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Ways to Make Sure Your Video Editing Course is Worthing to Watch

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jun 20, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Ways to Make Sure Your Video Editing Course is Worthing to Watch

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Part 1 Is Video Editing a Good Career?

Revolutions in the IT industry can conveniently be credited with opening doors for novel and appealing career choices in the recent decades. Out of the extended range of options to look at, graphic designing has been successful in making its mark with respect to professional preferences of modern day students. The obvious reason behind the same is the latter’s two-fold merit of stabilizing your career on one hand and expanding your creative horizons on the other.

Video editing as an element of the graphic design realm, works to provide an excellent career platform for the ones who wish to choose graphic creativity as their profession. While every career path has its own requisites and requirements, the video editing field asks for your creative skill, perseverance and continuous efforts.

See through the upcoming section to get a deeper insight into the ways and means of making a successful career in video editing:

01Is it Hard to Become a Video Editor?

As you move ahead to pick up a career path, the difficulty and stability levels pose out as the principle criteria to make a choice. However welcoming a choice may be, it is normal to look through credibility concerns. Answering the aforesaid queries in relation to video editing, you don’t need to work through a rocket science to become a video editor.

While the latter can easily be deemed as an unconventional career option, the field does not need you to have a hoard of qualifications. All you need to experiment your luck in video editing is a correct mindset and willingness to advance ahead. The bottom line is, this one is an easy and out of the leak career option, that would let you make financial gains with a lot of creative fun and knowledge. Here’s how you can proceed with the process:

Clarify Your Objective

Discovering the real purpose behind working at a particular career option takes the first priority in deciding the extent of your reach within the success realm of the chosen field. Ask yourself as to why you wish of landing into the video editing field for setting up a career. This would help you perform with cent percent efficiency in your area of interest.

Look for the Right Courses

In today’s modern era of technology and internet, you can virtually access any information you desire within a snap of your fingers. Make use of the facility and hover across the web to search for a suitable video editing course package in line with your professional and economic preferences. Pick the one that bears the closest resemblance and begin your learning spree.

Try Hands at Software Usage

When you are done with understanding the fundamental principles and basic elements of video editing through the selected course package, proceed towards becoming a professional expert in the field by experimenting to work with the popular and mainstream graphic and video editing software programs.

You can pick your preference from the variety of choices in the IT market, like, iMovie, Adobe Pro, Wondershare Filmora, to name a few.

Stick to Trial and Error

Learning from a good tutorial package and choosing the correct software to work on is just half the job. Perfection comes with practice and you should indeed follow the same to become a video editing expert. Start with editing some video clips on your own. though you may not get commendable results right away, but a sincere consistency can create wonders!

02The Perfect Career Path to Becoming a Video Editor

When deciding on following the ideal career path to set up a stable profession in the realm of video editing, there are a few steps you should adhere to, for getting quick and affordable results. Since the field is centered essentially on the creative aspect of looking at things, you need to implement the same in choosing your path too. Here are some mainstream career options in video editing simplify the walk through process:

Film Editing

Working as a film editor, you will be required to customize feature and movie based videos with a descriptive storyline. Your job role would demand cutting and mixing pieces of footage in synchronization with the director’s perception of the story, while making sure that the clips follow a sequential arrangement.

Television Studio Editing

Picking the aforesaid career path to build up your video editing career would cater the experiences of working on live shows and events that happen in real-time. You can be assigned anything between overlay graphic designing, camera switching and allied visual arrangements that facilitate the seamless broadcasting of television shows for a live audience.

Event Centered Video Editing

While it is a common practice to film videos during personal and professional events on a diversity of scales, the latter can be a convincing platform to kick start your video editing career. The aforesaid career path is a one shot arrow to provide fame and finances with its never ending work options that definitely serve as a wide canvas to explore your creative skills in video editing.

Web Based Video Editing

This aspect of video editing is tasked with creating short video edits to be released and published across the internet. The advantage of choosing this one as your career path caters an extensive diversity of projects to work on, the financial gains through the same are worth considering.

Animation and Motion Graphic Editor

Working on this video editing profile, you are tasked with designing motion centered graphic edits and fine tune a created film or footage. The profile however, requires you to have knowledge of working with effect based editing programs, like Adobe After Effects and many more, along with the fundamental video editing skills.


This one is a specific video editing profile that is centered on supplementing the clips with chromatic perfection. Other roles of a colorist include making suitable adjustments in the visual parameters and settings of the video to furnish the latter with a polished and engaging look.

03Other Requisites of Picking a Good Career Path in Video Editing

As you proceed towards selecting your video editing career path, there are some other aspects to pay attention in addition to deciding the career domain. Let us move ahead with having an insight into the surplus factors of becoming a good video editor in what follows next:

Classifying the Job Role

You should have a comprehensive understanding of the tasks and responsibilities you need to carry out as a video editor. This will help you to plan out on the skills you need to have a command on to excel in your filed. While the small production houses will mostly have a generic profile, asking you to multitask with a few of the above mentioned roles, larger organizations will essentially tend to be sticking to a specific profile.

Become a Jack of All Trades

Mastering a variety of video editing skills works to cater a diverse range of experience in your field. This will in turn open doors to newer and better job opportunities, while expanding the dimensions of your skills and career to a significant extent.

Crediting the web based editing platforms; there has been a continuous increase in the scope of career prospects, bringing in an enormous professional acceleration for the skilled and experienced ones. On a direct note, it is well said that the more you know, the more you grow.

You Should Have a Burning Intent

Being specific and focused towards your goal are the essential aspects of success, apart from ranking high on the skill factor. Speaking in the practical sense, video editing is a creative industry that is both, packed with and open to brimming talent. If you are clear about what you want, a little perseverance can take you across great heights in this creative field. A useful tip in this regard would be focusing on the current possibilities in line with your creative interests.

Balancing and Growing Your Video Editing Career

Once you have landed into the profession of your dreams, it is important to strike a balance between your skills and growth opportunities. If you are planning a startup of your own, there may be a series of stepping stones to bag your first big project.

Situations may often require you to land out of your comfort zone and work through something you have no prior experience of. The key to a stable and growing career in this field is however, the persistence to regularly update and upgrade your skills and talents.

Part 2 What Education Do You Need for Video Editing?

Building a career in the graphic or video editing domain is more or less not education specific to a significant extent. While there are courses that pay special attention to polish your graphic creativity, the field does not however, lay stringent constraints on academic or educational backgrounds to land into the video editing profession. Having said that, let us look through some fundamental educational requirements to pick up the aforesaid career option in the following section:

01High School Diploma

At the academic level, you are essentially required to possess a high school diploma for lining up your career in the video editing domain. Acquiring college degrees that are specific to the profession are indeed helpful, but not obligatory.

02Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Video Production

Having an undergraduate degree in film production is the minimum necessary qualification that you need to possess in order to start your career as a mainstream video editor. While a diploma will make you eligible to land into the industry, a UG degree will cater professional recognition.

03Master of Fine Arts in Film and Video Production

If however, you are aiming at widening the expanse of your employment opportunities, you can do so by leveling up your professional education in the field by acquiring a post graduate degree.

Part 3 Which Courses are Best for Video Editing?

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By now you have become quite familiar with the various aspects, career dimensions and professional prospects of video editing. As far as taking steps to follow the profession in practical terms is concerned, it becomes greatly important to pick the right source for learning through the skill to ensure positive and affordable results.

Moving ahead with our discussion, let us talk about some of the most preferred and popular video editing courses and tutorials to avail and learn from for building up a strong and stable career in the arena of video editing in the following section:

Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere

Provider: Udemy

Duration: hours on demand video

The aforesaid is the perfect video editing tutorial available online for you if your career plans are centered on working with Adobe Premiere Pro. The course teaches you about the extensive range of editing tools and features of Adobe Premiere Pro, along with their usage patterns and guidelines.

Developing your mindset to work along the lines of a professional film editor, this online coursework is dedicated towards opening a plethora of career prospects and opportunities for you in the realm of video editing. The complete coursework is categorized into 7 different articles across 14 downloadable sources. The course provides you with a certificate on successful completion, and facilitates you with a lifetime access on smartphones and television.

Key Topics Covered

A complete and comprehensive guide to edit videos from the start to the end

Learn to save and export the edited videos for a high definition playback

Customization of videos to add the dynamic feel

Create finished and professionally sound video titles

Learn to fix videos with exposure and white balance

Supplement the videos with suitable and edit clips in green screen.

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp

Provider: Udemy

Duration: 9 hours on demand video

This one is an application centered video editing course that teaches about the different aspects of video creation with a special focus on camera styles and angles. The tutorial caters to encompass a widespread coverage of high end and professional video creation ideas, along with their perfect execution at the production and post-production stages. You are also taught about the most effective ways and means to distribute your creations to the expanded online audience.

As the course begins, the latter’s initial modules teach you the basics of coming up with creative and appealing video production ideas. This is followed by making you comfortable with the tips and tricks to add class and style to your creations, including an insight into developing audience centered video titles and themes.

The coursework facilitates you with a series of production assignments to try hands at professional level video editing. Other features of the tutorial include a lifetime access on television and mobile devices that are distributed across 14 easily downloadable sources.

Key Topics Covered

Learn equipment based video creation

Downloadable working guide is there to monitor your creation at each step

Understand the skill of in line video choicing to depict an engaging story

Learn to create a series of voice modulations and recordings with different types of microphones

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the complete video editing process.

Learning Final Cut Pro X- Video Editing Mastery

Provider: Udemy

Duration: hours on demand video

Pick this online video editing course if you have just decided on taking up video editing as a professional career and your video customization intellect is at an absolute zero. The aforesaid course is here to teach you about the most fundamental aspects of professional video editing, like that of organizing your creations, overwriting clips, including and lifting up footages in the editing timeline, and lots more.

The course package is available to you in a single article across one resource that can be conveniently downloaded. You can additionally, access the tutorial on your preferred mobile devices or a television. Thanks to the lifetime access facility of the course, you are rescued from the notch of availing periodic subscriptions.

Key Topics Covered

Learn about the essentials and process of adding media to the timeline

Ways and means to maintain the perfect organization of the edited videos

Have an insight into the basics of professional video editing

Learn to finish off the WEC sport

Know about the tricks and tips to create high end video edits

Understand the process of video coloring and clip transformation

PowerDirector 15- Video Editing for PC Users

Provider: Udemy

Duration: hours on demand video

If you are looking for an online course to learn video editing on your PC, you can conveniently pick the aforesaid tutorial without much thought. The coursework is developed in the light of the fact that video editing is an art that reaches perfection with consistent practice. Following the course, you are entitled to a comprehensive tutorial package with a good number of in depth lessons and assignments to practice with.

A successful completion of the course will render you with a graphic masterpiece that you can directly share on social media. The course is explicitly beneficial for those wanting to use PowerDirector to work on their video editing projects, but are lacking the knowhow of walking through the video customization process of the program. The coursework is categorized into 4 modules across 2 downloadable sources, and is available to you on TV and mobile for forever.

Key Topics Covered

Expand your editing creativity to the widest canvas and bring life to your imagination

Make use of action camera center, with a series of blend modes to improve your video edits.

Supplement your edited video creations with animated graphics and titles

Export your creation across any preferred in affordably high video quality

Smartphone Video for Beginners- iPhone Video Editing Course

Provider: Udemy

Duration: 4.5 hours on demand video

If creating video edits on an iPhone suits you better, you can choose this video editing tutorial to learn high end footage customization on your iOS smartphone. The coursework is designed to teach you everything from adjusting the basic capture and parametric settings of a camera to high end multi-mode video customization. The best applications of the this coursework is to media instructors, communication students and professionals.

Availing the course, you are guided through the video editing process by Robb Montgomery, the journalism professor and professional film creator, who also happens to be the editor of the aforesaid tutorial package. While the latter makes you understand the video customization process via a series of examples from the real world, he simultaneously guides you through some amazing tips and tricks to create engaging video edits in your iPhone.

You can access the course on your television or mobile device with a complementary lifetime subscription. The entire package is divided into 17 modules and distributed across 10 conveniently downloadable sources.

Key Topics Covered

Learn the basics of presenting a video story in your smartphone

Acquire the skills of app centered video editing using your preferred smartphone

Get an insight into the tips and tricks of creating smartphone video edits and short films

Have a knowhow of making and editing corporate video clips in your smartphone.

Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 16/17

Provider: Udemy

Duration: 10.5 hours on demand video

Designed in line with making you familiar to the usage constraints of the DaVinci Resolve video customization program, the aforesaid coursework is a free tutorial package to teach you the basics of video editing. The course is dedicated to provide you with a comprehensive and step by step understanding of the procedure to supplement your edits with music, transitions, graphics, texts and much more.

Moving a bit further, the tutorial facilitates you with the knowhow of advanced and professional level video editing with utmost ease. Some of the major aspects include, audio-visual editing, motion graphic designing and color correction, visual effects, etc., among many others. The coursework is available in 13 modules across 4 downloadable sources, with a free lifetime access on your smartphone and TV. The tutorial provides you a certificate on the successful completion of the coursework.

Key Topics Covered

Learn the video editing constraints of the DaVinci video editor

Understand the process of complementing your edits with eye catching effects

Dive into the knowhow of including motion graphics in the customized videos

Learn the process of Color Grading with a series of tools in DaVinci Resolve

Video Editing Fundamentals

Provider: LinkedIn

Duration: Self placed

`` This one is a reliable video editing course package to address the footage customization requirements at institutional or academic levels. You can use this package to learn about and use the elementary video editing tips and tricks to improvise your otherwise customary footages that can attract the attention of your students, learners or similar audience, while facilitating them with a much better understanding of your content.

You can learn and practice on the ways and means provided by the coursework to create high end guideline materials on a diversity of themes and subjects. Moving ahead, you can walk through professionally sound video creation lessons, while generating assets for the same. The course additionally teaches you the process to handle instruction centered video creation and editing.

Choosing the aforesaid free courseware, you are entitled to an interactive and responsive learning process, unlimited access to the course library and a series of personalized courses. You are also provided a certification on the successful completion of the course.

Key Topics Covered

Learn the basics of video editing

Have a comprehensive understanding of micro-learning

Land into the masking magic

Learn the process of designing 360 virtual reality stories

Experiment with camera centered teaching

Learn to adjust camera styles and angles

Understand the process of creating slides with looping videos

Try hands on creating authentic tasks

Learn to seamlessly use the existing tools

The History of Film and Video Editing

Provider: LinkedIn

Duration: Self placed

The aforesaid course caters to facilitate its learners with a project centered approach to walk through the fundamental and technical knowhow of mainstream video editing. As you begin with the course, Ashley Kennedy, the latter’s creator talks about the film editing fundamentals by explaining about the significance of a video editor in storytelling.

The coursework is entirely based on real-time instances to look through every aspect of video editing right from the unedited scratch clip. You are also facilitated with an insight into the evolution of film language and the birth story of revolutionary and mainstream techniques of video editing.

The course comes with a complementary and limitless access to its editing library and an interactive teaching process. There are hoards of personalized courses within the coursework that can be conveniently accessed on tablets and smartphones. You can avail the tutorial for free and also get a course completion certificate.

Key Topics Covered

Learn about the starting days of filming and photography

Have a walk-through of the initial days of film customization

Dive into the era of sound inventions

Learn about the evolution process of present day editing techniques

Part 4 Video Editing Q&A

What is the major credibility of video editing?

Video editing caters to facilitate a cohesive and synchronized arrangement of sounds and images to set an engaging and emotional connect with the content being streamed. You can visibly regard video editing among the most crucial aspects of content filming.

What do you understand by video editing techniques?

Such techniques are a means of presenting captivating stories through video based contents. The series of processes involved begins with importing a desired video clip or footage, creating an array of shots in a logical sequence of takes and scenes and stitching the pieces together to set up an engaging story.

What are the essential elements of video editing?

Video editing comprises of 7 fundamental elements, namely, rough cut, picture lock, sound mix, visual effects, lower thirds, color correction and title and end cards. Following the aforesaid sequence for editing videos is necessary for achieving affordable results.

What is meant by the 321 rule of video editing?

The 321 rule is universally applicable to all forms of video edits. The rule asks you to maintain a set of 3 copies for each one of your creations at 2 separate locations. Adhering to the rule ensures safe keep and quick access of the edited footages in times of need.

What are the career prospects in video editing?

Considering the fact that video editing is a creative field, the skill factor has a significant role to play. To build a stable career in the domain, you need to create a balance between your talent and knowledge. The more updated and advanced your approach, the higher are your career growth possibilities.

Ending Thoughts

Video editing is a creative and growth oriented field to build up a strong and stable career with your skill, effort and perseverance.

There is a diversity of career paths to select and walk through for setting up your professional identity as a video editor.

Talking of the process to learn professional techniques of video editing, you can pick from a series of online video editing courses to mark your entry into video customization.

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