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Finding the Best Voice Changers for WhatsApp: Free and Paid

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 08, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Ever thought of the best way to prank your friends via WhatsApp voice calls? WhatsApp voice changing app is what you need. Not any voice changer, but one that offers quality services to end-users. Many software programs claim to render such services. However, not all are the perfect fit since the majority are substandard.

Are you looking for an efficient WhatsApp voice changer with a comprehensive user interface that you can use on your Windows, Mac, or mobile devices? You are at the right spot. Our team has browsed the internet and handpicked the best 7 WhatsApp voice-changing apps available in the global market today. We will share them with you here.

In this article
  1. Part 1. 7 Best Voice Changers for WhatsApp
    1. 1. Magic Call[iOS] [Free with Limited Features]
    2. 2. Voicemod
    3. 3. Call Voice Changer [iOS]
    4. 4. Funcalls- Voice Changer & Call Recording
    5. 5. Prank Dial
    6. 6. Voice Changer with Effects
    7. 7. Narrator's Voice
  2. Part 2: FAQs
Try AI Voice Changer
Try AI Voice Changer

Part 1. 7 Best Voice Changers for WhatsApp

Here are the seven (7) most powerful software or apps that offer quality voice-changing services on WhatsApp:

1. Magic Call[iOS] [Free with Limited Features]

Magic Call [iOS] is one of the best voice-changing apps available on the internet. The app lets you switch your voice into a fun and lovely one with complete ease. It's a simple app available for download to Android and iOS devices.

Users of this WhatsApp voice changer find it simple to operate because of the comprehensive user interface and rich features it holds. Magic Call [iOS] is a freemium app and highly secured. The app provides you with several voice-changing options that you can choose from to prank your callers. Some of them are male, female, and robotic sounds. Additionally, it supports sounds like clap, laughter, gasp, and several others.

whatsapp voice changer magic call

How to Use Magic Call [iOS] with WhatsApp

Open Google PlayStore or App Store on your Android device, and search Magic Call. Click on the corresponding key to download and install the app on your device, then follow the procedure below to change your WhatsApp voice:

Step1 Launch Magic Call [iOS], and grant it access to the necessary features such as contact, audio recording, etc.

Step2 Next, choose a contact from the list appearing on your display screen to speak to

Step3 Tap on the contact's name, and then click on the Female Voice filter from the options that pop up.

Step4 Apply the WhatsApp voice-changer to spice up your conversation with friends and relatives on your contact.

2. Voicemod

Here is another fun-oriented software that permits you to change your voice during WhatsApp calls easily and quickly. Voicemod is a highly efficient WhatsApp voice changer popular among gamers, content creators, and more.

The app is well-customized with epic sound effects that you can select from to pimp your voice during calls. You can choose to sound like a robot, woman, man, or demon. Voicemod integrates with apps like TikTok, Elgato Stream, Audacity, Discord, Skype, and many more.

Also, Voicemod comes with voice filters. The app allows you to switch between scary, loud, or funny voices. Additionally, you have the chance to customize your vice via the Voicelab feature tucked into it. It's a simple tool compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

whatsapp voice changer voicemod

How to Use Voicemod with WhatsApp

Step1 Open your desired web browser on your PC, and navigate to the official website for Voicemod. A page as below will appear on your screen:

Click on the corresponding button to download and install a suitable version. Wait until the download is complete, and follow the on-screen instructions to configure the app. Ensure you grant permission to the necessary devices such as Microphone, etc.

Step2 Next, confirm the Voice Changer toggle at the bottom of the Window page is activated. Once that's set, scroll through the library of voice filters, and sound effects to select your desired prank voice.

Step3 Now connect the selected Microphone to WhatsApp, host a call, and start enjoying the lovely prank voices from Voicemod.

3. Call Voice Changer [iOS]

Call Voice Changer is a simple yet powerful voice-changing app built with countless sound effects that you can use to fool your contacts during calls. The app helps you spice up your conversation with friends and families. It lets you select between funny, creepy, and loud voices.

Also, Call Voice Changer supports sound effects like birthday songs, cartoon characters, and lots more. All end-users of this app find it simple to operate. The reason is because of the clean user interface. Call Voice Changer provides you with real-time voice-changing effects- this means you have the privilege to change your voice at any time during calls.

call voice changer

How to Use Call Voice Changer- IntCall

Step1 On your iOS device, open the App Store, and click on the Search tab at the extreme lower right corner of your screen. Enter Call Voice Changer in the empty field provided and tap on the Enter key on your keypad.

Step2 A new screen showing the Call Voice Changer app will pop up. Here is what the app looks like:

new screen

Click on the GET button next to the app name. Validate your action when required. Launch the app after the successful download, accept the necessary conditions, and grant access if prompted.

Step3 When Call Voice Changer opens, add your cellphone number, and grant access to Microphone.

Next, select your preferred voice pitch on the next interface that pops up.


Step4 Choose your preferred sound effect from the available options, and make calls via WhatsApp.

4. Funcalls- Voice Changer & Call Recording

With over 100 voice effects, Funcalls is another wonderful WhatsApp voice-changer you can use to alter your voice during audio or video calls. The app makes it to our top list because of the quality features it holds. Funcalls is well-designed with a clean interface that lets you navigate around easily and quickly without involving a third party.

Besides voice changing, Funcalls lets you record your conversations during calls. This WhatsApp voice-changer works perfectly with mobile operating systems like Android and iOS devices. It's a highly flexible app that permits you to change your voice using different pitches and speeds.

How to Use Funcalls- Voice Changer & Call Recorder

Step1 Depending on the mobile operating system you are using, launch the App Store, or Google PlayStore, click on the Search button and enter Funcalls in the appropriate field.

Tap on the appropriate button to install the app on your device.

Step2 Wait patiently for the installation to complete, and follow the on-screen prompts to set up the app with your Android or iOS device. Once the configuration is complete, click on the Dialer button at the bottom of the app screen. Enter a cellphone number by selecting the appropriate keys. Ensure you input the country code while dialing the number.

Step3 Now select your preferred voice effect from the options appearing on your screen.

whatsapp voice changer fun calls

Host the call, and download the audio recording. After the call, share the recording with friends and families for fun.

5. Prank Dial

Designed for novices and experts in the tech space, Prank Dial is another voice changer that integrates with WhatsApp. This lightweight app lets you change your voice during calls to spice up conversations with families and friends.

It's a fun app customized with several background sound effects. From funny sounds to annoying, celebrations, scams, money, politics, and lots more. Prank Dial WhatsApp voice-changer offers quality services in free and paid subscription packages. Like the Funcalls-Voice Changer & Call Recording, Prank Dial also supports call recording.

whatsapp voice changer prank dial

How to Use Prank Dial with WhatsApp

Step1 Click the appropriate button on your Android or iOS device to open Google PlayStore or App Store. Enter Prank Dial in the field given to search the WhatsApp voice-changer.

Tap the corresponding button to download and install the app on your device. After the installation is over, open the app for operation.

Step2 Next, kindly grant Prank Dial access to calls, contact, and local storage. Pick a sound effect to prank your friend, and head to connect with a friend via WhatsApp.

Step3 Once the step above is complete, settle down and prank your friends. Export and share audio recordings with people on your contact list for fun.

6. Voice Changer with Effects

Here is another good WhatsApp voice-changer with top-notch sound effects that you can select from to prank your contacts. It is a high utility voice-changing app well-known for delivering all it promises. End-users have the freedom to switch a boring phone call into an interesting one by selecting a background effect.

How to Use Voice Changer with Effects with WhatsApp

Step1 Download and install Voice Changer with Effects on your smartphone. Launch the app, and grant necessary permission as required.

Step2 Next, locate the Microphone icon, and click on it. Speak to the mic, and add your desired background voice effect.

Step3 Once the step above is complete, edit the recording, and hit the Share button to send it to your contact.

hit share

You can share it via WhatsApp. To do that, select the WhatsApp icon

select the whatsapp icon

7. Narrator's Voice

Lastly, Narrator's voice is a top-rated WhatsApp voice-changing app designed with extraordinary background sound effects you can use to create a wonderful phone call experience. The app supports the text-to-speech feature. Thus, you can type, and Narrator's Voice will convert into speech.

whatsapp voice changer narrators voice

How to Use Narrator's Voice with WhatsApp

Step1 Run Narrator's Voice by clicking on the appropriate icon on your Android device.

Step2 Grant the app access to all the necessary apps and features, including the microphone. Speak to the microphone to proceed.

Step3 Edit your speech with sound effects, and click on Apply. When the editing is complete, click on Share to send to friends.

Part 2: FAQs

Q1. Can I change my voice during calls?

Yes, of course, you can!

However, you need a voice-changing app that supports real-time voice changing. You can select one from the list shared above. We mentioned seven (7) quality voice-changing apps that you can use to prank your contact during calls.

Q2. How to edit voice recordings before sharing them with friends?

Editing voice recording before sharing it with friends is straightforward if you have a voice editing tool like Wondershare Filmora. Wondershare Filmora is a world-leading video editing software with robust features that you need to edit your media files. It supports audio editing without distorting the file format.

Filmora allows you to detach audio from videos, delete, and adjust audio speeds with quality. Additionally, you can use the software to edit your videos, add transitions, effects, and more. This software works with popular computer systems like Windows and Mac. The software is simple to operate and offers quality results at a remarkably high speed. When compared with other video editing tools, Filmora stands out.

whatsapp voice changer filmora go


Now we've successfully explored the best 7 WhatsApp voice changers. Which do you wish to invest your funds in? While making a selection, we advise that you consider the subscription price, ease of use, and compatibility. If you want to edit your voice recordings before sharing them with friends and relatives, Filmora is the perfect tool to apply.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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