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Best CapCut Templates for Slow Motion Video Trend

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 08, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

In this digital realm, CapCut is a video editor, turning into another social media app. It was launched in 2020 but gained massive success by the end of 2022 with the introduction of templates. It's an automated tool which is a sister app to TikTok. When a TikTok trend goes viral, people move to CapCut to copy that as it is. From social media influencers to users, everyone is using this video editor for good.

Recently, the CapCut template’s new trend of slow motion has been in trend. If you intend to post a video on the CapCut new trend in slow motion, this guide is for you. Without any wait, read this article to learn everything about CapCut’s new slow-motion template. Before delving into detail, you should analyze how these templates have eased our video creation.

In this article
  1. Part 1. CapCut Video Editor: How Is It Making Slow Motion Video Making Easy?
  2. Part 2. Listing Out Some Unique Templates Available on CapCut for Slow Motion Video
  3. Part 3. How to Create a Simple Slow-Motion Video from a Template in CapCut?
  4. Part 4. Desktop Solution: How to Make Better Slow-Motion Videos with Wondershare Filmora?
  5. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. CapCut Video Editor: How Is It Making Slow Motion Video Making Easy?

As a social media user, you must be aware of CapCut; if not, keep reading. CapCut is a video editing platform with advanced options to help you capture key moments. With unique features, your content can go viral on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. After making videos, users can directly post on their social media, especially on TikTok.

This software is available to use online or download on Windows, macOS, and smartphones. Delve into its key features besides the CapCut slow motion template with neon effect:

  • CapCut can trim, merge, and delete clips like every other video editor.
  • You can add transitions between clips from different categories.
  • From advanced features, you can add keyframe animations in video.
  • Offer millions of music from the music library or extract from existing video clips.
  • With its intelligent features, users can remove backgrounds and add auto-captions.
  • Allows smooth editing of slow-motion and fast-speed videos with speed ramping.

Part 2. Listing Out Some Unique Templates Available on CapCut for Slow Motion Video

CapCut has a vast library of templates, as discussed earlier. They contain well-designed video layouts, transitions, effects, and texts to inspire others. For slow-motion templates, it offers extensive options that you can choose based on your preferences. If you haven’t found anything attractive, look into these CapCut new slow-motion templates.

  • Camera Lenta: It’s a trending slow-motion video template on the internet. As shown, it is used by more than 23k people and requires just one clip to process. This footage shows a blurry start, which gradually turns into a clear shot with music beats.
camera lenta template
  • Slow Motion: This template is popular with over 87k usages. It requires a single clip to make a video in a 9:16 aspect ratio. In this clip, a woman lip-syncs a song that reveals properly after a blurry transition into slow motion.
slow motion yowie template
  • CapCut Slow Motion: With more than 546k utilizations, this template is commonly available everywhere. You need 2 clips to use this, and an 11-second video will be generated. The massive use of this template might be due to its music, effects, and transitions.
slow motion rajubhai template
  • Slow Motion Transisi: Social media influencers prefer this template to show their dance moves. It requires 4 clips to make an attractive slow-motion video. At the start of the clip, you can see a countdown timer and a music beat with dance steps.
slow motion transisi template
  • Slow Motion Alih: If you want to reveal your mountain travel video, this template is perfect. This 11-second template is used by over 87k people. It starts with a musical voice and progresses at normal speed. Gradually, it slows down and shifts speed abruptly with the rhythm of the music.
slow motion alih template
  • Slow Motion Izacklstyle: It's another famous template that is perfect for your travel clips. This CapCut new trend 2022 template slow motion has more than 100k uses. It asks for 4 footage to show the natural beauty of nature, mountains, waterfalls, and you.
slow motion izacklstyle template
  • Slow Motion JP: With 1.3 million uses, this template is widely recognized on social media. Actually, the kid smiling in this slow-motion video makes it popular. It is an 8-second clip where the boy is standing chin-down. Suddenly, the music's rhythm and effect change when he looks upward.
slow motion jp template

Part 3. How to Create a Simple Slow-Motion Video from a Template in CapCut?

Making a CapCut template new trend in slow motion is not very difficult. For this purpose, you have to pick one template and select the media. After choosing a template from the above section, follow the given steps for better results. Regardless of the mobile device you are using, this step-by-step guide will prove beneficial for each.

Step 1

Launch CapCut on your smartphone and sign in to your account. Access the home screen of CapCut and look for the “Template” option from the bottom. Tap on it and find the vast video template library of this platform.

look for video template in capcut
Step 2

Go to the search and prompt with "Slow Motion Video" to browse results. Pick one video template of your choice and get a preview. From its preview, hit the "Use Template" button and go directly to import media. Select the video you wish and touch the "Preview" button.

preview template on own video
Step 3

After previewing results, go to the top right side and tap the “Export” button. You will get an extended “Export Setting” menu at the bottom. It’s up to you whether to choose “Save to Device” or Save and Share to TikTok.”

export final video

Part 4. Desktop Solution: How to Make Better Slow-Motion Videos with Wondershare Filmora?

Using CapCut's new slow-motion templates makes videos easy but restricts certain tasks. If you want to enjoy more flexibility in creating slow-motion videos, use Wondershare Filmora. It’s a video editing platform with innovative features to uplift creativity with personalization. This all-in-all platform offers AI-integrated features to generate unique content effortlessly.

Filmora can assist you in editing tasks by providing AI Copilot Editing. Besides, it can generate engaging scripts with prompts that align with your goals. Moreover, you can get copyright-free music and images to achieve appealing virtual content. Filmora can bring limitless creativity and uniqueness to your media, so move to explore it.

Free Download
Free Download

How to Create Personalized Slow-Motion Video with Filmora

Filmora offers Speed Ramping features to slow down video as you want. It also ensures smooth playback of slow-mo videos by providing an optical flow option. Let’s move to the real process with the given steps without further delay.

Step 1: Download Filmora and Import the Video to Slow Down

If you haven’t downloaded Filmora, visit its official site and get the latest version. Launch it on your device and access its main screen. Choose “New Project” and enter its editing screen. Press “Ctrl + I” to import your video into Filmora quickly. Drag and drop your imported media to the timeline section for further processing.

add video to filmora timeline

Step 2: Access Speed Ramping to Customize Video Speed 

Locate your cursor on the video and right-click on it to choose “Speed Ramping” from the list. This way, you will get an editing panel on the right side. You have the flexibility to select a predesigned template for speed ramping. Otherwise, hit the “Customize” button and find the graph below. Use the graph and locate the dots upward and downward to get the desired slow-motion video.

approach speed ramping settings

Step 3: Apply Optical Flow and Export within Personalized Settings

Later, go downward to the “AI interpolation” and extend its menu. From the menu, select "Optical Flow" for a smooth playback speed. If you are satisfied with the result, look for the "Export" button at the top right. Get the "Export" screen and adjust the parameter to save the video in your assigned settings.

manage smoothness and export


To conclude, social media influencers set trends using CapCut in real-time. They are getting the audience’s attention through the CapCut template’s new trend of slow motion. This article has also shed light on CapCut, its slow-motion templates, and how to use it. After reading, you must realize that using Wondershare Filmora is a far better option.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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