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The Best GoPro Accessories

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

GoPro has invented so many devices for you with amazing features so that you can always record all adventurous with breathtaking clarity. There is no doubt to say that GoPro is one of the most competing action camera developers and this brand is loved by all action camera lovers. The GoPro action camera series possess many suitable devices for all professionals as well as beginners.

The article below contains complete information about some of the best action camera accessories from GoPro that can be used for car racing, diving, skateboarding, surfing and other adventure sports activities. These elements are served from GoPro manufacturers as well as from many third party vendors.

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Best GoPro Accessories

1.Mounts and Tripods:

There are so many varieties of action camera mounts; few can be mounted on helmet whereas others are connected on chest. The mounts are developed as per need of action camera lovers and they assist in stable shooting even during biking, skiing and trekking etc. Users can easily mount cameras using these accessories over their pets, cars, surfboards or helmet etc as per need. The tripod allows users to mount cameras over curved flat and rough surfaces whereas to grab proper footage it is essential to have electronically stabilized camera unit.

Wandering how to manage your action camera with so many accessories? An action camera case is a good choice

2.Battery and Charger:

Most of the action cameras come with fixed battery types and their power level can vary device to device. Few designs also come with removable battery types that assist users in easy replacement during long hour recording. Most of GoPro device batteries are having unique design so you cannot replace them and also it is not advised to buy third party accessories as more risks are involved due to quality variation. The Wasabi Power charger use to work with almost all popular GoPro batteries and this charger is often available with 3 year warranty from manufacturer.

Want to know how to improve GoPro battery life or how to choose right batteries for your GoPro Camera? Check this article.

3.Floaty Backdoor:

Most of people wish to buy a camera that possess waterproof casing so that underwater shooting can be achieved whereas few GoPro models can be taken under water with additional protective housing. But while buying this housing you must also think about Floaty Backdoor as in case if your camera slips from your hand while diving. Thinking about such extreme conditions when camera straps get detached from your hand during under water activity then this Floaty Backdoor will assist your device to automatically reach at water surface. It is essential for divers and snorkelling activity lovers.

4.Dive Mask:

The Dive Mask is usually designed with a common shape that can be attached to almost all GoPro cameras. It is essential for Snorkelling and scuba diving lovers and sellers use to assure 100% mask fir guarantee with their product. The mask perfectly covers your face during underwater activities and the camera is usually mounted on its top position over a standard mount. These dive masks are designed with highly comfortable designs and are made up of soft silicone skirt material so that every user can avail best fit.

5.Stick and Pole: GoPro 3 Way:

Although market is flooded with so many designs of GoPro sticks and poles but the official 3-way is especially popular among all action camera users. GoPro 3 Way is having wide functionality and it can be used as a tripod as well as like one extendable arm for GoPro cameras. It can move somewhere between 20 inches to 7.5 inches with its lighter weight and cumbersome design. The GoPro 3-way grip is also very comfortable and it can be detached easily to use it as a standard small camera handle.

6.Filters and Lens:

The lenses and filters can definitely improve the results of photography even with lesser efforts from user side. Polar Pro is one of the most suitable accessories for all GoPro users. It’s commendable and useful bundle includes polarizer, macro lens and one natural density filter. The polarizer is essential if you need to shoot around some reflective surfaces like water or snow etc. Macro lenses are useful if you are going to film at closer level whereas the natural density type filters are used during slow shutter speed when user needs to capture smoother motion with bright light. All these devices can be easily attached and detached from GoPro cameras.

7.Light - KNOG QUDOS:

When sun goes down then you may need additional arrangement for your shooting where light can be maintained to much suitable level. Knog Qudos can assist you in such needs as it illuminated enough light for scene recording during low light hours. This small light accessory is waterproof up to 131 feet or 40 meters where users can make customized settings for output light fluctuations between 70 to 400 lumens. This accessory comes with a rechargeable battery backup and possesses a camera mount bracket so you need not to make additional expenses to fulfil your requirements of low light recording.

8.Time Lapse Device:

As the name indicates, this device assists users in capturing time lapse videos with higher quality. You simply need to attach your camera with the supportive mount and then handle all the recording tasks to Screen lapse device. This device has capability to spin 360 degrees within every 60 minutes and hence users become able to record panoramic shots with much better clarity. The price range of this essential device varies somewhere around $35.


If you are searching for an automatic camera man for your action device then Auto Dog is best choice for you. But in case if your major need is to capture area shots with stunning clarity from a quad copter then DJII Phantom can serve like most trustworthy pilot for you. You simply need to mount your GoPro action camera at bottom of your light weight drone and then your superior device is ready to record beautiful shots from air. It comes with a 25 minute flight time and during this period users can have complete control over their drone as well as camera from remote applications.


If you are using GoPro Hero5 Black or Hero5 Session cameras then GoPro Remo can serve you like most intelligent remote whereas for Hero3/3 plus, Hero4 Black, session and silver users it is good to buy REMOVU. Although GoPro cameras can be easily controlled via voice controls but it also suffers with noise from surrounding environment. Thus manufacturers have recently launched voice activated waterproof remote that you can easily attach to your clothes or wrist. Its built in type mic will easily capture the sound from your mouth and allow camera to perform operations accordingly.

11.Anti-Fog Inserts:

If you need a fog free arrangement for humid environments then it is good to buy Anti Fog inserts for your GoPro camera. The pack usually includes 12 different inserts whereas each one of these can be used four times without any damage. To buy this accessory you need to pay $11. Many GoPro owners include this in their essential GoPro accessory list and prefer to put in their bag during adventurous tours. These inserts will never let fog cover your camera lens during shooting at humid environment.

12.GoPro Quick Key:

In case if you need a system to easily transfer your footage from GoPro camera to tablet or microphone then Quick Key will do this task easily. These accessories usually come in form of USB-C or Micro USB and sometimes in lighting variants. Simply insert your GoPro MicroSD card from one end and insert the other terminal on your device; it will easily begin the file transfer process. It can be easily connected to a key chain for easy access but you need to pay more to buy this accessory. It costs somewhere around $20 and also offers WiFi connectivity for direct connection so that Footage can be transferred anytime.

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