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How to Celebrate Chinese New Year in 2024?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 08, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

To pray for good luck in the upcoming year of 2024, people following the Chinese Lunar calendar celebrate the Chinese New Year traditions with great dedication. The celebrations last for 16 days consecutively, during which people like to meet their family members and friends to follow the traditions. If you are unaware of the Chinese New Year traditions and rituals, this article can help you.

By reading this article, you can come across different ideas to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This will help you to make your new year memorable and adventurous.

In this article
  1. What is the Chinese New Year?
    1. Put Up Red Decorations
    2. Eat Reunion Dinner with Family
    3. Gift Red Envelopes or Hong Paos
    4. Wear Red
    5. Set Off Fireworks
    6. Honor Gods and Ancestors
    7. Lion and Dragon Dance
    8. Watch Parade Online – CCTV New Year’s Gala
    1. Put Up Red Decorations
    2. Eat Reunion Dinner with Family

Part 1: What is Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year of 2024 is called Wood Dragon., which will take place from February 9, 2024. The celebrations will last for 16 days, which will end on February 24, 2024. Every year the date of the Chinese New Year changes; however, it always falls between the 21st of January and the 20th of February. 

The countries that celebrate the Chinese New Year traditions in full swing are China, Vietnam, Singapore, and South Korea. The roots of the Chinese New Year belong to ancient times when people would pray to God for good harvests. Along with historical significance, it also reflects the cultural traditions in a beautiful manner. Thus, it’s a memorable festival for various people that helps them in social cohesion.

what is chinese new year 2023

Part 2: 8 Festive Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Chinese Lunar new year is also celebrated as a Spring festival in different parts of the world. This festival has great significance as it has been celebrated for thousands of years. There are various ways through which you can celebrate the Lunar new year by doing dragon dance, flower market shopping, and lion dance. Many people will always clean their houses to get rid of unwanted items to make a fresh start to the year.

Moreover, it is also believed that cleaning the house can remove bad luck from a person’s life. To learn more about the festive ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year, read this part of the article:

1. Put Up Red Decorations

Red is considered to be the official color of the Lunar new year. It symbolizes good luck for the upcoming year. You can use red balloons, couplets, fancy red ribbons, and paper cutouts as Chinese New Year decorations. Moreover, you can use red cushions and bedroom linens as vibrant decor.

celebration of chinese new year 2023-1

2. Eat Reunion Dinner with Family

Festivals and occasions like Chinese New Year can be excellent opportunities to meet your close ones and family members. As a ritual and tradition, you should plan a feast with your family members to embrace your blood relations. Also, it can be a great way to start a new year.

celebration of chinese new year 2023-2

3. Gift Red Envelopes or Hong Paos

Red color emphasizes happiness, prosperity, and good luck. To make your younger siblings or children happy, you can gift them red envelopes filled with money. Many people gift red envelopes to the younger members of the family as a blessing and source of fortune for the upcoming year.

celebration of chinese new year 2023-3

4. Wear Red

Do you want to wear something special on the Chinese New Year 2024? Many people, especially women, like to wear red color during this festival to color coordinate with the theme. While family gatherings or hangouts with friends, you can wear red color as a custom of the new year.

celebration of chinese new year 2023-4

5. Set Off Fireworks

Setting off fireworks during Lunar New Year celebrations has been considered to be a ritual for many years. To begin the celebrations at nighttime, many people like to set off fireworks. There are also different kinds of fireworks, such as flower crackers that burns in the shape of a colorful flower. Thus, setting off fireworks at night can create a captivating vision for everyone.

what is chinese new year 2023

6. Honor Gods and Ancestors

In Chinese traditions, honoring ancestors and Gods helps to bring good luck in an individual’s life. Many people like to hang God’s pictures on doors that protect the home from evil spirits. Moreover, respecting and paying honor to the ancestors is also considered to be a new year ritual.

celebration of chinese new year 2023-5

7. Lion and Dragon Dance

Have you ever seen a lion dance during Chinese New Year celebrations? In Chinese culture and customs, the lion is a sign of prosperity, wealth, and power. People perform the lion dance to get rid of evil spirits and create a festive environment to spread happiness. Furthermore, people take lion and dragon dance as a great source of entertainment.

celebration of chinese new year 2023-6

8. Watch Parade Online - CCTV New Year’s Gala

One of the new traditions in Chinese culture is the New Year’s Gala. It is broadcasted by Chinese Central Television during Chinese New Year celebrations. You can watch the parade online with your family members and friends to enjoy the new year’s gala. Moreover, you can also listen to songs and watch comedy acts at the new year’s gala.

Part 3: New Celebrations of Chinese New Year

Due to the pandemic and the risk of an increase in the covid cases, various public places can be closed. To enjoy the Chinese New Year celebrations while being isolated, there are multiple ways that you can try. You can adopt virtual methods to wish your loved ones a Lunar New Year. To learn the great ways to celebrate the new year, read this section carefully:

1. Create a Happy New Year Wish Video

To make your dear ones happy this Chinese New Year, you can try the platform Filmora video editor to create a personalized video to wish them. This tool consists of tons of pre-made Chinese new year templates, music, and elements. After choosing the suitable template, you can add modifications, as Filmora allows you to customize the video efficiently.

celebrate chinese new year 2023 templates

You can also add music tracks to make your new year’s video engaging and appealing. Hence, Filmora contains all the editing features that you would need to make a special Chinese New Year’s wish video.

what is chinese new year 2023
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2. Create Fireworks Displays on YouTube

Setting off fireworks outside can be dangerous or lethal to human health. To fulfill this tradition in a safer way, you can create a fireworks display video and post them on YouTube. To do so, we recommend using Filmora to create firework animations flawlessly. Continue reading to learn more about generating fireworks displays.

How to Create a Virtual Firework Show Video?

Are you ready to produce a vibrant fireworks virtual show using Wondershare Filmora? Check the following instructions in this regard:

Step 1: Capture Sky Videos or Photos

Before beginning with the editing, you can capture sky photos or videos. Once you have launched Filmora, select the “Create New Project” option from its main interface. Afterward, import the desired sky video clips or photos by hitting the “Arrow” icon.

create chinese new year 2023 video

Step 2: Add Fireworks Animations

Once done with the importing, you can navigate to its elements to search for firework animations. Afterward, you can add transitions and special effects to enhance the fireworks animations.

edit chinese new year 2023 video

Step 3: Export and Post Video on YouTube

You can also make further edits to make the video more attractive. Once done, hit the “Export” button. Now you can upload your firework on YouTube so that others can enjoy watching your firework display.

export and share your chinese new year video


Are you excited about the Chinese New Year 2024? If you were not aware of the Chinese New Year’s traditions, customs, or rituals, you have now understood its importance. We have provided exciting ways to help you celebrate the Chinese New Year festival in the best way possible. You can make this festival memorable and enjoyable by implementing the mentioned ways of celebrating. 

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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