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Top 5 Best Action Cameras for Fishing

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Those who love fishing can now do much exciting things during this activity with their action camera. All the underwater adventures can be now recorded with waterproof action cams and the details can be easily shared on social media to impress other friends. Some of the latest designs of Action cameras allow users to capture photos and videos from any angle and the results will be of high quality even if you don't bring a professional photographer with you. It's easy to access buttons, high quality LCD screen, intuitive touch screen controls, HD video recording function, hands free pictures, attractive accessories and Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth connectivity makes everything much easier for beginners as well as professionals.

What makes a good fishing action camera?

When we talk about fishing recording then the very first feature we demand from camera is its waterproof capacity. Along with this, it must be able to capture videos and stills with great quality while perfectly picking up the audio signals. A good action camera must offer easy controls, built in Wi-Fi connectivity and longer battery life. The article below will help you to get some idea about five top fishing action cameras in market as per your feature preferences.

Easy to Access Buttons: These buttons assist users in immediate switching between camera activities and its modes. No matter whether you have mounted it on pole or on your hat, simply press the control buttons and it will process desired function.

Resolution and FPS: The biggest requirement of every fishing lover is to have a camera that can provide higher resolution. It must be even able to capture water droplets very clearly. Full HD or 4K resolution is often desired along with higher frame rate of the range 60fps or 120 fps.

Memory and Storage: A fishing action camera should not ace lack of storage so users often wish to get a device that supports 32 GB or more memory space. A 32GB card can assist in recording up to 3 hours 21 minutes with 720p at 60fps.

Battery: It is essential to get a camera with larger battery life, removable battery option as well as charging port. Higher resolution often demands much battery usage.

Hands Free Pictures: Pick the best shots even when your hands are occupied in other activities.

Wi-Fi: Most essential to share recording videos with friends on social media.

Top Five Best Action Cameras for Fishing:

Comparison Table:

GoPro Hero Session GoPro Hero5 Session GoPro Hero 5 Black Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 GitUp Git2
Price $229.00 $299.00 $399.00 $399.99 $170.99
Weight 74g 73g 117g 87.9g (with battery) 64g(with battery)
LCD Screen N/A N/A 2” LCD Touchscreen 1.75” LCD Touchscreen 1.5”LCD screen
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voice Control / Yes Yes / /
Waterproof 10m Without case 10m Without case 10m Without case 40m Without case 30m Without case
Maximum frame rate 1440p/30fps 4k/30fps 4k/30fps 4k/30fps 2160p/24fps
Photo Resolution 8MP 10MP 12MP 12MP 16MP
Battery 1000mAh 1000mAh 1220mmAh 1250mAh 950mAh

1. GoPro Hero Session:

Check at Amazon

This device is designed with all fancy features like higher frame rate, HD video recording ability, LCD screen. Hands free mode and various advanced settings that are suitable for fishing activities. It is waterproof up to 33 feet (10m) even without any additional protective case. The one button operation makes everything much easier.


  • Compact, rugged and lightweight design.
  • Compatible with all popular GoPro mounts.
  • Pro-tune feature available.
  • Auto low light mode and awesome video as well as picture quality.

2. GoPro Hero5 Session:

This device possesses all basic features of Hero Session with some upgraded stuff. It supports 4K and 2.7K video along with wide angle focus and the stills can be captured at 10MP or 8MP resolution level. The best thing to know is the voice command support of Hero5 Session that makes recording while fishing much easier.


  • Astonishing photos can be captured with burst mode (30Pics/second)
  • Built in night lapse and night photo modes.
  • Wide angle focus.
  • One button operation supports easy controls under water.
  • Supports external mics for enhancing audio quality.

Check at Amazon

3. GoPro Hero5 Black:

Check at Amazon

Hero5 Black possesses all amazing features of Session series but at the same time it offers stills with 12MP resolution. Live preview is available with LCD screen that also enables user to enjoy spot editing as well as trimming. It comes with a removable battery of 1220mAh and can go underwater up to 33 feet (10m) without protective case.


  • Professional grade photo and video capabilities.
  • Removable battery allows long hour recording facility.
  • Voice control and one touch operation supports better functionality.
  • Spot editing is really useful.

4. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30:

Check at Amazon

This 4K Action camera assists in easy operation with voice control and data overlays. The burst capabilities allow users to capture details at 12MP with 60 frames/2 seconds and 60 frames/ second for 8MP selection. If you switch to the time lapse mode then GPS can assist in better controlling even with distance mode whereas users can click high quality photographs on the go.


  • It offers videos with finer details.
  • Voice control feature added.
  • Logical on screen type interface along with data overlays.
  • YouTube lice streaming is possible and it comes with so many useful accessories.

5. GitUp Git2:

This camera assists users in adventurous outdoor recordings with all advanced features that are added to a compact device. Stills can be captured at 16MP whereas videos can be of range 2880x2160 (2K) resolution level at 24fps and lower. It can be easily mounted on boards, handlebars and helmet etc. The 170 degree wide angle view assists in wide focus whereas additional case can provide waterproofing facility under water.


  • Comes with quick start recording feature.
  • Gyro IS enabled.
  • Wi-Fi mode and G-sensor added.
  • Unique design with rich audio/video recording capabilities


Since all cameras are having competing features and are suitable for fishing activity, so the decision only depends upon your budget range. After all, you must be able to get best shots with high resolution and YouTube ready footage to impress all viewers.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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