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Top 10 Must Have Accessories for SJ4000

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

When you got the SJ4000 package, you will definitely find a wide range of accessories with it. But the fact is that most of us never even take them out of box for real usage in future. If you are a true action camera lover and use to spend most of your time on development of breathtaking shots, then SJ4000 accessories can definitely help you. The article below contains some basic details about SJ4000 must have accessories. Some of you might feel already satisfied with the available set of accessories, whereas many adventure sports lovers are ready to buy things from market.

Things you need to consider before buying separate accessories:

1. First of all, you need to understand your own needs, prepare the list of activities that you want to record with your new camera. Like hunting, sports activities or recording at some family gathering events etc. It will help you to decide about right accessories that you should buy to face all desired situations ahead.

2. It is good to think about price range of your device. There are thousands of products available online and their cost fall within affordable figures.

3. Also prefer to get accessories that offer wide compatibility so that they can fit perfectly with almost all popular camera units. It is also possible to combine various products to develop customized mounts or stands as per need.

Top 10 Must Have Accessories for SJ4000:

1.Portable Power Bank:

Recommended: Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh Dual USB Port External Battery Charger

Check Price Now

xiaomi power bank

Action cameras are preferably used by professionals for long hour recording needs but their batteries have limited service hours. Many of these units also possess non removable but rechargeable batteries so it is important to spend on a powerful portable power bank that can assist you to recharge your camera batteries on the go.

2.Spare Power Battery and Charger:

Recommended: Wasabi Power battery

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wasabi power battery

In case if your device allows battery replacement then keeping few spare batteries in your storage bag is a great idea. It can assist you in long hour recording without running out of power. Also a charger is useful when you are going out for few days and need to use your camera on regular basis.

3.Storage Bag:

Recommended: Original SJCAM Action Camera Case

Check Price Now

original sjcam action camera case

Organization is always the priority when it comes to accessing your camera for different situations on the go. A good quality storage bag can help your camera and all accessories well aligned so that you can find the right equipment whenever needed. These storage bags are available in different size variations so you can pick any one as per your collection of accessories.

4.Floating Hand Grip Handle:

Recommended: Luxebell Waterproof Floating Hand Grip

Check Price Now

luxebell waterproof floating hand grip

Many professionals love to use their camera for underwater recording, here you need a floating grip handle along with your protective housing. It will help to save your camera from sinking and in case you lose control on your camera while diving then it will automatically float. Luxebell offers a great deal for your needs.

5.Head Strap Mount:

Recommended: GoPro Head Strap Mount

Check Price Now

gopro head strap mount

Here is an essential thing for making recording process easier during hiking adventures. It will help to keep your hands free while recording because these mount straps are much easier to wear and allow perfect safety of camera units.

6.Adjustable Chest Strap:

Recommended: ODRVMChest Harness Mount

Check Price Now

odrvmchest harness mount

Same as the chest straps that are used for dogs, few designs are also available especially for humans. They are highly essential if you have to record shots while climbing or want to focus on few sports activities. They are adjustable as per chest size and keep your costly cameras safe during tough recording situations.

7.Car Mount:

Recommended: TEKCAM Car Mount

Check Price Now

tekcam car mount

Many professionals love to use SJ4000 as a dash cam and it even provides impressive results for this application. There is no specific type of car mount designed for SJ4000 so you need to spend on additional accessories. Never forget to check the quality of suction cup adapter while buying a new one. Impressive deals are also available on various websites online.


Recommended: Luxebell Selfie Stick Adjustable Telescoping Monopod Pole

Check Price Now

luxebell selfie stick adjustable telescoping monopod pole

If you are a selfie lover then it is good to invest on a attractive monopod or selfie stick. You can prefer to pick designs out of three different types of models like Basic monopod, headphone jack monopod and Bluetooth monopod. But note that if you are using SJ4000 then only basic monopod will be compatible with it. Other option is to control your photos via Wi-Fi applications.

9.Lens Cap:

Recommended: SJ4000 Lens Cover

Check Price Now

sj4000 lens cover

Lens is one of the most important parts of your camera and it definitely help to determine quality of product. It is really essential to keep lenses in perfect shape even when you are using it in most difficult situations. Try to use special arrangements to keep it protected from dust as well as scratches.

10.Dog Chest Strap:

Recommended: Luxebell Dog Harness Mount

Check Price Now

luxebell dog harness mount

It will be favourite one for most of you because we all love to train our lovely pets for recording videos with action cameras. You simply need to put this accessory on your dog and fix your camera over it. It is designed with lightweight configuration and will keep your camera safe even if your pet starts running fast. You can find more information about action camera mounts for your pets in Top 8 Best Action Camera Mounts for Your Pets in 2017.

Need more information about action camera accessories? Just check Action camera accessories buying guide for 2017 now!

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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