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12 Animated Slideshow PowerPoint Templates and Tools to Make Them

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 29, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Animated Slideshow Powerpoint Templates and Tool to Make Them

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If you are passionate about uplifting your graphic design skills with stunning animated slideshow creation, read here about the best PowerPoint templates!

Part 1 12 Cool Animated Slideshow PowerPoint Templates

Slideshows are an already appealing media of content presentation, which when supplemented with animated backgrounds, are bound to captivate attention. Considering the underlying reason, it should be noted that animated slideshows offer a more vivid and lively presentation of information, as compared to their static counterparts. Animated slideshows have the additional advantage of presenting the content in the exact and accurate tone that suits the grasping capability of the audience.

Talking of feasible solutions for creating high end animated slide show presentations, the software market has a diverse range of alternatives to choose from. However, Microsoft PowerPoint is a graphic presentation tool that almost everyone is familiar with. Limiting our discussion to the same, there are a diversity of animated slideshow PowerPoint templates, like that of Evanto Elements and GraphicRiver to design professionally outstanding animated slideshows.

If you are keen on trying hands at adding that extra spunk your ordinarily boring static presentations, spare time to read the following section of this article, which incorporates the features, utilities and merits of the top 12 design templates in GraphicRiver for creating animated slideshows in PowerPoint with utmost ease and within a quick time span:

01Parallax Ultimate PowerPoint Animated Template

Choosing this animated presentation template to design your slideshow projects will supplement tour creations with the most amazing parallax effect, including an additional list of tempting and trendy editing features, like, limitless color choices, high definition video resolution, master slide presentations, modern, elegant, fully animated, company oriented slides, with object animations and parallax transitions, 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio, handmade infographics and much more.

Parallax Ultimate PowerPoint Animated Template

02Splash Animated PPT

This one is an excellent animated template to create elegant animated slideshow presentations that will make your design creativity stand out of the crowd. Working with the template entitles you of a matchless, professional quality slideshow animation PowerPoint project on account some exclusive features, like those of high definition screen resolution and widescreen image aspect ratio, light and dark presentation backgrounds etc.

Mentioning some additional credibility of using the template for creating animated slideshows, you get to access as many as 500 selected slides, vector line and social media icons, uniquely styled image masks, calendars and vector maps.

Splash Animated PPT

03Social Media Animated PowerPoint Templates

If your working constraints require an extensive use of social media information, consider using tis interactive PowerPoint template for designing social media compatible, premium quality, professional slideshows with animated graphics. Working with the template, you will get a complementary access to a pool of exciting slideshow features.

Talking of the specific utilities of the animated slideshow maker template, you can choose from over 50 slide layouts, light and dark backgrounds themes, enjoy a seamless, drag and drop workflow and easily edit grouped elements, along with modifying infographic elements in Excel sheets.

Social Media Animated PowerPoint Templates

04Animated Slides Bundle for PowerPoint Presentation

This one is an interactive GraphicRiver PowerPoint animation slideshow maker template, which you can work with for a delivery of high end and illustrative animated slideshow presentations. The template facilitates its users with a diversity of graphic customization features, like that of visual transitions, custom reveals and objectified motions to your presentation slides, points and images.

The template promises you of a stunning, high quality and compelling slideshow output with an elegant presentation outlook. The template has a variety of inbuilt slide layouts, is easy to use and comes to you absolutely free of cost.

Animated Slides Bundle for PowerPoint Presentation

05Proposal PowerPoint Animated

If you are about to deliver a dynamic business presentation, consider working with this graphic tool to create your animoto slideshow in PowerPoint. Proposal PowerPoint Animated is an interactive animation template, designed exclusively for adhering to the concern of business centered content delivery.

You can create captivating motion stories with the conveniently editable slides and high end animated graphics of this PowerPoint template, thus ensuring a high pitched information conveyance to your target audience.

Proposal PowerPoint Animated

06DIY Animated PPT Promo Kit

Looking for the most feasible PowerPoint animated slideshow templates for slideshow creation generally refers to a time consuming web search. If you are a creativity freak and want to escape the aforesaid hustle, try hands at working with the DIY Animated PPT Promo Kit to create a customized animated slideshow template of your own.

Talking about the utilities, this interactive slideshow presentation kit is packed with a lot of professional features that are sufficient to give a hype to your normal quality slideshows and allows you to work with over 100 entirely customizable slides in 2 variable color schemes.

DIY Animated PPT Promo Kit

07Pitch Deck Animated Bundle

Using a pitch deck strategy is a common way of attracting fund credibility for your business for an appreciable revenue growth, which is often put to the additional use of addressing potential workers of the company on the latter’s crucial success factors. When working towards either of the purposes, using the aforesaid software bundle is a smart choice to showcase the exact content concerning your overall business concept to the target audience.

This one is preferably the best pitch deck template you could ever get. Though there is an appealing set of market choices, it is always an impressive decision to select the cream from the curd for ensuring high end results.

Pitch Deck Animated Bundle

08Massive X Presentation Template for PowerPoint

When having a desire to access the credibility of slideshow templates though user reviews, this animated PowerPoint template is sure winner. Packed with an extensive library of over 960 exceptional slides in dark and light background themes, along with 20 preset color schemes, this graphic template is an absolute favorite of creative designers across the globe.

Choosing the template for catering to your animation centered slideshow creation needs opens a diversity of audio-visual customization features with an entirely free access and an easy to use working interface.

Massive X Presentation Template for PowerPoint

09Imperial Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Living up to its name, this one is a multi-functional, free animated slideshow template that allows you to choose the perfect color scheme for your brand from more than 100 shade varieties, thus ensuring a high end transition flexibility. Prefer using this template to add a visual highlight to your slideshow presentations with a diversity of icons and customized animations.

If you have invested enough time looking for the best PowerPoint animation slideshow creator utility, end your search with the Imperial Multipurpose template that is available to you without asking for a penny from your pocket and welcomes you with the most interactive working environment.

Imperial Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

10Minimal PowerPoint

The aforesaid slideshow template for creating animated presentations is a fundamental and clean graphic creation utility that comes with a wide range of more than 500 different sides and convenient to use drag and drop placeholders for seamless content inclusion. Additional features of the template consist of inbuilt calendars, charts, graphs and customized illustration components, suitable for a diverse set of industries.

This one is an interactive style PowerPoint animoto slideshow maker template that works best to infuse data and animation graphics together. You can use this graphic design tool without a second thought for delivering quality content with a cohesive slideshow presentation, of course without having to worry about any cost constraints.

Minimal PowerPoint

11PowerPoint Animated Pro Pack- With Animated Slides

Using this animation slideshow template for your business presentations facilitates you with a series of interactive graphic modules within professionally compatible slides. You can use this high end template package to supplement your presentations with high quality animated motion diagrams.

Other appealing features of the package include a huge set of conveniently editable slides, with an extensive variety of PowerPoint compatible motion transitions, animations and many more surplus features to add the right amount of spark to your professional animated slideshow presentations.

PowerPoint Animated Pro Pack- With Animated Slides

12Wow Slides for PowerPoint

If you are yet to reach to the perfect animated slideshow creator solution, consider sparing a thought about this wonderful PowerPoint template to cater to your animation design concerns. Available to you with a decent set of over 24 inbuilt color themes, this one is a perfect choice for working on webinar slides, business presentations and pitch decks.

Apart from elegantly beautiful collection of animations, you will find this slideshow template package to be a storehouse of elusive and explanatory charts, graphs, maps and icon packs, which you can use to add relevant statistical content to your presentations or give an enhanced and organized look to your slideshow project.

Wow Slides for PowerPoint

Part 2 5 Tools to Make Stunning Animated Slideshow PowerPoint

Having discussed about the most amazing animation slideshow templates for PowerPoint, let us now extend our talk to learn about some of the most preferred graphic tools to create high end and professionally expressive and stunning animation centered slideshow presentations in PowerPoint, considering the fact that such presentations are an important part of the ongoing business trends, which you should be aware of.

The following section presents a detailed discussion on the features, best application utilities, market reviews and usage guidelines of the top 5 animated slideshow creator tools:

01Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

This one is possibly the best and an all in one software package that promises to address almost all of your graphic editing needs in the most affordable manner. Talking of the specific utility of creating animated slideshow presentations, Wondershare Filmora is dedicated towards delivering high end motion graphic slideshows of matchless professional excellence.

The tool is best in making audio infused, animated photo slideshows that are apt for comprehensive graphic proposals for top rated business projects. About the software’s pricing requirements, you can avail a free usage of the tool for free in its trial version for 7 days, following which, working with the tool will demand paid monthly and annual subscriptions of $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.


Working with the tool, you are entitled to use a plethora of audio-visual effects and filters to enhance your presentations.

The tool’s feature rich library has everything to design animated slideshows with high resolution output quality.

The tool is known to support almost all popular audio, video and image file formats.


The tool has a limited variety of fine-tuned utilities for effect tweaking.

The features of chapter authoring and DVD menu are absent.

Working with the tool, you may encounter occasional software crashes.

User’s Guide to Create Animated Slideshows in Wondershare Filmora

Having understood the basic functionalities and exceptional features of Filmora’s Animated Slideshow creator tool, let us see through the following section to get familiar to the knowhow of using the same for designing animation top rated slideshow presentations in a stepwise procedure:

Step 1: Download and Install the Software

Before getting though with the creation process, initiate a download of the slideshow creator program from the latter’s official website to any of your preferred Windows or iOS compatible devices.

Step 2: Add Your Images and Videos

Creating a slideshow presentation may require a set of multiple image and video files to the program’s graphic creator timeline. It is recommended to add your selections of the aforesaid files to a single folder before launching the software in your system.

Once you have finished making your selections, launch the program to reach its welcome interface, were you need to navigate and click on the ‘Media’ tab in the top toolbar. From the task options that appear, click on ‘Import a Media’. Next, you will be asked to browse through your device locations and choose the folder that contains your previously selected files to be used in the presentation you are about to create.

When you have found the required folder, tap on ‘OK’ to import the same to the new slideshow project in the Filmora timeline. All your selected files will be visible here after a successful import.

Wondershare Filmora Animated Slideshow Creator- Media Import Interface

Step 3: Timeline Positioning of Media Files

Before working on the task of positioning the imported media files on the app’s timeline, navigate to the ‘File’ menu and choose the ‘Preferences’ option. As soon as the respective window pops up, reach to the ‘Editing’ tab at the top and select ‘Photo Placement’ from the drop down menu that follows.

In case your selected images do not have a matching aspect ratio with the program’s preset values, choose the ‘Crop to Fit’ option for removing the additional black bars from the selected images. For the requirement of adding camera pan and zoom movements to your images, select the ‘Pan & Zoom’ option in the ‘Preferences’ settings.

Wondershare Filmora Animated Slideshow Creator- ‘Crop to Fit’ Tool

You can proceed to change the preset play durations of images, effects and transitions in the ‘Editing’ window itself. As an alternative you can adhere to the same task in the program’s timeline by dragging any one end of the media files in an outward or inward direction. The ‘Crop to Fit’ option may not give an affordable size in some cases where the images are set in a vertical 9:16 aspect ratio. Choose the ‘Fit’ option to set this issue straight.

Wondershare Filmora Animated Slideshow Creator- Image Play Duration

When you have finished making all the aforesaid adjustments, navigate to the Media panel again for adding the selected image files to the software’s timeline. Proceed with selecting a file and dragging and dropping the same at the desired position within the timeline. Continue repeating the process till all the images have been placed at their respective locations, and in the exact order of appearance in the slideshow. This should be followed by adjusting the image play durations using any one of the previously described methods.

Step 4: Escape Hard Cuts With Image Transitions

Hard cuts among different slides of a presentation break the flow of the slideshow. To escape this cringe, consider using a smooth transition effect within the slides of your project. To do this, navigate to the ‘Transitions’ tab in the top toolbar of Filmora’s project window and select a desired one from over 100 choices of customizable transitions.

You can now drop these transitions in the timeline at the exact intersection point of two image files. Avoid using the same transition for every hard cut to escape monotony. You can instead choose different transitions for each slide while observing its appearance in the clip.

After you are done with applying transitions to each slide, double click on a particular transition to open its ‘Transition Setting Window’ either for presetting the transition play duration or to choose a desired transition mode. You can also prefer a direct customization of the transition duration in the project timeline through a right or left dragging of any of its ends.

Wondershare Filmora Animated Slideshow Creator- Appling Image Transitions

Step 5: Uplift Your Slideshow Colors With Overlays and Filters

Navigate to the top toolbar and hit the ‘Effects’ tab to choose from a diversity of visual effects that can be added to the slideshow images to supplement them with an increased vibrancy through color desaturation. These effects in the program’s library are categorized into classes of Overlays and Filters, with further subcategories of Sepia Tone, Light Leaks and Lomography and many more.

To apply these effects, just select and add them into a timeline track above the clip you wish to add the overlay or filter to. When you have applied the effects, observe the overall clip appearance in the ‘Preview Panel’. Double click on a particular effect to fine-tune the latter’s settings.

Wondershare Filmora Animated Slideshow Creator- Adding Image Filters and

Step 6: Supplement Your Slides With Motion Graphic Elements

While motion graphics will undoubtedly enhance your animated slideshows, adding them to your presentation is purely optional, since most professional projects do not need a motion graphic element to escalate their presentation outlook. If, however, you choose to work on making these a part of your animated slideshow, Filmora lets you do that in its ‘Elements’ tab.

There is a plethora of motion graphic templates that you can select and add to the project timeline for a quick and vibrant upgrade of your presentation slides, but, at the same time, it becomes important to take care of the visual outlook and the underlying reason of creating the slideshow before you decide on adding these elements to your project.

Wondershare Filmora Animated Slideshow Creator- Adding Motion Graphic

Step 7: Create Voiceovers and Record Soundtracks for Your Slideshow

Narration is a smart way to captivate the target audience within your slideshow, whether though a self-delivery or a recorded voiceover. If you decide on the second option, you can conveniently use the Filmora Slideshow Creator program to add voiceovers and soundtracks to your presentation.

To adhere to the purpose, navigate to the top toolbar and click on the ‘Media’ tab. From the options that appear, tap on the ‘Record’ menu that drops down, followed by selecting the ‘Record Voiceover’ option. As soon as the ‘Record Audio’ prompt pops up, select your desired microphone to be used in the recording process and click on the ‘Record’ button.

Wondershare Filmora Animated Slideshow Creator- Creating Voiceovers and
        Sound Records

The recording that you have just created will appear in the ‘Media’ tab beside your all other imported audio-visual and image files, and you can add the same to any desired file with utmost ease. The Filmora library further allows you with a free access to its huge inventory of sound and audio effects. To apply these effects to your project, navigate to the ‘Audio’ tab and browse through impressive music categories, like, Young & Bright, Rock, Electronic, etc., to select the best matching audio for your slideshow.

Wondershare Filmora Animated Slideshow Creator- Adding Audio Effects

When you have made your selections, add all of them to the slideshow’s audio track in the project timeline and make suitable adjustments to their play durations.

Step 8: Export Your Creation

When your satisfied with your efforts till here, you have indeed created a wonderful animated slideshow presentation that should be exported to relevant platforms. Navigate to the ‘Export’ tab at the top right corner of the project timeline and click on the same. As soon as the utility window appears, choose a preferred file format, set a desired output resolution and fame rate for your presentation, followed by making a direct export of the same to your Vimeo or YouTube accounts.

The slideshow rendering time on different platforms may vary in cohesion with the specific presentation lengths, with larger file requiring a considerably longer time to get rendered than the smaller ones. It is advisable to limit the output file size within 500 MB for a quick rendering process.

Wondershare Filmora Animated Slideshow Creator- Slideshow Export Interface


This one is an online animation slideshow creation tool that could certainly be your best choice to design high end professional presentations. Facilitating you with over 100 different slide design layouts, the tool additionally grants you the liberty to add your own images to the presentation being created, or even select suitable alternatives from Canva’s extensive image stack that has over 1 million apposite images to choose from.

You can make the best use of Canva to create promotional presentations to add extra emphasis on the brand of your company and product brand, which a compatible to a diverse variety of professional platforms for information sharing.

As far as the cost constraints of the tool are concerned, you get to access a free version of the tool for working on slideshow presentations for individual or small business units, while the graphics design needs of large scale professional corporations are suitably addressed by the utility’s Canva for Work version, which is equipped with high end team coordinated features with a 30-day free trial, along with monthly and annual subscription of $ 12.95 and $ 119.4 respectively.


The tool allows you to add elusive texts, filters, fonts and images to the animated slides of your business presentation.

Working with the tool, you can drag and drop an extensive variety of elements within your slideshow.

Canva further allows you to create, upload and save the logo of your brand.


The tool’s customer support is not quite welcoming.

You need to add your phone number within the tool’s customer support interface for getting the required help.

The tool’s working interface is somewhat confusing.

User’s Guide to Create Animated Slideshows in Canva

Let us see browse through the detailed, step by step process to quickly create amazing animated slideshow presentations using the Canva graphic design tool in the following section:

Step 1: Download and Install Canva

Visit the official site of the tool for a free download of the Canva slideshow creator software in any suitable iOS or Windows compatible desktops, laptops and PC systems.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator

Step 2: Choose Your Task

Undertake a launch of the downloaded program to reach the latter’s welcome page. Here, you need to navigate to the search bar at the top and type a keyword to select your task. For creating slideshow presentations, enter ‘Slideshow’ in the search tab.

In the drop down menu that follows, a list of the closest matching alternatives of your keyword will appear. Select ‘Slideshow Videos’ from the same.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Task Selection

Step 3: Select a Template

The completion of Step 2 will take you to the program’s template library, where you can either work with creating a presentation of your own by clicking on the ‘Create a Blank Sideshow Video’ option, or choose any one from the finest collection of in built slideshow templates from the Canva library.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Template Selection

Step 4: Customize Your Template

After selecting the template, you will reach Canva’s slideshow editor page. Here you can customize your slideshow as per your preferences. To begin with, replace the preset images in the template with your selected ones.

You can either choose a set of images from the program’s inbuilt photo gallery or select the same from your device. Navigate to the ‘Tools Panel’ in the left and click on ‘Photos’ to work with the first method, or tap ‘Uploads’ in that very panel to apply the second.

When you have made your choice, click on ‘Upload Media’ to bring your selections to the tool’s editor timeline. This should be followed by dragging and dropping the images at appropriate places within the template.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Template Custsomization

Step 5: Crop the Images

Double click on any image and drag it sideways to crop the same within your preferred aspect ratio. When you are happy with the changes, click on ‘Done’ to apply them. You can additionally, customize the images with a variety of available effects at this stage.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Image Cropping

To proceed with the aforesaid process, choose the image you want to customize and select ‘Edit Image’ from the dropdown that appears. You will be directed to the ‘Edit Image Gallery’, where you can select the effect you want to complement your image with.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Image Customization

Step 6: Add Other Design Elements

Tap on ‘Elements’ in the ‘Tools Panel’ at the left to select a suitable component from a range of stickers, icons, illustrations and charts to add to your slideshow according to its creation theme.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Adding Design Elements

Step 7: Customize the Text

The template has some pre-written text, which you can change by double clicking inside the text boxes to highlight the already written text and edit the same as per your requirement. Press ‘T’ on your system’s keyboard for adding extra text boxes. You can also visit the ‘Editor Toolbar’ work with a variety of text formatting options, like, font size, style and color.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Text Customization

Step 8: Include Suitable Animations

To supplement your slideshow with stunning animations, select the image, element or text you wish to animate, followed by pressing the ‘Animate’ button. You will reach the ‘Animations Gallery’ for a selection of the desired text or page animation you want to add.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Animate Tool Selection

Once you have finalized your choice, click outside the gallery to apply your selected animation.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Animation Selection

Step 9: Add the Perfect Sound

To uplift your presentation with an appealing music, navigate to the ‘Tools Panel’ at the left of the editor window and tap on ‘Audio’. A gallery of music clips will get displayed. Choose the one that best suits the theme of your animated presentation.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Audio Clip Selection

Step 10: Preview Your Creation

When you are done with creating the presentation, watch how it looks by navigating to the ‘Menu Bar’ at the top and clicking on the ‘Play’ button. When you have finished, click on ‘Close’ to reach the editor window.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Slideshow Preview Selection

Step 11: Set the Play Duration

To adjust the play duration of any slide, select it and navigate to the toolbar at the top left corner.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Exit Preview

Click on ‘Edit Timing’ in the same and make suitable adjustments either by encoding the required number of seconds or dragging the duration slider.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Editing Slide Play Duration

Step 12: Time to Download and Share!

Prefer previewing the slides one again to take a final look at your presentation. If you are happy with your work, navigate to and tap ‘Download’, followed by selecting the file type to save your creation locally to your device.

Canva Animated Slideshow Creator- Slideshow Download Interface

It is recommended to choose the ‘MP4 Video’ file format for saving audio enabled presentations. In case you want the background music to be included, either choose the ‘GIF’ format or download the slideshow as a PowerPoint presentation.

For a direct share of the animated slideshow, navigate to the ‘Menu Bar’ at the top and click on ‘Share’, followed by ‘All Options’ and lastly, tap ‘Present’.


This one is affordably the most convenient presentation tools if you are a user of iOS devices, and is a world class utility to create animated slideshow presentations. You can work with this tool to add an extra element of practicality to the otherwise customary business oriented animation slideshows with a diversity of effects, filters and transitions. The software is an ultimate best in adhering to real-time and remote event collaboration concerns of employees.

Concerning the pricing requirements, you can work with this slideshow creator tool for free if your usage concerns are restricted to a personal need. In an otherwise case, you can prefer buying the latter for a monthly investment of $ 99 and $ 299, respectively for business and enterprise based concerns.


The Keynote program allows you a real-time, remote and revised access to the slideshow presentation.

The program’s creator library is a storehouse of the most elegant and expressive slideshow templates and themes.

The application greets you with a responsive and non-messy interface, with a decluttered toolbar.


The program offers you a limited number of options to export your creations.

You cannot work with the application on a Windows compatible device.

If you are a regular PowerPoint user, working with the tool will require you a comprehensive learning of the usage pattern.

User’s Guide to Create Animated Slideshows in Keynote

Moving ahead with the discussion, let us understand the process of creating an animated slideshow presentation in Keynote though a step by step guide in the following section:

Step 1: Download the Keynote Slideshow Creator Tool

Start with initiating a free download of the tool from the official Apple website through your login credentials and proceed to install the same in your iOS device.

Step 2: Select a Presentation Theme

To start working on your slideshow presentation, you will require to choose a suitable theme. To do this, open the tool by clicking on its icon in the Launchpad, Applications folder or the Dock. The ‘Theme Chooser’ window pops up. In case this doesn’t happen, navigate to the bottom left corner of the screen and tap ‘New Document’.

In the ‘Theme Chooser’, you can either see through different categories or tap ‘All Themes’ to select the one you like. When you have found your preferred theme, open it by double clicking on the same.

You may either use the preset slide layout of the selected theme or use a different one by navigating to and clicking on ‘Format’ tab at the right side of the screen. You can now add your specific content in the presentation through adding new slides, text and images.

Click on the ‘+’ symbol in the theme toolbar to add a new slide followed by choosing its layout, double click inside the placeholder text to edit the same or drag and drop an image from your device gallery or the internet to replace the preset one in the template.

Step 3: Supplement Your Presentation With Objects

Proceed to add different slideshow objects in your creation by navigating to the ‘Object Toolbar’ at the top and selecting tables, charts, shapes, text boxes, comments, etc., that you wish to add in your presentation.

You can further make changes in the color, shadow and border of the object to improvise its appearance, or prefer applying a preset object style to enhance the overall object look to bring it in line with the slideshow theme. To do this, select the object and you will see its formatting options in the sidebar at the right. Click on the ‘Format Toolbar’ if the sidebar does not appear.

You can additionally, add layers to the slide objects, change their size or nest them within a shape or text box and link objects to switch to a new slide, open a related web page or email message.

Step 4: Add Audio-Visual Elements

Try adding suitable media elements to your creation by dragging a video or music file from your system either to a media placeholder or just anywhere within the slide. You can alternatively tap on the ‘Media’ icon in the top toolbar and choose ‘Music’ or ‘Movies’ from the dropdown that appears, followed by dragging the file with the previously explained method.

To add a soundtrack to the presentation, click on the ‘Soundtrack’ icon in the toolbar at the top, followed by clicking on the ‘Audio’ tab in the sidebar that appears. Next, tap the ‘+’ icon to select specific songs or playlists you want to add in the soundtrack.

Step 5: Add Stunning Animations

Start with selecting a slide to add the animation effect in the ‘Slide Navigator’. The ‘Animate’ sidebar appears, where you need to select the ‘Add an Effect’ option. Scroll down to view and choose a desired transition.

You can see a preview of the selected transition being played, with the slide navigator displaying a blue mark at the right corner of the slide to indicate the addition of a transition.

To change a previously selected transition, navigate to the sidebar at the top and tap ‘Change’ to select a new one. You can further, use the sidebar options to set the direction and transition play duration.

Step 6: Playing Your Slideshow

When satisfied with your effort, you can prefer playing the presentation, either in full screen or in a single window. If you choose to play in full screen, navigate to the ‘Play’ menu, click on the same and select ‘Full Screen’, followed by choosing the desired slide from where you wish the presentation to start in the slide navigator.

If you want to play the slideshow in a window, select a preferred slide in the slide navigator, go to the ‘Play’ menu at the top, click on the ‘Play’ tab, followed by choosing the ‘In Window’ option. The presentation will now start with the selected slide being played in one window and the presenter in the other.

In either of the above slideshow playing modes, press ‘Esc’ from your system’s keyboard to end the presentation playing process.

Step 7: Collaborating With Others

Working with the Keynote Slideshow Creator, you can collaborate with others to invite people to view and edit your presentation. To give a presentation access, you can either share a web link for a public access, or invite certain people having registered Apple credentials to view your creation. You can even give editing permissions to selected viewers or allow them to invite other people to collaborate.


This one is a useful tool to create interactive business presentations for brand promotion and company recognition. Talking about the specific features of the tool, you can work with the utility to design an attractive logo for your company, import data and charts to your presentation, make adjustments in the color schemes of the slideshow, initiate infographic building and organize your slideshow into several sections.

The tool works best towards educating potential customers and clients about your company’s mainstream work profile and business. Sticking to the terms of utility pricing, you can begin with taking a free demo of the tool to access its credibility in cohesion with your specific needs. Following this, you can avail a monthly paid subscription of Powtoon, which has a price range of $ 19 to $ 59, according to the type and extent of features you choose to avail.


You can add the details of your brand in the most expressive and appealing manner with the tool’s manifold design features.

You can work with hundreds of preset slide designs to quickly create professionally sound animated slideshows.

The tool is excellent in catering to your diverse slideshow design needs, when working for a large scale organizational setup.


The tool is not a smart choice for individual or small scale business setups.

The extensive variety of features results in a bit confusing and messy working interface.

You can add a limited number of users to the monthly subscription plan of the tool.

User’s Guide to Create Animated Slideshows in Powtoon

For a better insight on how to create animated slideshows in Powtoon, let us go through the stepwise tutorial of the process in the following section:

Step 1: Launch the Online Tool

Visit the Powtoon official website to open the slideshow designer tool in any of your favorite internet browsers.

Powtoon Official Site Link:

Step 2: Script Your Presentation

Start with creating a preset content for every slide of your presentation, based on the reason behind creating the slideshow, type and style of content presentation and so on.

Step 2: Add a Cohesive Background Music

You can complement your presentation with the perfect background music from the Powtoon library, from the web or even create your own voiceover recording through any preferred online text-to-voice recorder tool to voice the contents of your presentation. When you are done, upload your recording to the Powtoon editor to proceed with adding visual content to the presentation.

Step 3: Divide Your Presentation Slides

You can now add images, text and animations to your project in line with your presentation script. Choose suitable images from your device or from the web, add short, impactful texts and stunning animations from the Powtoon’s library to level up the appearance of your slideshow.

Step 4: Include Design Elements

Try adding additional elements like, graphics, background themes, animation styles, props, color schemes and other relevant characteristics to the slides.

Step 5: Time Your Presentation

In the last step, use the Powtoon timeline to set the sequence and time of appearance of different elements in each of your presentation slides. You can also hear the voiceover in the slideshow background to ensure the synchronization between the audio play and visual content appearance within the presentation.


This one is a top grade cloud based professional tool for creating animated slideshow presentations with an affordably high visual credibility. Equipped with a drag and drop design workflow, the tool works effectively towards delivering intuitive and engaging animated slideshows for effective communication of business ideas and top rated brand promotion strategies.

The best usage of the tool lies in the creation of business presentations that are aimed at ensuring company oriented image collection and brand consistency. Talking of the tool’s pricing constraints, a single user subscription of the utility would cost you $ 20 on a monthly basis, which increases to $ 60 per month for a 3-user package.

It is a smart choice to take a free live demonstration of the tool to get a comprehensive understanding of the latter’s working technology.


Extensive variety of colors, images and logos to complement your business presentations with elusive design elements.

Promotes a viable consistency among multiple employee presentations

The tool comes with an in built analytic system that keeps a track of the viewers of your slideshow presentations.


The tool lacks some essential elements of slideshow design.

The design features are mostly generic and do not cater to intense creation needs.

The tool lacks a free trial facility.

User’s Guide to Create Animated Slideshows in Visme

In the following section is presented a stepwise procedure to create stunning animated slideshows in Visme with high end professional excellence and in the quickest time span:

Step 1: Download and Install the Program

Navigate to the official website of the Visme Slideshow Creator program to download and install the same in any of your preferred MacOs or Windows supported devices.

Visme Official Download Link:

Step 2: Start a New Project

You will need to create a Visme account to start working on the slideshow creation process. When you have created one, navigate to and click the ‘Create New Visme’ option in the tool’s opening screen to open a new project and assign a suitable name to it.

Step 3: Choose a Template

in the new project window that appears, click on ‘Presentations’ option at the top to see a library of slideshow templates being displayed. You can either, select a template from the library to edit or start an entirely new creation of your own.

Step 4: Make Color Schemes and Background Selections

To proceed with the selection of slide backgrounds and color schemes, you can either choose an exact color by entering its RGB code in the ‘Edit Colors’ option, or choose one from Google web pages using the ‘Chrome Eye Dropper’ tool.

Step 5: Add Shapes and Icons

You can supplement your slideshow with suitable design elements, like icons and shapes. All you need to do is navigate to the ‘Tools Panel’ in the left, click on the ‘All Shapes’ symbol and type a related keyword in the search bar to get a list of matching shapes to choose from.

Step 6: Insert and Format Text

You can now proceed with adding suitable text, titles and subtitles to the presentation slides. Again, visit the ‘Tools Panel’, tap the ‘T’ icon and click on ‘Add a Title’. A text box will be created within the slide, where you can add the required text. You can also format the same from the ‘Format Toolbar’ that gets displayed above the inserted text box.

Step 7: Add Photographic Slides

To include image slides, start with inserting a new slide in the presentation, flowed by once again navigating to the ‘Tools Panel’ in the left and clicking on the ‘Background’ icon. Choose a suitable color scheme and again, click on the ‘Images’ symbol in the ‘Tools Panel’. Here you can select any suitable image from the library that gets displayed.

Step 8: Link Your Slides

Link the sequential slides of your presentation with any suitable indicator, such as an arrow, so that clicking on the same takes the viewer to the successive slide. You can alternatively create ‘Hotspots’ to link the slides together.

Step 9: Publish and Share Your Presentation

When the final result makes you happy, navigate to the ‘Publish’ tab just above your slide window to open the presentation publishing interface. Here, you can choose from the options of a direct share, a site or blog embed or a local download of the presentation to your device.

Ending Thoughts

Animated slideshow presentations land among the most trending ways to ensure a precise and engaging content delivery.

The software market is packed with a diverse range of impressive slideshow creator tools with the most amazing features.

When making your choice of the perfect animated slideshow designer tools, the Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Creator program is indeed a smart pick.

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