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5 Facebook Video Grabbers

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

As the name implies, Facebook video grabbers are devices or programs that assist in recording videos using a specific video channel. The videos that are so obtained can be viewed at any moment offline on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Notwithstanding the cause, video grabbers are crucial equipment for enabling you to save your preferred video for hassle-free offline watching.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other media sites must all be compatible with a superb internet video-grabbing tool. Additionally, it ought to have an easy-to-use interface with no complexity. Consider using tools that respect confidentiality and don't store or distribute your info.

Finally, stay away from cheap-looking gadgets that serve as a breeding ground for hazardous infections. Facebook Video grabber tool ensures that you possess the software necessary to stream your preferred clip or quickly download and add a specific film to your library.

Part 1. Best Facebook Video Grabbers

#1. SnapSave

Accessible as an application for IOs and Android, Snapsave is a freemium Facebook downloader. It is simple to operate and has an intuitive UI. The software enables you to download Videos on Facebook to any device, where they may be viewed offline or shared with mates.

You can also download videos from the Facebook newsfeed with this feature, and they can even be posted on Instagram or Snapchat. Snapsave application extension called Facebook video downloader enables you to download Facebook movies to the PC.

snapsave video grabber

By doing the following, you can save it to your computer or mobile device:

  • On the internet browser, launch the Snapsave application.
  • Enter the Facebook video's URL in the appropriate field.
  • Now, Tap upon the 'Download' button.
  • Save the video in your preferred mobile or computer folder.

#2. Getfvid

Among the most popular top online tools to grab Facebook video and convert video content from Social to mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) documents and download those for free is Getfvid. This facility is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computer systems.

To save your video in the supported format, you must type the Web address in the text field and click the "Download" option. You can use this website without downloading any software or registering.

get fvideo

However, follow these steps for quickly downloading Facebook videos online:

  • Tap on the video's play button, right-click, and Display the video URL.
  • Go to GetfVid, and insert the offered text box's web address there. This procedure might take a short while; however, this isn't the moment to reload or refresh the webpage.
  • Press over "Download HD" or "Download normal quality video" to begin downloading your video if accessible.

Kudos to GetfVid, as having an Effective web connection may download Facebook videos in just a few seconds. You may use this software for free, plus it requires no registration. Social networking video downloads have never been so simple. Without installing software, you can effortlessly download the desired video from the internet browser.

#3. Duplichecker Facebook Video Downloader

Duplichecker Facebook Video Downloader is crammed with hundreds of tools that let you complete various tasks for free. This platform provides a video downloader that is available 24/7 for your use.

Without encountering any limitations, you are free to download several videos as per your preferences. Anytime you're required to save any video from top video playing platforms like Facebook, you might flip to this Facebook video grabber chrome extension, thereby performing this job without experiencing any complexities.

dupli check fb downloader
  • Get started by accessing the website of Duplichecker Facebook video downloader.
  • Paste or enter the Video's URL you want to download.
  • Next, tap the 'Download Video' option below the field. The video's downloaded version shall appear within a few minutes.
  • Next, tap on the 'Download' option, saving this video in any restricted storage area.

You may very well assume that utilizing this software may be an intimidating task. Nonetheless, that's all. It is not only simple but also convenient to download videos from Facebook. Video downloading with this software is effortless, and the procedure requires a few moments to offer the preferred downloaded video on your device instantly.

#4. is a web-based, user-friendly Facebook video downloader that lets people download Facebook reels and videos straight from Facebook to any device (Mobile device, PC, LAPTOP) complimentarily without the third-party apps usages or the installation of any apps.

Fdown is a clear and concise tool that allows you to download videos from Facebook effectively to the gallery conveniently and for free; hence at any later stage, you might end up sharing it with others or checking out the video offline.

fdown net video downloader

Hence, use Fdown on the website as follows:

  • Login into the Facebook account. To download a video, tap on the three dots at the top.
  • Obtain the video's URL.
  • Use a computer or mobile device to access
  • Copy / paste the URL into the online textbox and Select Download.
  • Select from the offered (HD Quality or Normal Quality). You would then fetch your video to your device's gallery in seconds. is a website you may use without having to pay anything or register for an account. Anything on the Fb video downloader is completely free.

#5. Fbdownloader

A dependable website to grab Videos on Facebook is fbdownloader. You don't need to download any documents to any device to use this ready-to-use Facebook video grabber. You can download video clips in HD or SD resolution with the tool.

Additionally, it includes a unique function for downloading personal videos. It enables MP3 file conversion for Facebook videos. Overall, it's a reliable application that completes the task in a few easy stages.

fb downloader

You can download your favorite Facebook videos by completing the three easy steps below.

  • Locate the video.
  • Right-click on the video and choose Copy from the menu to copy the Facebook video URL.
  • Copy the FB video.
  • Insert the Facebook address above the text form and press the Go key.
  • Now, save the file. You can download a video file by right-clicking it and selecting Save As.

Part 2. How to Edit Facebook Videos on Computer

Formerly Wondershare Video Editor, Wondershare Filmora is the best choice if you wish to begin with basic video editing features and have the flexibility to improve as you get further. The application lets audience-ready films for many platforms and is ideal for Instagram.

Filmora is accessible for Mac and Windows desktops; while the company's Filmora mobile software is accessible for free download for Android and Ios devices.

start up filmora on mac
Free Download
Free Download

With the "Easy Mode" feature of Filmora, you might copy and paste video clips, add a few pieces of music, and create a completed video in a couple of moments by removing the intricacies. Most of these options are available in the Filmora application and an Effect Store, on which you may add pre-made intros, transitions, and themes to your videos.

Step 1: Upload your video or photo files
  • After starting Filmora, select the items you wish to transfer into the Video Collection by clicking the "Import" option in the menu bar and selecting "Open." You may now copy and paste the videos into the Media Files for your ease.
  • Drag your items to the timeline upon previewing them. Your primary sequence is now prepared; arrange the folders in the sequence you wish to display in the finished video.
Step 2: Customize Facebook video

Filmora is a convenient yet robust video editing software that enables you to conduct basic video processing. This includes trimming, cropping, splitting, and some complex video work, etc. It further involves featuring complex color tuning, a green screen, stabilizing shaky films, playing video in reverse, and zoom and pan.

cut video with filmora

You may easily make the sound fade in / out by editing your audio recording with the Audio Amplifier and Audio Mixer. Use a color-tuning application, such as the 3D LUT effects, to create your video look like something out of a Hollywood production.

Step 3: Download and Export

Once the video has been created, all left to perform is transfer it and post it to Facebook. Within that export box, there are multiple choices on the left side. You may download it to your device or download it in.mp4 file to publish to Facebook at a later time.

To publish your video on Facebook, you ought to understand the video forms authorized by Facebook and select the relevant video content. You may choose a different position to save it in and rename the movie if you wish to save something on your computer.


Nowadays, most video grabbers are incredibly easy to use and don't scare off their clients with a complicated user interface. Demand for internet video content is growing along with its popularity. There hasn't been a requirement for video grabbers that have increased as much now that video material is becoming more popular.

Video grabbers are necessary for everyone, from individual producers to business professionals, to record and organize videos for their purposes. Facebook video grabbers, as mentioned earlier, might thus satiate your need for Facebook video grabber online and offline streaming video.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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