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Audacity Noise Reduction: A Guide to Efficient Background Noise Removal

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Nov 15, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Noise reduction is a global issue, and it is not going anywhere any soon. In such times, being a creator can be tough, as audiences prefer noise-free content. The presence of unnecessary noises diminishes the identity of content and its creator. To eliminate such sounds from your videos, developers launched noise reducers. Audacity removal noise is among those leading noise reducers with proficient features.

The key concept of this article is to remove background noise from audio in Audacity. Readers will find a detailed knowledge of reducing background noise Audacity. In addition, users will learn why removing noise is necessary and ways to avoid it. Moreover, we will discuss a valid and versatile alternative to it.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Why Is It Necessary to Get Rid of Background Noise in Videos and Audios?
  2. Part 2: How to Remove Background Noise Using Audacity? A Step-by-Step Guide
  3. Part 3: Ways to Prevent Background Noise While Recording Audios or Videos
  4. Bonus Part: Make Audio Editing Easy with Best-in-Class Audio Management Functionality - Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion
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A cross-platform for facilitating your video editing process by offering valuable benefits!
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Part 1: Why Is It Necessary to Get Rid of Background Noise in Videos and Audios?

You might wonder, if no one can avoid background noises, why remove them? However, there are many reasons why removing them is significant. Along with achieving high-quality videos, they have many advantages. This section of the Audacity noise cancellation article will discuss the reasons below:

1. Effective Communication

If you’re a creator, professional, or marketer, audience communication is important. Digital platforms have eased this through videos and online streamlining platforms. You bring clarity to your speech for effective communication via noise reduction. A video without distractions hooks the viewers to the screen, and they focus better.

2. Reflects Professionalism

Creators with international reach and vast audiences never compromise on audio quality. They post videos with zero background noises and audio enhancement effects. This is because such videos convey a professional brand or creator's image. No one likes a video with distracting traffic noises, wind noises, and others.

3. High Production Value

Video without background noises builds a premium and consistent brand image. They convey a message that the brand cares for its audience's preferences. In addition, the production of such videos speaks for itself. The stakeholders also invest in such brands that care for brand image.

4. Consistent Storytelling

With background noises out of the image, the storyline stays consistent. There are no unnecessary distractions that keep the audience off your videos. Those who create learning tutorials and explainer videos can benefit from this.

5. Audience Accessibility

When creating content, you should keep your horizons vast and diverse. There are people who cannot listen properly and use hearing aids. The removal of background noises makes content accessible for those with disabilities. In addition, some people prefer to watch movies and videos without captions. Background noises will force them to stick to subtitles, which can be a turn-off.

Part 2: How to Remove Background Noise Using Audacity? A Step-by-Step Guide

Audacity is an editing tool for enhancing audio with its advanced functionalities. This is a professional-grade tool that can cut, trim, copy, and mix audio. In addition, you can record audio through a microphone and other sources. With the Audacity denoise feature, you can remove unwanted noises from your videos. It assists in removing background noises, echoes, and other forms of noise through it.

Steps to Remove Background Noises in Audacity

In this section, you can learn to employ Audacity's noise remover function. Read the following guide to Audacity filter background noise here:

Step 1

Once you import and bring media into Audacity’s timeline, select it.

import audio to audacity
Step 2

Further, navigate towards the upper toolbar and locate the "Effect" tab. From the Effects dropdown menu, continue to "Noise Removal and Repair" and select the "Noise Reduction" option.

access noise reduction feature
Step 3

A “Noise Reduction” window will appear on the screen. From there, click the "Get Noise Profile," adjust the slider value, and press "OK."

get profile and remove noise
Step 4

Afterwards, Audacity will store the noise reduction settings, and you can access it. Then, go to the "File" tab and click "Save Project" to save it on your device.

save edited audio project

Part 3: Ways to Prevent Background Noise While Recording Audios or Videos

Editors like Audacity background noise removers help in achieving content perfection. In addition to these tools, creators can take some steps prior to recording. These will help them avoid maximum noise distractions before editing. It will also help the tool in generating efficient results and maximum productivity. This section will elaborate on the ways of preventing background noises:

1. Selecting a Quiet Environment

Before creating videos, ensure that there is minimum sound in the surroundings. Don't shoot in areas with heavy traffic or heavy machine sounds. Choose peaceful places that can add to your video's audio as well as visual quality.

2. Setting a Qualitied Microphone

When it comes to recording, quality equipment plays a crucial role in its quality. Make sure that the microphone is of a reliable company. In addition, position the microphone closer to your lips for clear audio. This will help in capturing high-quality audio signals and reduce background noise.

3. Acoustic Set-Up

If you want to record professional-grade videos, you can also build an artificial environment. Users can achieve such an environment via soundproofing the recording room. This will make audio free of outside distractions and reverbs echo.

4. Disable Noisy or Electrical Machinery

Another way of reducing sound is to minimize the presence of noisy tech in the surroundings. This includes turning off any electrical equipment near the recorder. Machinery like refrigerators, fans, and air conditioners. This is because sometimes the human ear cannot detect a sound, but microphones can.

5. Track and Maintain Audio Levels

This is a post-editing technique that involves the use of statistics to maintain audio. Many editing or recording tools feature audio levels. This will help in monitoring any high or low frequencies in videos. Later, they can manage noise by observing the audio levels.

Bonus Part: Make Audio Editing Easy with Best-in-Class Audio Management Functionality - Wondershare Filmora

No doubt, the Audacity denoise feature is available for use, but it is difficult to access. Someone with primary editing skills cannot operate this software. Hence, we recommend Wondershare Filmora for denoising audio and elevating content. You can employ two of its features to remove background noises. With its Audio Denoise feature, you can decrease various types of noise.

It can assist in audio enhancement and denoising wind noise, echoes, and hums. With its AI Vocal Remover feature, you can separate vocals from background noise. Both these features use AI technology to improve audio accuracy. Hence, it is your perfect replacement for Audacity background noise.

Prominent Audio Editing Features of Wondershare Filmora

Along with denoise and vocal remover, this Audacity denoise alternative has more. With its AI audio editing features, users can uplift other aspects of their audio. In this section, we'll discuss some exclusive audio editing features of Filmora:

  • AI Audio Stretch: When it comes to aligning audio with video duration, you can employ audio stretch. This feature uses drag and adjusts techniques to match audio and video. You can apply stunning audio effects or music without worrying about duration.
  • Silence Detection: With its silence detection AI, you don’t need to worry about silent pauses. It can analyze and eliminate the seconds without any speech duration. This will remove unnecessary minutes or seconds from your videos.
  • Audio Ducking: Lowering the audio levels of one track while increasing the other is complex. However, this feature eases the process for you without any technicalities. It can auto-detect when someone is speaking and lowers the music levels.
  • Audio Visualizer: Adding audio effects to music videos enhances their visuals. With Filmora's audio visualizer, you can do this as well. You can find diverse audio effects with a range of colors and styles. They align with the beat of your audio and uplift the visuals.
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In conclusion, let's review everything we have discussed in the article. Users have unlocked the knowledge of Audacity remove noise feature. In addition, the tool mentioned the significance and ways of noise reduction. We recommend Wondershare Filmora as an alternative solution to Audacity denoise. It has other audio editing features that can enhance your video and audio quality.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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