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Full Guide to Sky Replacement for Your Videos!

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Most photographers like to capture realistic images and videos, due to environmental challenges their goal does not reach to the fullest. The video editors help in recreating them artificially. There are surplus video editors are available in the online space. Now, grab the perfect tools that meet your needs without any compromises!

This article will show the tips and tricks associated with sky replacement in your media files. Use the built-in elements to change the sky view and witness the different weather scenarios for your media files.

You will learn about the video editing tools like Filmora, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere to carry out this task. Make the right clicks to address the specific feature in detail. Simple actions are sufficient to create jaw-dropping changes in your videos. Build creative layouts beyond your imaginations using the incredible applications available in the digital market.

In this article


Part 1: 4 steps to replace the sky with Filmora Video editor

The Filmora is a video editing software that works optimally with the uploaded media files. The user-friendly environment assists the users to reach out for the appropriate controls to establish the necessary edit activities on the media files.

Perform an easy sky replacement activity on the videos and images using the Filmora editing applications from Wondershare. Here are the detailed steps discussed below for your reference.

Step 1 Download and install Filmora. Choose the appropriate version based on your system OS. You can either go for Windows or Mac version as per your requirement.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Next, upload the media file that requires a sky replacement onto the working timeline. Then, drag and drop the clipping on the timeline lane to make sky changes.

Step 2 Now, add a mask to your clippings by tapping ‘Effects -> Utility -> Image Mask’. After that, you can tap the Edit option to adjust the position and size.


Step 3 Use the Green Screen option to remove the sky in one click.

Tap the ‘Green Screen’ icon and enable the ‘Chrome key’ to make the changes.

Click the ‘Select Color’ option to choose the desired shade and hit the sky on the media file to switch to the chosen color.

Then, modify the attributes like Offset, Tolerance, Edge Thickness, and Edge Feather to refine the sky texture parameters.


Step 4 Customize a new sky design as per your needs by tapping Stock Media -> Pixabay -> Sky.

Then, modify the borders to fit aptly with your media file. Scale them precisely to ensure a perfect fit.


You can add effects by tapping “Effects> Lut> Game of thrones/movie 1 /movie 16 /movie 14”.

Personalize the footage further by searching for attractive templates like rain from Stock Media collections and drag and drop them on the clipping in the timeline.


The above steps help you to change the sky and replace them with innovative designs for better attractions.

Want a try with the tutorial? Download the example project here and import it to Filmora.

Part 2: How to change the sky in Adobe Premiere?

To change the sky in an Adobe Premiere,

  • First, launch the application and drag the desired media file into the timeline.
  • Then, get the skies you desired and add them clipping on the Adobe Premiere environment.
  • Drop the added image on top of your media file into the timeline.
  • You can work on the properties of the inserted image using the attributes displayed on the left side of the screen. Modify the positions, opacity, and effects to give realistic looks.


These instructions will help you to change the sky by including celestial bodies in the clear sky to attract the viewers.

Part 3: How to use the Luma key to replace the sky in the Final Cut Pro?

In the Final Cut Pro, you can quickly replace the sky with the help of Luma key options. You must follow the stepwise process to complete the sky replacement activity successfully. The Final Cut Pro app helps designers to edit the videos professionally according to their requirements. A precise way of handling complex videos is feasible in this space.

Step 1: Download the app

Go to the official website or Mac store and download FCPX for your Mac.

Launch the tool and insert the desired video into the timeline for editing operation. Add the sky replacement template to the timeline.

Step 2: Duplicate the video

Click and drag the uploaded video on the timeline to create a duplicate of it.


Step 3: Insert the Luma Key

In the effects section, choose ‘Keying -> Luma Keyer’ to add sky effects to the video.

Step 4: Modify Luma Keyer Attributes

Now, adjust the Luma Keyer’s properties to implement changes in the sky templates. You can make the sky dark or bright as per the assigned values in its attribute list. You can find the property window on the left side of the screen. The Luma keyer parameters are displayed in a structured format for easy access. Scroll the cursors on the Luma attribute from left to right to witness considerable changes in the sky.


Step 4: Insert the mask

Enable the duplicate video and merge the sky template using the ‘Mask’ option from the ‘Effects’ menu. Choose the desired mask type to insert on your video. In this masking action, you can restrict the area of implementing the effect on a specific space on the file.


Finally, again adjust the Luma attribute in the Luma Keyer properties window to refine the sky replacement activity.

The Mask and the Luma Keyer are the two important attributes in the sky replacement activity. You can work on the sky professionally and modify them wisely according to your needs, With the help of realistic sky templates you can create magic on the screen using the perfect editors.

Part 4: Where to find beautiful sky replacement for videos?

  1. FilmStock

In the Filmstock, you can access royalty-free video effects, audio for your needs. You can download the perfect effects for sky replacement optimally.

It is an exclusive product from Wondershare. These effects help you to bring your story to life through realistic images. Depending on the requirement, choose the best effects for your needs. The Filmstock is an effect store available for easy reach. Packed collections of mind-blowing animations to impress the viewers. These add-ons include flavors to the overall appearance of the videos. You can bring realistic effects using these templates available in the Filmstock.


  1. Evanto

An exclusive platform that displays more than 1000 collections of video effects to add to your media files effortlessly. These unlimited templates contain 3D, graphics, and persuasive animation to blow up the viewers in no time.

Colorful, unlimited, and cool video effects are available in this environment with quality features. You can make unlimited downloads and apply them quickly to your media files. You can personalize and edit the effects according to your needs to bring out realistic views.

Part 5: FAQ

How to change the sky in photos with Filmora?

  • To start with apply the Mask on the uploaded image, then make use of the green screen to cover up the sky area on the picture.
  • Then, apply the effects to fill the sky area with desired effects.
  • It can be a cloudy dark sky, moving clouds, rainy according to your requirements.

How to edit the sky without replacing the whole sky?

  • Introduce mild effects by inserting the filter or color gradients. You can work on a specific portion of the sky instead of replacing the entire area. Apply the correct filters and adjust the gradient levels to enhance the overall sky appearance.

How to change the whole background including the sky?

  • If you want to change the background along with the Sky, try the AI Portrait feature of Filmora to do it with just one click. Click here for more details about changing background. You can also opt for sky replacement techniques and modify the background and foreground shades to obtain the desired changes on your media file.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


Thus, you had an enlightening discussion about the effective ways in sky replacement techniques on the media files. Use the above applications to carry out flawless changes on your sky to obtain better looks. Based on your needs, choose the correct solution for expected outcomes. The Final Cut Pro app helps you to edit the sky professionally for realistic looks. It is high time to add flavors to your media files and make them interactive using the sophisticated video editors in the online space.

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