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These iPhone Telephoto Lenses Works Well With Your iPhone

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The well known telephoto lenses are commonly used for two reasons: they help to defocus the background of image and they are capable enough to change the picture sweep. As you are well aware of costly accessory list of DSLR devices, telephoto lenses often fall in the same price range. If you are thinking to buy a new one then you must go through this detailed review first that can help you to get better idea about important specifications of top rated telephoto lenses.

1.The iPhone Telephoto Lens:

This well designed lens allows users to add more focus to every minute detail in captured stills. The collapsible table type tripod improves stability and this lens allows users to capture super smooth pictures even in low light conditions. You can buy this lens with payment of $35 only and it will come to your door step with a mini tripod, additional phone case and a cleaning cloth.


2. Exolens Telephoto 3x Lens:

This is definitely an essential telephoto lens for a professional who don’t want to compromise with crispness of captured stills. It is best choice for portrait photography as well as zoom photography where 3x zoom feature obtain stunning details from far distance without losing any information. It makes perfect adjustments for colours and brightness of every captured image. Get your product now with payment of $34.95 and enjoy stunning image quality with added crispness.


3.Evershop 10x Telephoto Lens:

Evershop offers best lens design for shooting videos or stills from larger distance. It can capture perfect details from landscapes, buildings, animal observations and travel hours without losing pixel quality. The 5 layer advanced professional style optical glass make it more suitable for crisp details and the aluminium barrel allows easy handling. The mini tripod adds more stability to placement. You can buy this telephoto lens from Amazon within $30.99; users are crazy about its impressive zoom abilities.


4. M.Way 10x Zoom Telephoto Lens:

With M.Way 10x Zoom Telephoto lens, you can easily discover the new adventure in the world of photography. Its clip on design makes it capable enough to capture stable scenes and the well designed aluminium shell makes it easy to carry. This telephoto lens can be used with most of the smartphones like HTC, Samsung and further it can be paired with Laptops, Tablet PCs and iPads.

Its macro lenses are capable enough to get finer details from extremely small objects, the sceneries can be captured perfectly with super wide lens abilities and for 180 degree scenes you will definitely love to appreciate its fisheye lens. Get your well designed telephone lens with payment of $21.99 and make your shooting session super easy.


5. Apexel 12xZoom Telephoto Lens:

You need not to go closer to wild shoots rather you can bring them near to your eyes by installing this Apexel 12x zoom lens. It is a perfect combination of fisheye, macro and wide angle lenses that bring fish bowl effect with crisp details on larger scenes. It can also work like a standalone telescopic lens when you want to enjoy games, concerts or sceneries more closely.

This portable unit can also be attached to most of the smartphones like LG, Sony, HTC, Samsung and many more. Apexel 12x is definitely a cheaper option with price tag of $9.00 only; you can gift it to your best buddy on this birthday.


6.Qable Powerz 12xZoom Telephoto Lens:

If you want to use your iPhone like a professional then these Qable telephoto lenses are best choice for you. These lenses are not limited to iPhone only rather they can be attached to almost all popular smartphones including Sony, Samsung, LG and HTC etc. This telephoto lens can provide 12x zoom ability without causing any distortion in the captured images so you can take this lens to shoot sport events, travel and animal observations.

Its quick detach system and portable clamps assists users to make easy installations. Place your order for Qable Powerz 12x lens at Amazon with payment of $21.83 only and you will get a picture perfect companion at your door step.


7. 18x iPhone Telephoto Lens:

This well designed telephoto lens has ability to make action 18 times closer to you. Indeed, it is impressive choice for all your long distance shooting requirements. You can carry it to shoot various concerts, sports and wildlife photography events. 18x is designed with 7 layers of professional class optical glasses that ensures stunning picture quality while making your iPhone to work like a SLR camera.

This lens is available with specially designed cases for all popular models like iPhone SE/5S/6S/6S Plus/7/Plus and the mini tripod mount with its flexible legs makes adjustment much easier. You can buy these telephoto lenses with payment of $46.99; consumers feel more excited about its 12 month warranty and life time customer support service.


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