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8 Free Voice Generators Online-Generate Voice from Text

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Voice generator tools are often used with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It is a technology that scans printed material into a computer and converts it to digital text. 

Some of the benefits that text-to-speech are. It helps people with learning disabilities who have difficulty in reading large amounts of text. Content owners and publishers can also benefit from this as they can voice over the text with a wide range of other customizations and use it in their publications and extend the reach of content to a greater population, including those with literacy difficulties. Text-to-speech also helps visually impaired people. Along with these, text-to-speech also enhances marketing opportunities for organizations. After all, these text-to-speech or voice generator tools are user-friendly and easy to use with numerous editing features that give you the perfect end result you want.

This article will discuss some of the best voice generators online.

Part 1: 8 Free Voice Generators Online

Here are some of the most frequently used voice generator tools. Read ahead to choose the voice generator that best fits your preference.

1. Voice

Voice Generator Online is a free web app through which you can generate voice from the text for any kind of voice audio. You don’t need any login process to use this app. It works with your browser’s built-in voice combination and can be different depending on the browser as they are downloaded from an external text-to-speech server. There are many different voice templates available that you can select from and adjust its attribute, such as changing the pvoice pitchto make it sound younger or older and Furthermore, you can use this web app in offline mode if you have downloaded offline-compatible voices on your device.


2. Online

Online Tone Generator provides you a diverse range of attributes such as (sweep generator that enables you to play a waveform tone either: sine, square, sawtooth, or triangle, that starts from the first frequency and moves to the second frequency in the duration provided as well as different types of noise generators that can be utilized to block out other sounds) for producing a computer-generated voice for the provided text. For now, this voice generator is only compatible with the latest version of Google Chrome and Safari. Browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer are not supported yet.



Voice Booking is simple, fast, and free testing and generator of voiceover texts. The most distinct feature of this app is that there are many different languages to select from for your voiceover and the preference to use a male or female voice. This voice generator also provides the feature to save and download the audio file once you register an account on this app. Version 2.0 of this app is also available now, which offers Emphasis on specific words and phrases, Putting pauses at desired spots, plus the save project feature.


4. Natural Readers Online

Natural Readers Online is a professional voice generator tool that can convert any script into vocal words. You can write text or upload files to be converted. It provides support for multi-languages, and you can share and edit the text with anyone by using the sharable link. The paid version of this app has many more features. It can listen from webpages, emails, pdfs, and more if added to Google Chrome as an extension. You can also convert the audio to mp3, but this feature is available for premium voices only.


5. Voice Maker

Voice Maker is an AI-based online tool to generate voice from text and from SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) that uses XML tags. This app provides multiple features, including speed, pitch, and volume of the audio. Along with that, it also offers a long list of male, female, and even child voices to choose from. You can also download different types of audio files such as mp3, Ogg, and Wav. This app also enables the feature for voice effects like breathing, whispered, happy, and many more, but some of these features are only accessible for the premium version of the app.


6. is an AI-based voice generator with realistic text to speech converter with many types of male, female voices, multiple languages, and can even customize voice tones according to the mood. It also provides custom pronunciation, multi-voice feature to add different voices for sentences in a single audio file. You can download mp3 and Wav files. Embedding audio in webpages and articles is also possible with this app using audio players. Besides that, another fantastic attribute is that you can distribute your audio to iTunes and Spotify using the automated RSS feed.


7. Woord

Woord is an instant voice generator tool that uses realistic voices to convert audio for text. One of the Woords best features is that it delivers 60 voices from 10 different languages such as Canadian, Brazilian, French, and others. Moreover, you can download mp3 files using HTML embed audio player that will allow you to use this audio file in YouTube videos. Woord uses the highest quality and natural sounding voices with AI technology. In the premium version, you can get some additional features like direct support, a Private audio library, License rights, and even API access.


8. Wideo

Wideo is a fast, straightforward, and easy way to generate voice from text to style your message more catchy and inclusive. You can download the audio as mp3 files, upload the audio file to the video editor and make your videos professional. You just need to write the text or upload the file to convert, choose a voice you want from a variety of different voices, set the voice speed, and the voice generator will convert your text to speech that will be ready to use.


Part 2: Video Voice Changer-Wondershare Filmora(Bonus Tip)

Filmora is a comprehensive video editing software that is much easier than other advanced video editors for beginners and yet powerful enough with various editing tools. Filmora offers diverse options to import and export audio, video, and photo files such as MP4, FLV, MP3, WAV, AAC, JPG, JPEG, BMP, and many more.

You can change the voice of your videos and recorded voiceovers. You can vary your voice by pitch option as well as the speed option to get your desired voice. Some other features of Filmora are that it offers a green screen through which you can create special effects using the chroma key. Color tuning is another feature that allows you to adjust the white balance and dynamic range of your clips. Furthermore, you can split your screen for multiple clips simultaneously, screen recording of your computer or mobile device, video stabilization, 3D LUT for color grading, and many other features. Lastly, Filmora also allows you instantly upload your video clips in HD quality to any social media, burn to DVDs, and can even optimize the video for perfect compatibility with a wide range of Android and IOS devices like iPhone X / Plus, iPad/ iPod Touch, Samsung, Amazon, HTC.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Final thoughts

As of now, you know that we have discussed some of the online voice generators; you can now convert any text to voice easily without any experience and can even customize the audio tones according to your need. To conclude, voice generator online tools are significantly crucial in enhancing literacy by providing easy access to the audience that finds it difficult to recite the written text.

So, are you ready to use some of the top-notch voice generators to stand out in the crowd with a unique voiceover?

Don’t forget to try out the Video Voice changer feature in Filmora.

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