your computer or share it on other social platforms.
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