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Facebook Hack? Get Your Account Back!

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 04, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Hacking your social media accounts like Facebook is very troublesome. Apart from the chaos it causes, you may lose all your valuable data and memories.

facebook account hacked

Although social media is an excellent platform where you create the timeline of your life and showcase your talent. But, it’s prone to online breaches like Facebook hacking through video etc.

The first thing is to maintain calm and perform all the steps mentioned in this article to recover your account. Also, keep reading to know preventive measures to avoid such hacks.

So, let's have a look.

Part 1. Why Is Your Facebook Easily Hacked?

Although hacking of Facebook is very unpredictable, there can be some possibilities that make your account vulnerable. So, keep reading to know all the obvious reasons.

Sharing Passwords

The thumb rule is never to share your password with anyone. Unfortunately, certain people welcome the online breach by directly or indirectly sharing their login info.

keep your facebook password safe

In addition, many Facebook messages or people may ask about your password for some procedure and convince you. So, secure your account and always keep your login details to yourself.

You're not Logging out From all the Devices.

You may have logged in via phone, PC, or public systems. Make sure to log out from all devices and never click on Save my password for this device. In case of doubt, you can log out from all devices by log out from all devices option in settings of Facebook.

No Security Updates

No security updates and custom settings can make your account more prone to hacking. Secure your account with all new security updates.

Involving in Suspicious Activity

Don't push yourself into unknown links, videos and never share private information with anyone on Facebook messenger. The Facebook video hack was widespread, and many people got caught in it. So, don't open links, videos, or play games that look unknown.

Part 2. How to get back hacked Facebook Account?

If your account has been hacked, you can take timely measures to recover it. But, first, let's have a look at all the methods.

If you Can't log in With Your Password

If you can't log in with your password anymore, that means your password has been changed. So,

facebook forget password to recover account

  • Click on Forgot Passwordon the login page.
  • Then, you may be asked to enter your mobile number or email ID.
  • Enter the correct details, and Facebook will send a verification code to your email or mobile number.
  • Now, you can reset the password and get the Facebook account access back.

ProTip: If you feel your account has been hacked, immediately change the password of the email ID associated with the account. Email hacking can lead to a severe threat as hackers may access sensitive and valuable information.

If you Can't Access Your Email ID

The hacker may have messed up with your email ID; in that case, try:

facebook email id changed

  • Click on Forgot passwordoption
  • Now, enter your user name or email and let Facebook search your account.
  • Now, you may see your account; there will be an option on screen asking you to reset your password via email ID.
  • Then, click on No longer have access to these, as you can't use your email ID.
  • The recovery option will appear depending on your account.

facebook recover account through trusted accounts

  • You can use Trusted contacts options to recover your account. Facebook will send links to those accounts. Ask them to open the link and get a recovery code for you.

facebook security questions to recover account

  • Also, some old Facebook accounts get security questions for verification. It will ask some security questions; you can re-access your account if you answer correctly.

Reporting the Hacked Account to the Facebook

Reporting hacked account to the Facebook can also help you retrieve your account. So:

facebook find your account

  • Open Facebook hacked account page.
  • Click on the My account is compromised

facebook my account is compromised

  • Now, let Facebook locate your account. Enter the email ID and mobile number associated with the account.
  • Then, Facebook will ask you to enter the latest password you remember of your account. Then, Click on Continue
  • A screen will appear asking you how you know your account has been hacked.

facebook asking for suspicious activity

  • Select the most apparent reason out of all the options.
  • Now, the recovery of your account has started as the Facebook will ask you to review the security.
  • You can enter the new password and re-access the account.

Try Most Used Device Method

This method is effective but can't work every time. So, try it:

  • Open Facebook on the device that you most use for accessing Facebook.
  • Use the network which Facebook recognizes. For example, home Wi-Fi.
  • If Facebook recognizes your device and home Wi-Fi or network, you can easily change your password.

Use the new Facebook Identification Method

it's a new method to recover your Facebook account. To do it:

  • Go to the Facebook help centerpage and verify your information
  • You have to fill in the details like name, surname, address, and D.O.B.
  • Now, attach a government-issued identification document.
  • Click on Send.
  • The Facebook authorities will take one to three working days to verify your details and help you to regain your account.

These are tried and tested methods if you feel your Facebook account has been hacked. The reasons can be simple hacking of getting access to password or a complex one like watching and following Facebook hack videos which give access to hackers.

So, try these quick steps to retrieve your contact. If nothing works you must contact Facebook for further help.

Part 3. Further Tips to Prevent Facebook or Messenger Account Being Hacked

Follow these steps to secure account to avoid any type of breaches.

Always Pick a Unique and Strong Password

Always create a unique and strong password for your Facebook account. It can involve alphabets, numeric, special characters and can be lengthy. Mix and match will make it very potent and difficult to use and remember.

Also, use different passwords for different online accounts. If you use the same password, every account can be compromised.

Activate two - factor Authentication

activate facebook two - factor authentication

It's a compelling method of securing your account. However, when you enter your password to log in, you have to enter an additional code sent to your mobile to log in successfully. You must have your mobile with you.

Be Cautious of Unknown Devices and Networks

In case of emergency, you may have to access your account from a public or unknown device. Make sure your log out and never click on save the password for this device.

In any case, you must log out from all devices if you feel your account may be unsafe and change the password immediately. In addition, avoid public Wi-Fi with no security for accessing your account.

Be Alert on Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger hacking video

Never reply to messages which are unknown or click on links or watch doubtful videos. The links can automatically take you to dangerous sites. For example, the Facebook messenger hack video prompts you to open the video and leads to malicious websites.

If your friend asks for any personal information, their account may have been hacked, so stay alert and avoid sharing sensitive data through Facebook messenger.

Enable Facebook Security Features

Facebook has improved security options. Turn on two - factor authentication, trusted contacts, security questions, recovery emails, personal identity. Update all the security features as they come in handy while recovering the account.

Obviously, it becomes vital to protect your Facebook data if you're a content creator and uploads videos. Facebook is a popular method of displaying creativity through video editing and talent. It can be dancing musical, nature, festive videos, or any type of editing.

wondershare filmora video editing tool

It's a significant loss when all your data is lost. But video creating and editing software like Wondershare Filmora lets you save your final video in the system.

It's an excellent tool for all content creators as you can directly share the video to Facebook. It's available for both Windows and iOS platforms. It's a very flexible and handy tool with the latest video editing features.

Review Your Payment Methods

Review your linked payment methods, remove the unused ones. Also, if you've to use payment methods in business accounts, secure them in every possible way.

Multiple Admins for Business Pages

Don't be a single administrator to your business page. Multiple admins can help you recover your account in case of any emergency.


Social media is a medium of entertainment, displaying your talent, creating bonds, and sharing memories. But everything comes with some terms.

So, update yourself enough about Facebook beaches like Facebook messenger hack video and other types of trending techniques. Update your security and passwords and never compromise their security.

If you feel someone is messing up with your account, use the techniques mentioned above. A social media platform like Facebook holds your identity, so keep it secure and enjoy the platform for all the good things.