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Top 8 Best Action Camera Mounts for Your Pets

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

If you have watched the movie, A Dog's Purpose, you may be interested in recording the daily life from your pet's view. Well, with proper action camera and mountings for your pets, you can do it now. But you may be confused, because there are so many varieties of action camera mounts for your pet in the market. However, it is important to pick the right one to keep your dog comfortable all the time. Even if you don’t want to look on specific brands then also there are lots of options to buy.

How to choose the right mount for your pets:

While choosing your new mount that can fit on body of your dog, you need to care about following things:

  1. It must be easy to adjust, so try to pick one without ties and knots.
  2. It must be washable and waterproof.
  3. You need to pick a mount that can suit your dog’s body type and can keep him/her comfortable while playing or running during recording hours.

Top 10 Action Cam Harness for Pets:

  1. GoPro Fetch:

    GoPro Fetch - Pets Mounts

    This harness features mounts on chest and back so that videos can be perfectly recorded when your dog is digging, bone chewing, playing or running. This harness fits perfectly to dogs having weight around 7 to 54KG.

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    • Soft and padded construction with comfortable fit.
    • Made up of waterproof and washable material.
    • The quick release buttons assist in easy removal of harness.
    • Many people found footage recorded with this harness too shaky.

    Learn how to stabilize video

    Compatibility: Designed specifically for GoPro cameras.

  2. Sony AKA-DM1 Dog Harness:

    Sony AKA-DM1 Dog Harness

    This harness is designed for dogs of medium and large size having minimum weight of 15Kg. It possesses four adjustable straps that make it comfortable and secure for your dog.

    Check Price Now


    • Designed with light weighted and soft materials.
    • Cons:

    • The square shaped buckles may hurt your dog, so be careful.

    Compatibility: It is compatible with all Sony Action Cameras.

  3. EEEKit Dog Mount Kit for Sony Action Cam:

    EEEKit Dog Mount Kit for Sony Action

    It comes with chest and back mounting locations that assists in purposeful mounting needs. It is easily adjustable to dog having weight between 7 to 54Kg.

    Check Price Now


    • Designed with high quality material that is durable and light in weight.
    • Much easier to install and remove.
    • Easy to operate.


    • Camera may shake.

    Compatibility: This harness is compatible with the Sony Action cam HDR AS100V, AS30V, AS20, AS15 and AZ1 Mini.

  4. Kurgo Dog Harness with Camera Mount:

    Kurgo Dog Harness with Camera Mount

    This Tru-Fit type harness assists users to mount camera perfectly in back as well as chest of pet. It can catch videos with high clarity even when your dog is running fast. The five point adjustment system makes it stable and perfectly fir on your dogs body without creating any discomfort.

    Check Price Now


    • Works perfectly with large size dogs.
    • 5 point adjustment system makes it highly comfortable.


    • It is not suitable for small dogs.

    Compatibility: Compatible with Sony Action Cam as well as GoPro series.

  5. Sabrent Fetch Chest Strap Belt Mount:

    Sabrent Fetch Chest Strap Belt Mount

    This soft and padded chest strap can be easily adjusted to chest and back of your pet so that perfect shots can be captured when your dog is digging, running or playing. It can be used for dogs having weight somewhere between 7 to 35 Kg.


    • Designed with padded arrangements so that dog can always feel comfortable.
    • Comes with quick release type bases.
    • Two mounting locations: Chest and back.


    • It positions camera little high on back.

    Compatibility: This chest strap type belt mount is suitable for all GoPro action camera models.

  6. Luxebell Dog Harness Mount:

    Luxebell Dog Harness Mount

    Here is a fully adjustable harness for large, medium and small size dogs having weight somewhere between 7 to 54 KG. Its padded and soft design keeps pet comfortable while recording. If your dog is running fast then two secure tethers will provide perfect protection to your camera from accidental falling.

    Check Price Now


    • It fits perfectly to all large, medium and small size dog breeds.
    • Designed with water friendly and washable material.
    • The strap size is adjustable. (maximum 16 inch starch allowed for chest and 26 inch for waist)


    • Camera may move on the back.

    Compatibility: Luxebell Fetch Hound type Dog harnesses are specially designed chest mounts for SJCAM series: SJ4000, SJ5000 and GoPro Hero Black, Silver and Session series.

  7. Aodoor Chest and Back Mount Pet Harness:

    Aodoor Chest and Back Mount Pet Harness

    The back and chest type control over POV settings. With quick release buttons it becomes much easier to attach and detach this harness from your pet. This harness suits to all size with its Tru-Fit technology.


    • Comes with two mounts where location can be adjusted to chest and back to support variety of POVs.
    • They are designed with washable and water friendly material.
    • This design is dog friendly
    • Durable and stable with quick to install mechanism.


    • Needs minimum arrangements for protection and cushioning
    • Back mount position often keeps camera at lower level as compared to dog’s head.

    Compatibility: These back and chest mount pet harnesses are designed for SJCAM series: SJ4000 and SJ5000 and GoPro series

  8. Baxia Technology Kit:

    Baxia Technology Kit

    It comes with two mounting locations, chest and back, which allows easy angle and direction adjustment. Its soft and padded construction is perfectly suited to dogs having weight between 7 and 54Kg. The quick release buttons and additional remote control strap will make usage much easier.

    Check Price Now


    • Much Cheaper than GoPro original dog harness.
    • Smooth and great quality.
    • It possesses two mounting locations so that angle and direction can be easily adjusted.


    • Made up of elastic so harness starts slipping when dog runs fast.
    • Durability is lesser as compared to GoPro harness.

    Compatibility: It is compatible with ANART/ Aokon/ YI/ APEMAN/ DBPOWER/ Lightdow/ WiMiUS/ AKASO/ Xiaomi Yi/ SJ6000/ SJ5000/ SJ4000/ GoPro Hero Black, Silver and GoPro Hero5 series.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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