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10 Best Cartoon Video Makers (Online and Desktop Solution)

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Feb 29, 24
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There are some issues common to the video production process. However, animated or cartoon videos have helped to combat such issues. You do not need to scout for locations, go through a seemingly endless casting process, or rent the pricey equipment. A cartoon is simply a type of animation or an illustration that usually appears in a semi-realistic or an unreal style. In addition, it uses simple, satirical, and humorous drawing language to tell the story.

Although there are restrictions, there are a lot of possibilities cartoon video makers still offer to their users. Therefore, this article will share the top 10 best cartoon video makers online and on PC that you can use before diving into an animated video world.

So, here is what we shall learn about cartoon makers today:

best cartoon video makers

Part 1: Best 5 Online Cartoon Makers

1. Biteable

Biteable provides a seemingly endless list of template categories to cater to your online media marketing needs. Aside from offering entertaining cartoon-making templates, the platform also allows users to create motion graphics or content, and Facebook covers for their social media channels.

Price: Free, $23 per month, billed annually.


  • Offering library with lots of templates to choose from
  • Free to use, except you are looking for additional features
  • Five simple steps to an incredible cartoon video
  • It has an easily customizable template


  • It is a perfect option for social media managers
  • Quickly create entertaining cartoons
  • Used by biggies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Disney, BBC, Shopify, Samsung, and salesforce.
  • Over 9 million users


  • There is a mandatory registration
  • There are no audio editing options
  • The file-sharing capabilities are limited to YouTube and Facebook
  • The download option is disabled in the free version

best online

2. Animaker

With this animated maker, you get access to hundreds of animated characters, maps, and backgrounds. There are six (6) video styles available in this cartoon maker: Typography, Infographic, or 2D for different types of projects.

Price: Free version available. Subscription plans start at $12 per month/billed annually.


  • Different video styles, marketing, explainer, or 2D animation.
  • Posts itself as the number 1 cartoon maker
  • No need for a credit card to start.
  • Four-step process; select template, customize it, add music, and download or share.
  • 200+ voices, 25+ languages, and loads of customizable options.
  • It offers auto-lip sync with advanced animation effects.
  • There is a rich selection of 1000+ templates


  • Superb audio editing options
  • Excellent and quick animation tools.
  • Over 10 million users so far and still counting.
  • Currently used by Amazon, Bosch, HP, Nokia, and Philips.


  • The monthly fee is pricey
  • Account creation is mandatory for a free version
  • The free version contains a watermark

best online cartoon video makers 02

3. Vyond

Vyond, the cartoon creator launched in 2007, is probably one of the oldest online cartoon video makers. Additionally, it is still one of the most popular online destinations meant for anyone who wants to create an animated video quickly.

Price: Subscription plans start from $39 per month, billed annually.


  • Perfect for animated video creation
  • There is automatic character lip-syncing
  • Try it for free before purchasing
  • Make videos for training, e-learning, marketing, human resources, etc.
  • The maximum duration of the video is 120 minutes


  • It has a fully customizable template
  • There are high-end object and character animated features
  • Certified by GDPR, TrustArc, BSI, and CCPA
  • A wholesome cartoon makerfor enterprise and individual
  • Data security and privacy assurance by BSI, CCPA, and GPDR.


  • It is quite expensive
  • Vyond is not the best option for inexperienced animators
  • The features depend on the subscription model

best online cartoon video makers 03

4. Renderforest

This is a famous online cartoon video maker for many purposes. Among the numerous options, the platform offers to its user. They include; 3D explainer videos, logo animations, or professional presentations.

Price: Free version available. Subscription plans start at $16 per month, billed annually.


  • There is an extensive library of templates with numerous options
  • Has a large online storage
  • Was among the top 100 software companies in 2019.
  • Top ranked solution holder for 2020
  • Up to 250GB of online storage space
  • Use the in-built template to make a story, customize the video, and then export it to share with your friends.
  • Amadeus, Bose, BBC, Vodafone, Sony Music, and many others use Renderforest.


  • Produce videos like a pro
  • Comes with an ultimate animation pack.
  • Trusted by millions and one of the oldest cartoon makers.


  • A limited amount of commercial music tracks
  • There are modest export options

best online cartoon video makers 04

5. Moovly

With this cartoon maker, users must first log in. However, there is no need to create a new account as you can use your LinkedIn or Google account to sign in quickly.

Price: Free 30-day trial, $24.92 per month billed annually.


  • Moovly is the perfect cartoon video maker for sales&marketing, human resources, internal communication, learning&development, agencies, and education.
  • Apply expert features in one click with Moovly.
  • Create videos and edit with browser-based or drag and drop features without installing software.
  • Moovly has over 1.3 million free media, like images, sounds, music, and royalty-free stock videos at no extra charge.
  • Besides, it offers 100 million extra media you can try and then purchase.
  • You can add your images, music, and videos to create unique clips in style.
  • Add text, remove color, add subtitles or generate them, auto-translate your text and subtitles, import PPT files, structure your content, record yourself or your computer screen, edit, mix, etc.


  • Even if users need to log in, they don’t need to create an account
  • Allows users to import content from online sources like Storyblock, Shutterstock, etc.
  • It is the number 1 customizable and straightforward solution to making cartoons.
  • Use by Colgate-Palmolive, NHS, Teradata, Amadeus, Cisco, Continental, and Logitech.
  • The interface is intuitive and user-friendly.


  • Watermarked videos during the free trial
  • To export videos in HD 1080p quality, one needs to purchase one of the available plans.

best online cartoon video makers 05

Renderforest is the best cartoon maker online of the listed five in this article due to the vast library template and large online bandwidth.

Part 2: Cartoon Video Maker for Desktop (Win and Mac)

1. Wondershare Anireel

Anireel is one of the top animation software on the internet that allows users to bring their imaginations to life with a huge range of customizable elements and features.

Price: $9.99 per month billed annually and $19.99 monthly


  • 40+ customizable templates
  • Top animation software
  • Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1 (64 bit OS)
  • Only three steps to an excellent animated video.
  • Import images, videos, and sound in almost all formats.
  • Create unique avatar, logo images, and more specific to your brand.
  • The Deep Learning tech offers quick text-to-speech conversion.
  • Animate camera movements, entry and exit effects, motion path, etc.
  • Use the one-click option and change scripts to clips.
  • Anireel cartoon video makercan lip-sync your characters with perfection.
  • Quick and easy drag and drop editing.


  • It is convenient and simple to use
  • Anireel has an intuitive interface
  • The cartoon makeroffers a practical and seamless animated video editing
  • It comes at an affordable and competitive price


  • It has a limited amount of assets
  • Not suitable for too professional people to use.

best cartoon video makers for desktop 01

2. Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is one of the best animation tools used to create animation pictures, video games, and add 3D effects in motion pictures. Plus, this cartoon maker is the best if you require a high-quality visual impact.

Price: Free trial, $225 billed monthly.


  • It offers AutoDesk financing for new buyers.
  • Maya is the go-to shop for architects, engineers, designers, media, and entertainment.
  • Shape 3D objects and add realistic effects with Maya cartoon maker’s NURBS modeling.
  • The Integrated Arnold rendering technology lets you view scene changes in real-time.
  • Maya has been part of the top movie makers, including the MCU.
  • This cartoon video maker offers geometry-based polygon modeling and helps create accurate simulations for visual programming.
  • Maya can load and change vast data sets at a faster pace.


  • It makes complex hand-made animation tasks extremely easy
  • Efficient color management
  • Allows the creation of realistic effects like cloth simulations and explosions
  • 30-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Meet deadlines, add fine details to develop even the most complex shots or characters.
  • Excellent tool for professionals


  • The pro is quite expensive

best cartoon video makers for desktop 02

3. Adobe Animate

This is one of the most powerful animation software products on the internet that has been available for decades. It can animate images used for games, film, or online and produce HTML 5, WebGL, or Flash content.

Price: This cartoon creator offers three pricing plans starting at US$24.14/month


  • Excellent for complex animation
  • The capability of freehand drawing
  • Animate, illustrate, and make 3D typography.
  • Import and add vector drawings for further editing.
  • Export your work as HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, GIF, or QuickTime movie.
  • With the Bone tool, make your cartoon characters fluid and natural.
  • Synchronize sounds and music for your project.
  • Choose parts of the clip to be animated.


  • It has Puppeting features
  • It is an excellent choice for complex animations
  • It includes freehand drawing capability


  • It is not suitable for beginners
  • Other Adobe software may be required while working on a project

best cartoon video makers for desktop 03

4. Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator is another type of Adobe’s animation software stack that allows users to use motion to capture and create live animations of their 2D characters.

Price: Adobe Character Animator has two pricing plans starting at US$34,49/month for the first year


  • This product requires other Adobe products to function
  • Lots of options to export and import.
  • Make your real-life cartoon using the Motion Capture feature in five steps.
  • The Avatar will walk, talk, and copy your expressions in real-time.
  • Integrate and add assets from other Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
  • Auto lip-syncing and real-time facial movement capture.
  • Works on iOS and Android.


  • Easy to replicate real-life movements and expressions with facial tracking.
  • There are various import and export options.


  • It is not a standalone product.
  • Users need to have a webcam and microphone to use the motion capture feature.

best cartoon video makers for desktop 04

5. Cinema 4D

This cartoon maker has a 3D application interface that offers a keyframe animation, life-like characters, simulation building, object tracking, flexible rig building, cartoon styling, and animation basics.

Price: 4 pricing plans, starting at $99.91/month and $1199.00 billed annually.


  • Keyframing animation effect
  • It has a 3d interface
  • The ZRemesher for retopology and new tools for modeling add to the new features.
  • The Cloth Simulation features help make your cartoon more real.
  • It supports CPU rendering with Redshift, which helps you preview, import, and export in high quality.


  • It is pretty easy to use.
  • Lots of exciting design templates are available
  • Many editing features are available


  • It is pretty expensive compared to other software
  • Not good for beginners

best cartoon video makers for desktop 05

Wondershare Anireel is the best cartoon maker of the five listed in this article. It has lots of advanced features and templates to choose from.

Part 3: How Can I Create My Own Cartoon Using Wondershare Anireel

As stated, Wondershare Anireel has become our top cartoon creator pick due to its affordable pricing, secure server, and ease of use.

So, let us view the simple steps to create your cartoon using the Anireel software.

Step 1: Download, install and Create Character

Run Anireel on your device, visit Characters Tab and then click on Create a Character option, or you may click on the Create Brand Characters tab on the home screen.

create character

create brand character

Step 2: Start Creating your Cartoon Character

Choose your gender and body shape, and apply some preset suits.

start creating you

Now, you can start building facial features using the Head tab to customize the shape of the face, eyes, hairstyle, nose, mouth, ears, and eyebrows.

add facial features

You can also choose to change the skin tone to match yours.

Step 3: Add an Outfit and Accessories

Choose the Outfit tab in Character Builder to select the base layer, outfit, bottom wear, and footwear. Pick what you want to use on your cartoon and keep adding.

add outfit and accessories

Next, reach the Accessories tab to add glasses, necklaces, and more to your cartoon character.

Step 4: Name your Cartoon and Apply

Click on Save and add a name to your cartoon when all done. Finally, click Apply Now to add your cartoon character to your Anireel cartoon maker canvas or My Characters tab.

save your cartoon

Part 4: People Also Want to Know

Below are some answers to a few queries about cartoon creators. Let us look at them one by one.

1. What is the best free cartoon maker?

Wondershare Anireel is the best cartoon maker for Android as it is free to use with lots of advanced features and templates to choose from.

2. What is the best app to make a cartoon?

Wondershare Anireel’s Microsoft app is also one of the best cartoon applications that are very flexible and easy to use on the go.


In this article, we explained the best cartoon creators in the industry. Also, we gave the best cartoon video maker from the list. Thus, as you saw, in this report, we have summarized a few essential points regarding cartoon video makers. You learned:

  • The cartoon video maker for free that you should know of.
  • The ten best cartoon video makers.
  • Why are Wondershare Anireel and Renderforest excellent online cartoon video makers?
  • How does Anireel, cartoon creator, work?
  • Finally, a few FAQs for users to better understand the cartoon maker

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