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Best Online Voice Recorders

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated May 20, 24

Meta: Looking for an online voice recorder to record any voice on the go? Here is the list of the best online voice recorders.

There are times when you will need to record your voice or record someone speaking immediately. If you do not want to install a dedicated app for voice recording, you can opt for online voice recorder. This is useful as it does not occupy space on your device unnecessarily. Besides, there is no time wastage for installing the app when you need to record voice immediately.

We are listing down the best online voice recorders with their Features and cons. Some of them are free while some are premium with more advanced features. You can use them on your computer as well as on your smartphone. You can choose the best ones as per your requirements and bookmark them for immediate use when required.

7 Best Online Voice Recorders

1. Rev Online Voice Recorder

The voice recorder online is completely free to use, and the recording file is saved in MP3 file format. The quality of recording is top-notch, and you can order transcription service as well. Most importantly, the platform does not save any recording on its servers. Here are the points to ponder.


  • Pause and resume options available.

  • Instant discard of recording possible.

  • Allows free recording without any payment.

  • Offers the service of paid transcription.

  • Allows rewind and forward of recordings.

  • Easily saves the file in MP3 format.

  • Compatible with Chrome and Safari.

  • Can be used on computer, Android and iOS.

rev online voice recorder

2. 123apps Voice Recorder

If you looking for an online voice recorder as well as an audio editor, 123apps is the best platform. It is a collection of all the essential tools for audio recording and editing. You can get tools for trimming, reversing, changing pitch, speed, and volume. There is also an equalizer option available for better recording. Here are all the features of 123apps voice recording.


  • Top-notch recording quality with customization of parameters.

  • Detects silent parts and deletes dead air sections.

  • Options for cutting and joining necessary record sections.

  • Automatically adjust the microphone settings.

  • Simple interface for hassle-free use.

  • Option to install Chrome extension for easy operation.

  • Save the recordings in MP3 file format.


3. Resonate

Resonate is an online voice recorder and editor. It is a great platform for podcasters and there are several paid podcasting services available. The recording quality can be great and you get to save the recording files in WAV format. It is online voice recorder Chrome and can only be used on computers. Here are all the features of Resonate Online Recorder.


  • Eliminates low-quality recording.

  • Can record Zoom calls on your side.

  • Can recording from various external microphones.

  • Ability to record in a high-quality format.

  • Allows editing tracks before uploading anywhere.

  • Easy uploading for podcasting and distribution.

  • Comes with a dynamic ad insertion option.


4. Voice Spice Recorder

This online recorder offers a plenty of features to satisfy all the users. You can record your voice online by selecting the voice type. You can also adjust volume and pitch. There is also an option for transcription. You can share the recordings through the links generated and get analytics on the popularity of your recordings that you shared. Hence, it is a perfect platform for budding singers, podcasters and musicians. Here are the features of Voice Spice Recorder you should be aware of.


  • Customized recording options.

  • Multiple adjustment settings.

  • Feature of text-to-speech recording.

  • Simple interface for easy recording.

  • Select voice type for accurate recording.

  • Allows adjusting the voice pitch and volume.

  • Feature of using voice tag for customized greeting.

  • Generate sharable links and watch their analytics.

voice spice recorder

5. SpeakPipe

SpeakPipe is an online free voice recorder through which you can record your voice instantly. The recordings are saved on SpeakPipe’s server and hence, you can share the links of the recordings instantly on social media platforms. However, there is a limit on the recording duration on the free version. Here are the key features of SpeakPipe Voice Recorder.


  • Easy interface for quick recording.

  • Allows listening to the audio recordings.

  • Sharable link for sending through emails and apps.

  • Recordings stay safe on web server for easy access.

  • Compatible with Windows, Android and iOS.


6. Clyp

Clyp is a free voice recorder editor online. Apart from recording, you can upload any audio file and get a sharable link. Therefore, the audio files including your recordings are saved on their servers. You can edit the recordings as per your requirements. Here are all the features of Clyp voice recorder.


  • Allows uploading audio clips for mixing.

  • Comes with a basic built-in audio editor.

  • Allows extensive embedding and sharing options.

  • Simple interface for hassle-free recording.

  • Option to download its app on smartphones.


7. Vocaroo Online Voice Recorder

If you are looking for a free online voice recorder where there is multilingual support, Vocaroo is the one for you. You can change the sentences in the interface in different languages for easy operation. It is a very basic voice recorder, and you can share the recording across any platform as it provides a dedicated link for your recording. Here are the features of the voice recorder.


  • Front-page record button for direct recording.

  • Option to upload audio and get sharable links.

  • Option to generate QR code for audio recordings.

  • Completely free tool without any annoying ads.

  • Allows using on smartphones and computers.

vocaroo online voice recorder

Conclusion –

If you are looking for a proper platform to record my voice online without installing any app, we have listed the top 7 best online voice recorders. Some are of them are completely free while others are paid services for flawless recording. Most importantly, some of these online recorders have editing options to fine-tune the recording and share across different platforms through sharable links.

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