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Top 8 Best Screen Recorders with No Lag

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 22, 22, updated May 20, 24

It's critical that we effectively and readily document these moments, whether we're sharing life milestones with friends and family, creating training films to share with coworkers, or recording a walkthrough of this year's trendiest game. This is exactly what screen recorders are made for. You may simply record video discussions with family and friends, record streaming videos, record lessons and educational films for business, and record live gameplay to share with gamers and fans with the correct screen recorder.

Lagging may make a screen recording a pain in the buttocks, as handy as it may seem. Imagine attempting to capture a crucial instruction or a high-intensity video game when the audio starts to lag behind the footage, or the video skips and jumps or stops needlessly. When your computer's RAM storage is being used up too quickly, it may lag. This is common when you have numerous programs and apps running at the same time that need a lot of RAM. This is where the majority of screen recorders fall. A few paid and free no lag screen recorders have recently entered the market to provide consumers with the greatest lag-free screen recorder option. While various screen recorders fight to be the best of the best, we've created a detailed no lag screen recorder comparison table to determine who is the best.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora screen recorder is a feature-rich screen recording program that comes with a video editing toolkit, screen sketching tools, AI face recognition, built-in video effect packs, personalized branding watermark, and more. It may not only make it easier to capture videos, but it also gives you additional options for making your films more professional, creative, and appealing.

mc filmora

Filmora, which is available for Windows and macOS, is an excellent solution for novices who want to rapidly create high-quality explainer films, training videos, demo videos, and more! Screen recording is more attractive because of the superb video templates. People may use annotation tools like callouts, arrows, and drawing movements to emphasize key information.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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Adjustable Frame Rates: Frame rates may be adjusted to assure high-quality recording, with options ranging from 20 to 60 frames per second. You may record the screen at a high frame rate as long as your hardware is up to the task. You may also set the most appropriate frame rate for your device if your computer is somewhat low-end.

Adjustable Video and Audio Quality: Video and audio quality may also be modified, ranging from the lowest to the highest. You may choose one that can provide you with a screen video of acceptable quality and reduced size.

Built-in Game Recorder: The newly enhanced game recorder function makes recording gameplay footage simple and adaptable. It can automatically start and stop capturing when it detects a running game application, allowing users, particularly game streamers, to concentrate only on the gameplay moments while recording them.

Real-time Drawing Tools: A drawing panel for creating annotations on the screen and a mouse effect is available. When screen recording a lesson, you may utilize annotation tools to highlight objects on the screen. Additionally, you may draw a colored circle around your mouse and change the color of the circle as you click it so that your audience can follow you more easily.

2. Camtasia

TechSmith's Camtasia is an excellent video recorder with minimal latency that can easily suit your screen recording demands. It's a feature-rich program that can help you with video editing and screen recording at any moment. This no-lag screen recording tool comes with a comprehensive collection of editing and special effects tools, including the ability to draw on the screen, add comments, blur, and subtitles, among other things. You can record everything on your screen, including websites, apps, video conversations, and PowerPoint presentations. It also has a Web camera, which is useful for shooting response videos. Basic functions like recording a specified section of the computer screen, recording audio, and recording the mouse pointer are all included.


It's not just a great screen recorder, but it's also a handy video editor that lets you edit and enhance your recordings in real-time. After recording your screen without latency, you may simply drag the video recording clip to the time and trim or edit the sections you don't want. You may even zoom the timeline to go through frame by frame to fine-tune your movie. Camtasia Professional also includes a variety of editing effects to help you improve your recording. You'll also be able to capture and modify audio, among other things!


  • It allows for multi-device recording and editing.

  • Users should be able to arrange their media collection.

  • Record screen activity with audio and webcam without lag.

  • Editor with a lot of power

  • There are a variety of output formats to choose from.

3. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is one of the most user-friendly screen recorders and video editors online. Because the program's editing tools are simple to use, you may record and edit movies in the quickest possible time. You may use the lag-free screen recorder to capture any video or sound, whether you're live streaming or recording your desktop. It may be used to make demo videos, training films, professional presentations, and even online instructional videos.



  • Separation of video and audio

  • User-friendly interface

  • Direct uploading to numerous applications

  • High-definition videos

  • Simultaneous recording

  • Simple alterations

  • Trimming function

  • Allows for the improvement of external photos, audios, and videos

4. ScreenRec

For no latency or watermark screen recording, ScreenRec is the best option. The key feature of this application is its cross-platform compatibility. You can easily download this non-laggy screen recorder for Windows or Linux and enjoy high-quality video recording while on the road. Furthermore, the application has no restrictions; your screen recording is in HD resolution with immediate downloads.


ScreenRec is the last free and strong screen recorder with no lag. ScreenRec video recordings have the added benefit of being able to be encrypted, allowing you to manage who has access and establish a sharing link that only your team members can see. ScreenRec should be an excellent solution for folks who appreciate their privacy. You may share the recording with anybody using a private sharing link after it's done. ScreenRec can record HD quality files for video, podcasts, live streaming, and any other audio recording. ScreenRec is a lag-free screen recorder that may be used to capture high-resolution games and instructive videos. All recordings are tiny and may be exported in the common MP4 video format. It also allows you to add notes to your video clip while filming a lesson, making it clearer and easier to follow.


  • High-quality video recording in a compact size

  • Private sharing through links

  • Instant uploads and downloads

  • HD recording (up to 150 frames per second)

  • Lightweight

  • Multiple input ways

  • Add annotations and encrypt the material you're sharing.

5. BB Flashback Express

BB Flashback Express is a full-featured software with professional capabilities that enable you to use the screen recorder without latency and with a variety of useful functions. Whether you plan or do it yourself, this application provides you with complete control over your recording. This recorder may also be used to create lessons, demonstrations, marketing videos, and video presentations.

bb flashback express

The BB FlashBack Express Recorder is a fantastic screen recorder that does not lag. It has a camera and microphone and allows you to record your desktop, webpages, video calls, and anything else on your PC screen. It gives you the option of adding narration to your videos. You may also embellish your video with GIFs, stickers, arrows, and descriptions. Above all, since the application does not impose any length restrictions on recordings, you may make them as long as you wish. You may produce clips and modify footage using video editing tools (most editing features are only available to premium subscribers), and then post your film in numerous formats or directly to YouTube.


  • Audio commentary and picture additions are available

  • Enhancements are enabled and scheduled recordings are available

  • Addable arrows and images on the screen are available

  • Cross-platform support is available

  • Webcam recording is available

  • Audio commentary and picture additions are available

  • Simple to use and inexpensive

  • the premium version removes the watermark.

6. FBX Recorder

FBX Game Recorder is a lag-free recording application for game players that runs on Windows only. It offers high-definition recording at up to 144 frames per second (for graphics card-based hardware encoders only) and hardware acceleration. It's still one of the greatest no latency screen recorders, even if it doesn't support all games and isn't ideal for all types of recording.

fbx recorder

As the name implies, this recording program goes to considerable lengths to meet the demands of high-resolution, smoothness, and ease while recording games. You may use it to record gameplay, capture desktop activity, create immediate gaming clips, take screenshots, and even live broadcast. Additionally, the built-in editing feature, which enables you to produce GIFs, write comments, add stickers, and effects, makes it easier to create personalized and eye-catching gaming films.


  • Intuitive interface Pointer highlights

  • The game recording is your specialty.

  • Built-in editing capability is quite useful.

  • Selects the frame rate and codec;

  • Highlights both right and left clicks

7. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is a wonderful screen recording program since it has a nice user interface and a small footprint. When it's capturing the screen, it never slows down your computer or gets in the way of PC operations. This fantastic screen recording application can capture and edit screenshots, record screen video, and share the recorded or captured video or screenshots on social networking networks. It provides a wide variety of options, such as frame rate, loudness, and more.

movavi screen recorder

People will discover that recording, transcoding, and editing videos are a breeze using Movavi. Movavi is a multi-functional video editing program that provides a one-stop solution for creating outstanding videos. The software may use the CPU resources and record the screen without latency thanks to Intel hardware acceleration. Videos are instantly converted to MKV format, ensuring the highest possible video quality. When you export your video to other common formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, GIF, and MP3, the super speed option may speed up the conversion process.


  • Availability on several platforms

  • Webcam recording

  • It can record both the system sound and the microphone at the same time.

  • Recording audio and video at the same time Recording mic and computer audio

  • It can also monitor mouse movements and highlight the pointer.

  • You may capture screenshots and share them right away.

8. Bandicam

For all users, Bandicam is a popular no-lag screen recorder. It's little yet powerful, allowing you to effortlessly capture any screen activity and store it locally. It also includes the ability to record the screen of other sources like your gaming console, cameras, and IPTV. Unfortunately, this program is only compatible with Windows systems; for Mac users, it is recommended that they look for another option.


Bandicam, like another no-lag reorders, allows you can easily record system audio and your voice while requiring no difficult procedures. Other capabilities, like task scheduling and chroma key, provide you with a lot of flexibility while recording the PC screen. Bandicam allows you to add shapes, arrows, and text to your recordings, as well as record your mouse pointer with preset effects. It's also a low-cost PC screen recorder that allows you to conduct screen recording without slowing down your computer.


  • Allow for the recording of external sources

  • Schedule recording

  • Capture video at up to 480 frames per second

  • With comments and highlight effects, record the screen.

  • Make a recording schedule.


You may choose any of these recorders from the list above to help you capture HD films swiftly and cleanly. Filmora Screen Recorder is the most cost-effective, feature-rich, and easy-to-operate screen recorder with no latency. As a result, we strongly advise you to download it and enjoy lag-free recording.

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