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Top 5 ps4 Emulator for Android

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jul 17, 24

The PlayStation is one of the most recognizable gaming consoles ever, bringing with it a host of enduring titles. Final Fantasy, Tony Hawk Pro  Spyro, Skater, Tekken, Madden, as well as other popular brands became very popular with the general public because of the popularity of the PlayStation. Here is the ps4 emulator for android if you were a child and wanted to play those games again. The ps4 emulator for the android market is as excellent as it's going to get despite the fact that there aren't many of them. There hasn't been a lot of movement on this ranking since 2018, and we don't anticipate it to alter unless a new competition emerges.

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Top 5 ps4 emulator for android:

1.ClassicBoy Gold

Price: Free / $5.99


ClassicBoy Gold touts itself as an "all-in-one" ps4 emulator for android, which it claims to be. In addition to the PlayStation, it also supports three Game Boy systems, the Nintendo 64, the NES, SEGA, and NeoGeo consoles. There are also a number of other characteristics. They feature hardware controller support, customizable touch screen controls, certain audio options, as well as the normal save and load state functionality. It's a wonderful choice for individuals who want to have a variety of ps4 emulators for android available under one roof. The ps4 emulator for android might require some improvement since it is currently a little problematic, but it generally performs well.


  • It also supports three Game Boy systems
  • Hardware controller support
  • Customizable touch screen controls


Price: Free


Mudbox is a ps4 emulator for android that was released recently. It also functions as an all-in-one emulation application. It comprises a number of systems, including the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), the Nintendo DS, the NES, &, of course, the PlayStation. During our testing, we found the stability to be satisfactory. The game also has saved and load states, fast forward mode, cheat code support, & hardware controller compatibility, among other features. That is, in essence, the greatest of the fundamentals. The configuration options aren't as extensive as those of something like FPse, but it's enough for most purposes. Furthermore, it is completely free, despite the presence of advertisements.


  • Fast forward mode
  • Cheat code support, & hardware controller compatibility


Price: Free


RetroArch is one of the most well-known ps4 emulator for android available. The emulator also promises compatibility for a variety of operating systems. It truly supports pretty more even everything and anything that you can think of. Each system is downloaded as a plugin and installed separately. In comparison to another ps4 emulator for android, this implies that there is an additional layer of complexity to deal with. However, if you learn to master this app, you will not have to look for another one for a long period of time. According to our observations, the PlayStation core is quite reliable and performs well. It is absolutely costless (and open-source). Alternatively, Lemuroid (Google Play link) is another alternative that works quite similarly to RetroArch if you want that experience in a new package.


  • A core is quite reliable and performs well
  • Absolutely costless

4.Orbital PS4 Emulator


Orbital ps4 emulator mac is a legitimate PS4 emulator that is widely recognized across the world. It was created by AlexAltea, a well-known software engineer.

It is still in the development stage, so you will not be able to utilize it to play commercial PlayStation 4 games. However, due to the substantial development made, we have decided to include this emulator in our list.

It is a low-level emulator that makes use of the PlayStation 4 console operating system rather than the complete x86-64 CPU. It is intended for use with Linux and Windows in order to play the greatest PlayStation 4 games on a computer or laptop.

At the moment, it supports high-end PCs running Windows and Linux with the bare minimum of RAM- 16GB- and a PS4-mirrored CPU (with AVX extensions) running on an x86-64 platform (at least).

In summary, a contemporary Windows or Linux operating system is required to operate this emulator. Yes, it is open-source, which means that anybody from any community may contribute to the development of the application.


  • Legitimate PS4 emulator
  • Supports high-end PCs running Windows


Price: $3.63


FPse is the other of the two most popular PlayStation emulators available for Android devices. This one may be made to look exactly as you want it. It includes the fundamentals such as save and load states, customized controls, excellent compatibility, & hardware controller support, among other things. There are also additional settings, plugins, and extras that allow you to fine-tune the way the games play to your own preferences. Depending on your device, you may choose between improved visuals and improved gameplay. This one, like ePSXe, does not provide a free trial version to test out. In addition, because of the vast number of choices available, this one has a higher learning curve.


  • Capable of adjusting the resolution to HD quality 
  • Customization options based on the demands of the player
  • Analog or digital pads are also supported.


PS4 Emulator for Android, PC and Mac is the focus of this article. The PlayStation 4 is the most technologically sophisticated gaming system available on the market today. It plays the games on the console thanks to the strong x86-64 architecture, which makes them incredibly difficult to reproduce as they are. Since then, there has been a heated debate over whether or not it is possible to mimic PlayStation 4 games on a computer.

However, some of the emulators provide the finest results out of all of them, while others are still in the development stage. At the time of writing, these four emulators are the finest and most highly regarded options available. Take your pick and express your thoughts about it in the comments section.