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6 Best Voice Changers for Chromebook Deserve a Try

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Voice changers play a vital role in the lives of people who do not want to reveal their original voice. It is the software that allows you to change your voice. You can use the voice by adding a variety of effects. Some devices help you transform your voice in different ways and, also, as you like.

1. Voicemod

voice changer chromebook voicemod


Voicemod is very simple and has unique features. It changes your voice live, and no one can recognize you. You can also use it in voice changer chrome books , and gamers mostly use it. These apps have specific and convenient features.


  • Easy and very simple to use.
  • It provides a free platform to its users.
  • It also provides a live voice changing facility.
  • You can easily adjust your voice.


  • Free but paid-for advance features.
  • Very expensive to use.
  • Not comfortable with your setup, which has low specks.
  • Not suitable for large setups.


The price of Voicemod is up to $20 to $25. It is too costly for small users.

Available on:

It is available for Mac and PC both.

2. Celebrity Voice Changer

celebrity voice changer


Celebrity voice changers are very reliable for the chrome books voice because it provides many functions to its users. It is a popular device which is used by people. It is very helpful for voice changer chrome books. We can also adjust the pitch of your voice. The main feature is that you can also change your voice to a celebrity voice.


  • It is free for the users.
  • It also has the feature to record short sounds.
  • You can also make echoes if you want.
  • You can also change voice in celebrity voice.


  • Very slow and have delay voice recording.
  • It does not support live recording.
  • Limited voices of celebrity.
  • Not very practical for large setups.


It will cost you up to $10 to $15. You can buy it easily.

Available on:

Users of PC and Mac are now able to install celebrity voice changer software easily.

3. ClownFish

voice changer chromebook clownfish


ClownFish is the best voice changer Chromebook that is available with a lot of features. It is an easily available application on the app store at a reasonable price. You can change your voice and music voices. It is mainly used by the call centers, gamers, etc., the user of discord servers uses it because voice changers are very helpful for those.


  • A very secure application for the user.
  • User friendly and easy to install setup guide.
  • Anyone can learn the software.
  • Provides the functions of live recording.


  • It is expensive.
  • It has limited functions of voice changing chrome books.
  • Not beneficial for large setups.


The price of ClownFish is up to $30 to $35. Sometimes they provide a discount to their users.

Available on:

It is for Mac and PC. It provides a facility to both users.

4. MorphVoX

voice changer chromebook morphvox

MorphVoX is one of the best voice changers for Chrome books. It is unique and different from other software due to its advanced features. It adds the environmental and good effect to your voice. It provides an extensive library of free sound and voice packs. The best quality of sound is also available in this software.


  • Its installation is easy and simple
  • Provides natural voice effects
  • Available in the free version with specific voice changer features.


  • It is costly
  • Complicated user interface
  • Time-consuming app


Its price is almost 39.99$. You can install it easily.

Available on:

MorphVoX is available on PC only.

5. Voicemeeter

Voicemeeter delivers you a variety of features. It provides its users the feature of adding extra audio to the clip. It can also connect two sources at the same time. You can also manage the different software and hardware sources in voicemeeter.


  • It provides safety to its users
  • It has the best sound quality
  • It offers a friendly environment for its users
  • It is easy to understand


  • Face little complexity while streaming
  • Tricky to understand
  • Slow in processing


It is free software. If you can pay whenever you feel like it is helpful. It's only up to their users.

Available on:

You can only use it on a PC. Its installation is for PC users.

6. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal is the helpful voice changer chrome book. Most of the users use it for gaming purposes. They change their voice for games by using a voxal voice changer. You can also generate unlimited effects on your voice. It has a natural user interface.


  • It provides you the recoding feature
  • Users enjoy it while using
  • It gives their users a money-back guarantee
  • It is user-friendly


  • You cannot transfer the audio voices.
  • you have to pay for additional effects
  • it is very difficult to use


They give a discount to their users of up-to 15$. But its original price is 35-40$.

Available on:

Voxal voice changer is now available on both (PC and Mac) platforms easily.

FAQs about Voice Changer for Chromebook

Q: Are voice changers illegal?

A: No, it is not illegally processed audio that is used to modify your content, voice, and effects are legal. You can use a voice changer in a chrome book.

Q: How do I install Voicemod on my Chromebook?

A: You can easily install Voicemod in your Chrome by going on their available site. Select your communication app and then go to settings for the audio section. After that, you set your audio microphone as voice mod then your voice mod will be set.

Q: How do I change my voice on Google Chrome?

A: following are the steps for changing voice;

  1. Open Google chrome on your device.
  2. Please search for the voice mod and then install it
  3. Follow the instruction given by the voice mod so you can easily change your voice on Google chrome.


A lot of Voice changers for chromebook are being used in our daily life. It is handy for YouTube videos and gaming purposes. You can listen to the same voice with different sounds by using the voice changer effects. Some of the basic features of the best voice changers are mentioned above.

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