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Best Free Video Editors for Chromebook

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Chromebooks are controlled by the ChromeOS working framework, which runs most applications on the web and saves everything on the cloud. Most Chromebooks don't have incredible assets and components to operate heavy tasks like professional video editing.

However, various video editors for Chromebooks have been developed to carry out these tasks. Some of these video editors for Chromebook are mobile-based apps - supported by iOS and Android, while others are web-based. In this article, we’ll provide you with free editing software for Chromebook that you can use to edit your videos.

Best Free Video Editor for Chromebook in 2022

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is a free online video editor that allows users to record, edit and collaborate on videos with lots of tools. You can use it to create a video from scratch by uploading images, videos, and audio files to its workspace.

Besides that, you can add subtitles to any video easily online with Kapwing, or resize, trim, flip or rotate the video. It also provides some professional video templates for YouTube, Instagram, Ad & Sales, and TikTok, which allows you to create a video quickly and easily. All these features make it a good choice for Chromebook users.

Why you should try Kapwing on Chromebook?

  • It allows you to upload media files from Chromebook, or paste a Google Drive, Google Photos, or paste a link from YouTube. What’s more, it also provides some samples to try in case you didn’t want to upload your file.
  • You can use it to record, edit and share videos in one place, which saves you much time.
  • It provides almost all basic video editing tools that people may need to make a video, such as adding layers, titles, elements, and audio, trimming, cropping, adjusting colors, and changing speed and aspect ratios.
  • As free users, you can register and sign in to remove the watermark on videos under 5 minutes.


  • Provides lots of editing tools with an intuitive interface, user-friendly, and simple to use.
  • Features easy-to-use settings, entertaining themes, and automatic subtitles. It's an excellent resource for both new and seasoned video creators.
  • Automatically generate subtitles on a video which improves editing efficiency.


  • Glitches in AI auto-generated subtitles.
  • Limits to file sizes on the free version (up to 250MB)
  • Export to 720p in free version

3. WeVideo

WeVideo is one of the leading online free video editors. It allows the user to create videos anywhere and anytime. You can find this app on App Store, Google Play, and Chrome Web Store. This video editor for Chromebook provides 1 million pieces of stock media, including videos, images, and music tracks. 

Using WeVideo online video editor, you can create a square, horizontal, or vertical video for educational, school, business, and family.

Why you should try WeVideo to edit videos on Chromebook?

  • It provides more uploading options: besides Google Drive and Dropbox you can import media files from social sites such as Facebook and Instagram;
  • You can use it to record narrations, the Chromebook screen and webcam, and edit the recorded video for the remote learning or webinar.
  • There are some video backgrounds and music tracks libraries which allows you to use these stock assets directly.
  • Collaboration: Students can work together on movies, podcasts, presentations, and more in real-time.


  • Good editing and creation features such as themes, titles, fonts, and green screen options.
  • Features user-friendly interfaces and it is simple to use.
  • Provides lots of backgrounds, music tracks, sound effects, overlays, and frames.


  • Recording screen and webcam simultaneously is available for paid users only.
  • Registered users can only publish a 5-minute video at 480p video resolution with a watermark.

4. YouTube Studio Video Editor&nbsp

YouTube Studio Video Editor is a platform that allows users, mainly YouTubers, to create and edit videos. It enables users who are new to video production or do not have access to video editing tools to perform basic editing. It is the best choice for YouTube content creators as you create and edit your videos, manage your presence and interact with your audience with ease. To begin, go to, upload a video, and start editing.

Why editing videos with YouTube Studio video editor on Chromebook?

  • It provides some basic video editing tools such as trimming part of the video.
  • You can use it to blur parts of the video with face blur or custom blur to hide some sensitive information.
  • It’s totally free for all YouTube users.


  • It is free and has a vast library of free music tracks and sound effects.
  • There will be no watermarks at the video.
  • Simple and easy to learn.
  • Users have access to all the videos uploaded to YouTube.


  • It has some basic editing features only.
  • You can’t merger several video clips into one.

5. Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video is another exciting free editing software for Chromebook that allows users to add video clips to the library, choose a preferred theme, edit, download, and share to various platforms online. It’s from Adobe, a big name in video editing software. 

With this online video maker, you can resize, crop, trim, merger, reverse videos easily, and change the video speed to make a slow motion or fast forward effect.

Main features in editing videos in Chromebook:

  • Provides some basic video editing tools such as trim, merge and resize.
  • You can add images, music and text to your videos with it.
  • Preformatted story templates for different types of videos.
  • Offers a 14-day free trial, and a paid version.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Accessible templates
  • Logos and colors are automatically filled in with branding preset, which saves a lot of work.
  • Designs are relevant and up-to-date.


  • Limited options when selecting a color palette for a design.
  • The audio feature does not allow continuous recording.
  • Watermarks exist in free versions.

6. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a browser-based video editor that allows the user to explore a multi-layer video editing timeline. This online video editor provides some ready-to-use templates, and a stock media library which includes both footage and audio files. What’s more, it provides a flexible and fast video editing experience in video recording, editing, compressing, and converting.

Main features of using Clipchamp on Chromebooks:

  • Multi-layer video editing allows you to create a PIP style video easily
  • It allows you to record your webcam and your screen at the same time, and upload from online source or from desktop
  • Offers free and paid versions; however, there are watermarks in the free version which you can remove by getting the paid version.


  • Works seamlessly with cloud storage providers such as OneDrive and Dropbox.
  • Compatible with Giphy and stock content libraries.
  • Features the text to speech tool to generate narration automatically.
  • It has an easy-to-understand user interface.


  • Free version is limited to export at 480p resolution with watermark included.

7. Magisto

Magisto is one of the popular free editing apps for Chromebook that transforms your films into original movies. The mobile app analyzes the films and selects the most engaging segments using artificial intelligence.

Main features of using Magisto on Chromebook:

  • Multiple themes.
  • Edit and rearrange scenes.
  • Add logos and captions.
  • Premium editing styles.
  • Unlimited HD movie downloads
  • Offers free and paid versions


  • Super easy to use, great options for templates
  • Provides options to add themes, music, and styles.
  • Videos can be hosted, downloaded, and shared all within the same platform.


  • Only Pro plan offers Full HD recording.
  • It does not support Image editing.
  • Video analytics are available only in the most expensive plan.

8. Kizoa

Kizoa is a cloud-based platform that allows the user to work on any project anywhere. This free video editor for Chromebook enables the user to submit and edit videos without downloading anything.

Main features of Kizoa:

  • Pre-made video templates.
  • Access to an integrated royalty-free photo library.
  • Integrated music and special effects.
  • Various text and transition options.
  • Offer free and paid versions.
  • No watermarks


  • Animation and Text tools are easy to alter
  • Easy to understand the sign-up procedure.
  • Users can also change the aspect ratio of videos.


  • Complicated User interface
  • Free versions have limited features.
  • Full HD recording is only available with the paid version.

9. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is a user-friendly open-source video editor but you can use it on Chromebook computers. It's a popular non-linear video editor that offers one of the greatest multi-track editing timelines.

Main features of Kdenlive:

  • Supports multi-track editing
  • Custom effects and transitions.
  • Customizable user interface and shortcuts.
  • Free for all users.
  • No watermarks.


  • Efficient in creating montage videos.
  • Animation and Subtitle keyframe features.
  • Color correction tools
  • Support rotoscoping.


  • Speed effect is low
  • Limited output options.

10. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a free editing app for Android and iOS users, but it can be used on Chromebooks as well. It combines a well-designed interface, a fantastic user experience, and a wide range of powerful tools, which makes video editing is easy and fun.

Main features of KineMaster:

  • It supports high resolution video editing, for example, 4K videos at up to 60 frames per second.
  • It provides both basic and professional editing tools.
  • 8 different blending options to create video with effect in a magic way.
  • You can backup the project, or share it to others to co-edit it.


  • The KineMaster Asset Stores provides effects, music, stickers and fonts, which is very useful.
  • Features some professional editing tools such as chrome key, blending mode,
  • Provides projects which allows you to download and use in your device directly to re-edit further.


  • Free version will leave a watermark

11. CapCut

CapCut is a free and all-in-one video editing app for Android and iOS devices, but it can also be used on Chromebooks as well just like Kinemaster. It supports a wide range of file types and has all of the standard editing tools.

Main features of CapCut:

  • It provides some video editing tools such as split, change speed, reverse and rotate.
  • It has a tremendous music library which includes top music hits and sound effect.
  • It allows you to add trending stickers, texts and titles without any efforts.
  • It’s free for all users with a removable watermark, which can be removed easily.


  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Impressive music and sound effects library


  • Only one video and audio track


It’s essential every user becomes familiar with the various free video editing software for Chromebook because if your preferred video editor for Chromebook is unable to meet your needs, or if Adobe video editing software is too difficult to master, you can try another alternate solution and get the most out of it.

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