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How do Beginners Make a Cool Video for YouTube on Mac

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Dec 14, 2023• Proven solutions

To get the right video editors to cut a video for YouTube on your Mac can be a bit of a problem for beginners. It is understandable that there will be a learning curve if you just want to get tons of subscribers on your channel – who doesn’t? Ultimately, in getting a standard video that will attract and sustain the interest of the viewers, you will need to employ certain strategies that will enhance your credibility. 

Let’s tell each other the truth, no one wants to watch a video that is not aesthetically appealing even if it is a close friend. So, if you have got the relevant content and the video to pull traffic to your channel, what you will need is editing software that will help you make the correct adjustments to your video

Nobody wants a random viewer to comment “This video is a little bit tacky, touch-up properly”, that will definitely leave a sting. As such, understand the best technique that works for you as well as the software that meets your needs based on the current level of expertise. It is okay for you to grow. 


Five Video Cutting Skills Youtubers Must Have

As much as the enthusiasm is brewing to get on your mac and upload the video you just shot, there are certain elements you need to implement to make a cool video for YouTube. Beginners sometimes feel their content is the best, the excitement of posting their very first series can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it blocks off other ideas for making the video better. 

However, having amazing content dies not to exclude the need for the right editing technique. Here are five methods for editing your YouTube videos:

1.Control the video duration

The length of a particular scene can have different meanings depending on how long or short it is in a video. This means the duration can impact the message you are trying to pass across to your viewers, hence it is important to know what places to accelerate and cut in the video.

You can have a system where each part of the content is labeled in their order of importance such as A, B, C. This means from the most important to the least important. Consequently, you will be able to sieve through the content and make the appropriate changes while editing the video.

2.Customize the intro and end of the video

It is possible to grab the attention of the viewer in the intro and even more likely to lose someone once the opening montage comes in. Creating an intro that is captivating and appealing to drag the audience to your video is an important technique for editing your videos. Also, the end of the video, from the signing out to the closing montage has to appeal to the audience. You will be surprised by the number of people that love seeing end credits if the closing montage is good. Customize the intro and the end of the video so the audience is tuned all through.

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3.Use Cool transitions or filters

If there is anything the audience love to see, it is the way you move from different points in the vudeo. The ability to use transition that does not affect their attention but leaves them wanting more is very key. Use fanciful transitions that do noy hurt the eyes and allows for easy comprehension.

4.Match the cuts

Whatever you cut has to match the next phase of the video. You do not want to leave the audience behind as they will wonder how the last scene correlates with a new one. You need to ensure that all cuts match the next scenes.

5.Cutaway shots

This is very good in providing the audience context. You can take shots of the room or item that you are trying to discuss in your video. If people keep staring at a particular thing for long, they get bored, cutaway shots keep the excitement alive for the audience.

What Editing Software can Meet Your Needs?

As a beginner, it is important to use software that is easily adaptable to your needs. If you want to make a cool video for you be on your mac, getting software that allows you to be creative without confusion is key. Here are two software for making cool YouTube videos for your Mac;

Filmora X

This is one of the simplest yet powerful tools that is lightweight and apt for your Mac. One of the perks of using the Filmora X is the feature that allows you to upload the video directly to YouTube, saving you any extended hassles.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

There are also 400+ transition effects as well as a stylish text editor that is fun to use. There is also a built-in music and sound effect feature that enables you to select sounds to match the video you are editing. This is if you do not have the music you want for the video already.

Other pros of Filmora are:

    It has fast rendering sped for your video 

    The lifetime price is affordable.

However, there are some disadvantages to the usage of Filmora X, which are:

    The free version contains the Filmora X watermark

    The color grading tool is limited.


If you are looking for software for the model, game creating, and animation then opting for Blender will be a good fit. You can trim videos, insert filters, and add as many videos as you want.


  • The 3D graphics make it suitable for editing YouTube videos.
  • Composting system and node-based material
  • It supports your Mac. 


  • It could be slow when running
  • Some think it might be a bit complicated. 

Although there is other editing software for your Mac, Filmora X simplifies the whole process. If you are looking for quality wrapped in affordability and convenience, then Filmora X will be right for you. Start editing and enjoy the ride!

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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