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Top 10 Bumble Bios for Guys & Girls in 2024 [Double Your Matches]

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

The internet has made life much more manageable with several applications on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Bumble is one such online dating application that users sign up using their Facebook accounts or phone numbers.

This application is for the users searching for online dates; the app gives ladies an opportunity to make the first move/contact male users in heterosexual matches, while in same-sex, any of the two users can be the first to contact the other user.

Bumble bio is a personal biography of a user that has signed up to the bumble dating site. A user has to swipe to the left to reject the candidate that has shown interest and swipe right to show interest. Thus, making a unique and funny bumble bio helps users get connections immediately.

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Part 1: What Makes a Good Bumble Bios?

For everything on the market to be appealing to the eyes, the makers have to make it attractive or catchy to viewers or potential buyers, so Bumble bios are not exceptional. A user searching for a date must know how to create catchy and good Bumble bios. A well-written Bumble bio for men attracts ladies much easily.

Bumble Bio

In the next part, let us go through some of the best Bumble bios for males to date.

Part 2: 10 Best Bumble Bios for Guys & Girls

Bumble Bios for Guys

1. Be ready to Travel

Most people love traveling to new places around the world, including that you love traveling in your bio for Bumble will add more value and attract the attention of targeted viewers.

bumble bio for men

2. About You and the Target User

At this point is where you write about yourself and what the other person ought to know about you. About me helps the reader to get attracted to your bios more easily. It shows the first impression you portray yourself and what you are looking for in the site; this makes the best bumble bios for males telling ladies what you are interested in and vice versa.

bumble bio for males

3. Apply Listicles

When writing bumble bios, don’t write a long paragraph but prefer listing things about yourself in point form. Writing in point form makes readers go through the bios with ease compared to reading long paragraphs.

bumble bio apply listicles

4. Your hobbies/side hustles

Most people have side hustles to make extra revenue to support their families and themselves. The best bumble bios should list of your hobbies and talent that gives you extra cash. It makes your bumble bio easy to find people you match with them.

5. Pros and cons

Every human being has pros and cons, none is perfect, and each person has the best, and the worst things in life, bumble bios for guys never fail to have pros and cons. Always list them down as they add value and fun to your bumble bios.

bumble bio pros n cons

Bumble Bios for Girls

1. Choosing an attractive photo

Having an attractive photo of yourself is the first thing that will attract viewers to stay longer on your profile and get more information about you. Unclear photos can’t impress viewers even if the other parts of bios are perfect. The profile photo acts as the best bio for Bumble in your profile.

bumble bio attractive photo

2.Useless abilities/talents

It is a good idea to include bizarre abilities in your bios. Many people love to read funny bumble bios that show talents that others have; these talents draw the attention of most internet users.

funny bumble bio

3. Be ready for Disappointment

Dating sites are platforms where strangers show interest in each other, meet online, make friends, and even build relationships. Sometimes some get disappointed because of not getting what they expect after signing up and writing good bumble bios on the site.

bumble bio disappointment

4. Allow Suggestions

By allowing viewers to ask questions and leave suggestions about your bios after reading witty Bumble bios for females, make sure you reply to them. By doing so, you engage people who might turn to be the right people you are looking for on the site.

5. Your likes/dislikes

Listing your likes or dislikes makes you meet like-minded people, who like what you like whom you can get along well, but avoid writing about interests like traveling, rowing, or mountain hiking. Be specific in this area.

witty bumble bio

Part 3: Tips for Writing a Stunning Bumble Bio

There are several tips to write bumble bios that attract many readers. Here are some tips that can guide somebody to write an impressive bumble bio.

1. Let your profile photo speak

Good and well-shot photos can speak loud than emoji; make sure to upload the best shot photo in your bios for potential viewers to see and get attracted to your wall.

2. Be positive

Being positive in your bios tells people what you are searching for on the site and not what you don’t want. It is good manners to be polite in your language and let people see the bumble bio ideas flowing well.

3. Being clear

Let your bios be clear, and don’t fill your bios with fillers that don’t add value to your profile. Explain yourself clearly to pull the attention of the readers.

4. Creativity is key

Not everybody is creative, but it is good to show creativity in your bios, don’t use direct-to-the-point words; instead of saying I’m looking for a lady to marry, but write like I am here to meet and make friends. When the bumble bios show creativeness, viewers become comfortable to continue reading your bumble bios.

5. Being brief

When writing a bumble bio, always be brief, don’t tell the whole story about yourself in your bio, let the viewers develop the desire to know you more.

Part 4: Bonus Tip - Use Videos to Win Her Heart

A man can win a lady’s heart by using videos that he records himself and edits using Filmora video editor.

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filmora box

The Filmora video editor‘s 10.5 version comes with exclusive AR or augmented reality sticker image effects that tracts someone’s face makes it easy for a person to add the desired features to the image. The AR effects are of different varieties, like features of creatures, glasses, hats, ears, and many other fun elements. Some people use savage cute bumble bios to win readers using AR (augmented reality) stickers image effects.

Effects based on images are glasses, caps. Hats and creature/animal features like ears, noses, feet, etc.

ar effects filmora


Bumble bios are personal biography, which tells the readers about the person appearing on the profile. Well-written witty bumble bios for females can make someone impressive in the eyes of beholders.

Writing a good bumble bio requires someone to write a bumble bio that is well structured and doesn’t have too many fillers that add no value to the profile.

Augmented reality/AR effects Filmora video editor adds funny effects to the pictures of the profile owner and can make some savage cute bumble bios with its various features.

Thus, ideas from these ten best bumble bios for guys & girls will help you and others sign up and write a unique bumble bio and get the best out of the bumble website.