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An Honest Review of RecordCast

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

You would have probably needed the recording of the screen of your laptop, for that there are a plethora of options available on the internet. You may use them to produce comprehensive recordings as well as recordings that are limited to a single component or window. The disadvantage is that the free versions of this software sometimes include some very inconvenient restrictions, such as a relatively short time usage or bearing of those annoying presence of watermarks, which might negatively affect the result somewhat.

We introduce you to an amazing recording software RecordCast by PearlMountain company to record your screen and webcams online. It is a web-based application designed to capture your screen, webcam, and microphone input data. The interface to use the application is very user-friendly. Moreover, it provides free usage capability of up to 5 minutes of maximum recording time. However, for longer recordings, you might need to upgrade them. Let's have a detailed review of the RecordCast in the coming sections.

Part 1: Key Features of RecordCast

Software is best analyzed by the features it has to offer. The RecordCast is equipped with amazing features that you can avail of directly online through the web. Let's discuss these features one by one to explore them for your ease.

Free and User-Friendly

The first and the foremost prevalent perk of a RecordCast is its free usage for its users. The application provides you to sign in free of cost to avail of its recording capabilities without any watermark issues. Moreover, the GUI of the web-based application is very easy to use that only needs a few steps to do the job.

Multiple Recording Modes:

With the 3 recording modes of the RecordCast, it leads all other similar software which usually has single recording modes. The three recording modes let you choose to record webcam + screen simultaneously or one at a time.


The RecordCast is not only designed to record screens but with its video editing tools, you can now edit, trim, change colors, apply filters and put artistic effects on any video online. This amazing feature makes it a competitor for video editor tools too.


With great care for privacy and security, RecordCast stores and edit your video or recordings locally. It doesn’t upload your content to the web servers instead, it never shares your content with any third party.

Fair Pricing:

The free version of RecordCast let you record a screen or webcam for a maximum of 5 minutes. However, it can be upgraded to its premium version so you can avail all its features by only paying 2.99 $ per month. This is very fair considering other similar software pricing.


Due to the online nature of the RecordCast, it is compatible with any computer. Whether it is a Mac or Windows, you will not have to set up any compatibility settings before using it. This gives it an edge over other similar software.

No Storage:

Normally, you need to download an application and then install it for its usage. However, in the case of RecordCast, you save a considerable amount of storage by not installing it on your PC.

Part 2: How to Use RecordCast

With the three RecordCast, you can record your screen or webcam, download it and edit it the way you like to online. In this section, we will learn how do we record our screen, and webcam and edit that video with its editor.

Step 1: Sign Up

The first and foremost step is to sign up using your existing Google account or Facebook account. You just need to visit the website from here and click sign up.

recordcast record free now 1

Step 2: Record Your Screen:

After signing up you can easily record your screen by visiting the website from the provided link. You will see two options “record now” and “edit your video” as shown. Click on record now and you will be promoted to record modes settings. All you have to do is choose one of the modes and click next step.

recordcast recording settings micro

Recording Settings:

After clicking on the next screen you will new browser windows having the recording settings. Choose the microphone of your computer. You can also choose only computer audio and disable audio. If you don’t want to record any audio just the screen, you can do it by muting the audio from the settings. Moreover, if you are interested in choosing both system and microphone audio it can also be done from these settings as shown below. After done with settings click to start recording and you will be prompted to the next step.

recordcast screen settings entire screen

Screen Settings:

Before the real game of recording begins, the RecordCast lets you choose between a selection of screen recordings. You can either record the whole screen or a single specific window. Moreover, you can choose the chrome tab to record only a chrome site screen. Choose between the three as shown in 1 in the figure and share to start recording.

recordcast finishing recording

Finishing Recording:

Once you are done with your recording you can choose to stop recording by clicking the red stop icon as shown in the middle of the following picture. After that, you can click on download to save it in the specified directory. It will not only be downloaded but an editor will also open in case you want to edit it with the editor.

recordcast edit recording

Edit Recording:

By clicking download and edit you will see an editor should open. Once you are in the editor you can apply amazing effects on your recording or video with its variety of tools like Wondershare Filmora.

recordcast record your webcam

Step 3: Record Your Webcam:

To record your webcam only, all you need to perform is change the recording mode to webcam only as previously shown in this article. After clicking next you will see a pop-up message asking for your webcam access. Allow the webcam access to the application to turn on your webcam. After that, choose to enable or disabled your microphone as shown and click start recording.

recordcast download and edit your video

After clicking start recording you can now stop recording with the red icon on the screen at any time. Moreover, you can click to download and edit your recorded video as shown.

recordcast your webcam footage

Step 4: Record Your Webcam + Screen:

To record your webcam and screen simultaneously, just change the mode and click next. You will see the recording settings. Adjust the recording settings and click start recording. After start recording, the screen settings will appear. Choose the screen recording area as shown in 3 in the figure and click share. The app will record both the screen and webcam footage as shown. Click stop recording once you are finished and click download and edit.

Part 3: Best Alternative Recorder

Although, there are a lot of screen recorders on the internet. A lot of are having good tools and features. But nothing is comparable to your RecordCast since it is online and web-based. This means that you can edit and record your screen on a most urgent basis and anywhere by just visiting a site. However, the best alternative for this app is Fimlora Wondershare. Filmora introduces the best video editing software and screen recording tool. Filmora has an immense amount of tools to put artistic effect and perfectly edit your screen as well as record your computer screen. Let's see how can we use the Filmora screen recorder.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Download

You can get the latest version of Filmora by visiting its official website. Upon visiting click download and follow the installation instructions. After launching the application you will see multiple options. Select the PC screen to open the Filmora screen recorder.

pc screen

Step 2: Screen Recording

The Filmora screen recorder settings can be seen in the picture. Select recording mode as shown in step 1. You can select the output path as shown in step 2. To start recording click the red icon highlighted in 3 on the figure below. You can check the output by visiting the save to folder is shown in step 2.

filmora recording settings


Summarizing the story up, it is of no doubt how extremely basic and easy the UI of RecordCast was, especially given that the utility is completely free to a certain point. Moreover, there is no such tool that records online in such an amazingly user-friendly manner and has tremendous features. In conclusion, RecordCast is a free online software program for screen recording that allows you to record your webcam directly as well as with your browser and computer screen simultaneously.  This is a fantastic tool to have in your software toolkit. I hope this article would have helped you in identifying the best and most convenient screen recorder for your tasks.  

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