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Best Love Video Maker with Music

What could be more amazing than sharing a love video on a special day through social media platforms? How about showing your beloved person a special love video containing all of your special moments? Even though every lover wants to make a special video for their loved ones, the idea of creating video with knowledge scares them off. However, it is very easy these days to create a love video with a love video marker.

If you have the photos of your beautiful memories with your loved one readily available on your computer, we have the best love video maker selected for you. You are more likely to have the photos on your phone as most people use phone camera to capture photos. Therefore, we have listed the best love video maker apps with music to create amazing love videos.

Part 1. Best Love Video Maker for PC and Mac

If you are a computer user and you want to make your special love video on your computer from your photos, we recommend Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a professional video creator and editor that is available for Windows and Mac users. But the user interface is highly intuitive so that all users can use the application without any prior experience.

You can stretch any photo according to the duration you want in the video. There are beautiful love transitions and effects available to make the video eye-catching. Most importantly, you can import any love song and add that as the background music so that the video feels truly special. Here are the steps to make a love video with Filmora.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Install Filmora and Start Your Video Project

Download and install Wondershare Filmora. Launch Filmora and click on New Project from the welcome screen. Drag and drop your love photos into Project Media folder.

Step 2: Arrange The Photos on Timeline

Drag and drop the imported photos on the timeline. Arrange them in proper order so that they appear perfectly on the video. You can stretch the duration of photos as per your requirements. Make sure there is no gap in between the photos on the timeline to avoid a black screen during the transition from one photo to another.

filmora arrange the photo

Step 3: Add Beautiful Transition Effects

It is time to apply transition effects so that the photos change from one another with beautiful graphical effects. There are dedicated wedding and love transition effects available to select from. Drag and drop the transitions and place them on the photos one by one.

filmora beautiful transition effects

Step 4: Add Background Music

Now, drag and drop the love song on Project Media folder that you want the video to play in the background.  Drag and drop on the audio timeline below the existing timeline.

filmora add bgm

Step 5: Export Your Video

Play the video on Filmora and make any adjustment as you think appropriate. Thereafter, click on Export button and export your video to your hard drive in your desired file format.

filmora export your video

Part 2. Best Love Video Creator Apps

If you want to make a love video with your photos on your smartphone, here are the best love maker apps you can consider for the best result.

1. Love Video Maker with Music

Love Video Maker with Music is a popular video maker app where you can instantly make love videos from your photos and share anywhere you want. In fact, social media users prefer the app to create short videos from photos and add romantic music and publish them online. There are beautiful frames available where the photos will be featured and thereby, making the video eye-catching and engaging.

Along with frames, there are different types of romantic text styles available to write anything on the photos and frames. Moreover, you can use different love stickers to enhance the video content. The app allows creating HD quality videos and it is best for Android users. Here are the top features of Love Video Maker with Music app.

  • Import as many as 60 photos for video creation.

  • Includes photo editor that comes with filters and collage feature.

  • Different themes, frames, and text designs available.

  • Add music file and trim as per length requirements.

  • Add different background effects and adjust speed.

  • Square format to post on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Love Video Maker with Songs

Love Video Maker with Songs is exclusively available for iOS users. You can create romantic videos, and you will get all the options to enhance your video quality and content exactly the way you want to. You can add different transitions and animations. The app allows adding music from different sources including iTunes. You can even add your voiceover for personalization.

There are standard video editing options available such as trimming, cropping, changing speed, and much more. There is also no dearth of love stickers and frames. You can also add stylish texts and share the video directly from the app to online platforms. Here are the top features of Love Video Maker with Songs.

  • Wide range of video filters and graphical effects.

  • Standard video editor for trim, crop, speed change.

  • Latest love stickers and frames present.

  • Add music from iTunes, other videos, and voiceover.

  • Set photo animation duration and stylish texts.

  • Instant share on social media platforms directly from the app.

3. Love Video Maker from Microsoft

If you are for a love video maker app for your Windows 10 phone, tablet, or even computer, Love Video Maker from Microsoft is a great choice. Creating a love video from your romantic photos is super easy. Select the photos, add a theme, add background music and thereafter, add stunning filters and your video will be ready to instant saving.

The app comes with a standard photo editing tool where you can edit the photos before adding them to the video. You can blur background, add borders and frames, attach cute stickers and custom texts as per your preference. Here are the top features of Love Video Maker.

  • Unlimited photos can be selected for video creation.

  • Add different themes and overlay effects with filters.

  • Add different borders, frames, and stickers to your photos.

  • Blur background, add effects, and custom texts to your photos.

  • Save and share videos on social media platforms.


Making love and romantic videos for personal collection as well as sharing them on social media platforms is quite a regular thing. You should have a high-quality love video maker where you should have all the different romantic video making tools and options. We have picked the best video maker for computer users as well as top love video making apps for smartphone users. We recommend Wondershare Filmora as there are unlimited effects, elements, and music for publishing best-quality love videos.

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