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The Best GoPro Hero5 Black Batteries and Chargers: Official and 3rd Party

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

There is no doubt to say that GoPro is one of the best action camera manufacturers that ensures impressive video quality with very high resolutions. But the only trouble that users face with GoPro models is their short battery life. If you connect it more with remote or keep your screen ON most of the times, then battery will start decaying fast. If you opt for high resolution recording and are using Wi-Fi connectivity at the same time then your device will suffer significant decay in battery percentage. Professional's advice is to keep spare batteries as well as additional charger with you during long tours so that your device can always stay ready to capture beautiful moments.

Choosing Best Spare Batteries and Chargers for GoPro Hero5 Black

If you are working with Hero5 Black then you probably have more options to use spare batteries as well as external chargers. The remaining Hero5 Session comes with built in battery that you cannot detach from camera.

Feature of GoPro Hero5 Black new Battery

GoPro Hero5 Black possesses lithium ion battery with 1220mAh rating that allows users to capture all adventurous sights with ease. The battery size is little bit larger than older generation batteries of GoPro models. Along with this size improvement, manufacturers have also worked upon the charge time whereas users can also take benefit from USB-C rapid charge feature to boost their battery power. You will be glad to know that Hero5 Black comes with an integrated authentication chip that provides continuous indication about battery percentage so that users can come to know about how much time is remaining to recharge it again.

Battery and charger recommendations for Hero5 Black

1. Official GoPro Chargers and Batteries:

Individual Battery ($19.00):

This individual battery from GoPro is available with a price tag of $19.00. Although the GoPro batteries use to be little expensive as compared to the third party products but these are most trustworthy products as they are manufactured by GoPro itself. You will never face any compatibility issue with these batteries and they are the safest one to use with your costly action camera model. It comes with 1220 mAh rating and is a lithium ion rechargeable battery that can be easily used as a spare battery on long tours.

Dual Charger with Battery ($49.99):

It is possible to charge 2 batteries of Hero5 Black camera unit at the same time with this dual charger. This charger is forms connection via USB port and assists users in 45 percent faster charging. There are two LED indicators that keep on displaying the charging status for your batteries. The package also includes a spare lithium ion rechargeable battery with 1220 mAh rating. With this charger you can charge your batteries even while using them inside camera.

SuperCharger ($79.95):

Here is the best solution to charge your GoPro camera at fastest rate. This is a 27.5 watt Supercharger that allows users to charge 2 GoPro action cameras at a time. Its USB-C ports serve with fast charging feature and they are compatible with all GoPro devices while allowing 20 to 70% higher speed for charging as compared to normal chargers. If you are working on time lapse recording then it is also possible to keep your charger connected so that your GoPro device can avail continuous power boost. This advanced charger works with all those devices that are compatible with USB type charging point.

2. Third Party Batteries and Chargers:

Wasabi Power Battery + Triple Charger for GoPro Hero5 Black – $26.99

This third party product is compatible with firmware V01.57, V01.55 and even with all latest updates. Wasabi Battery rating is 1220mAh with 3.85 Volt and this lithium ion battery allows users to enjoy longer battery life without any trouble. Note that these batteries are not compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero4 and Herso5 session cameras. The best thing to know is that this triple charger package with 2 spare batteries comes with a 3 year warranty from company end. You can enjoy simultaneous charging with these batteries and it keeps on displaying battery percentage in device screen all the time.

Milbote 2 Replacement Battery and 3 Channel Charger - $30.99:

It is possible to charge your spare batteries simultaneously with the help of Milbote 3 channel chargers. Note that users need to connect a 2A power adapter while charging more than 2 batteries. These chargers are compatible with firmware version 01.57 and 01.55 as well as with all future updates. This 1220mAh-3.85 volt battery is rated as a high capacity battery that can assist your GoPro Hero5 black work for longer duration even with 4k recording.

Powerextra 2 replacement battery and dual battery charger - $25.99:

These chargers and batteries are perfectly compatible with GoPro Hero5 Black. Both batteries have 1500mAh rating with 3.85 Volt capacity that provide enough support to long hour recording with Hero5 Black. With this dual battery charger you can charge 2 Hero5 batteries at the same time but this product is not compatible with Hero3, Hero4 and model. The package includes one USB C cable, a dual battery charger and 2 batteries.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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Max Wales

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