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How To Add Motion Blur On CapCut? (iPhone & Android)

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 21, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Do you know what adds a realistic effect to videos? Professionals add various types of effects to the videos to create artistic perspective flawlessly. Usually, the process of adding effects to the videos happens in the post-production phase, where professionals utilize various software. One of the commonly added effects is the motion blur effect which creates a subtle motion in the video.

In this article, we will address how to do motion blur on CapCut with simple steps. So, continue reading this guide to learn an easy and simple way of creating motion blur in your videos.

In this article
  1. Why Should You Add Motion Blur to Videos?
  2. How to Add Motion Blur to Videos on CapCut?
  3. The Best Alternative to CapCut to Add Motion Blur On Mobile

Part 1: Why Should You Add Motion Blur to Videos?

The motion blur effect changes the perspective of moving objects in a film or video. If you have created an animated video, you must add a motion blur effect to make the movement of objects or characters natural. Moreover, it gives a realistic touch to your videos by describing a particular movement in the video. That’s why adding a motion blur effect in videos is necessary, as, without this effect, the video would look choppy.

To introduce a motion blur effect, you can find multiple tools and video editors. However, if you want to try professional software, CapCut is a trustworthy option. This tool has a pre-made motion blur effect that you can instantly add within seconds. So, if you have already downloaded CapCut, upgrade to its latest version to try its built-in motion blur effect. Continue reading this article to find out about motion blur CapCut.

Part 2: How to Add Motion Blur to Videos on CapCut?

Are you excited to add a motion blur effect using CapCut? CapCut is a popular video editor, especially for TikTok, through which you can execute professional video editing easily. In this section, we will guide you on how to add motion blur on CapCut using your iPhone and Android.

1. On iPhone

CapCut is available on App Store, through which you can easily download it on your iPhone. To add a motion blur effect to your video on iPhone, check the below steps:

Step1 After adding the desired video clip in CapCut, select it and scroll in the right direction until you can locate the “Motion Blur” option. Now tap on “Motion Blur” and increase its “Blur” and “Blend” strength according to your choice. You can also increase the Blend value accordingly.

adjust blur and blend value

Step2 Moreover, you can choose the direction and times of the motion blur effect. Once you are done, tap on the “Tick” icon. After some seconds, the motion blur effect will be applied to your video.

set direction and times setting

2. On Android

Android users can also take benefit from the CapCut app. Once you have successfully downloaded the CapCut app on your Android phone from Play Store, follow the below instructions:

Step1 Open the CapCut app and tap on the “New Project” option. By doing so, upload the video from your phone on its interface.

create a new capcut project

Step2 After uploading, select the clip and scroll in the right direction. From there, select the “Motion Blur” option and choose “Blur” strength and “Blend” value. You can also select the "Direction" and "Times" values from the options. Once done, tap on the “Tick” option to add a motion blur effect to your video successfully.

customize motion blur settings

Part 3: The Best Alternative to CapCut to Add Motion Blur On Mobile

If you want alternatives to CapCut for creating a motion blur effect flawlessly, this part of the article can help you. You can find the best 3 apps in this section that are capable of generating a motion blur effect easily.

1. Videoleap

Videoleap is a popular editing app that is available for both iOS and Android users. Using this app, you can add text to your videos by selecting the font, color, opacity, and other elements. Moreover, you can add an audio clip to your video effectively using this app. Furthermore, you can also adjust the brightness, saturation, and other components of the video.

Besides being a powerful video editor, you can also use this tool to add a motion blur to your video. You can use its different filters and effects to create a motion blur effect. This tool offers complete customization freedom so that you can generate your preferred effect easily.

videoleap features

Download: Android | iOS

Key Features

  • This tool offers over 100 different sound effects that you can add to your video for more engagement.
  • You can check your final video in full screen comfortably on this tool.
  • This video editor also provides multiple creator video templates through which you can create professional videos.
  • This tool offers small tutorials with every feature to provide you with complete guidance.
  • You can execute layer-based editing through this app to add effects, videos, images, and other elements efficiently.
  • This tool does not include a built-in motion effect. Thus, you have to create a motion blur effect on this app through customization.

Tutorial: To see and learn how to use Videoleap effectively, you can see a quick tutorial following this link:

2. NSMB – Motion Blur Video

NSMB is a special app that can also work offline to add a motion blur effect to your videos. It has a simple interface that allows you to add a motion blur effect to your video instantly. Once you have uploaded the video on this app, you can easily apply the motion blur effect with a single tap.

Moreover, this app does not distort the quality of your video after adding the motion blur effect. Thus, it’s an efficient app that enables you to add a motion blur to your videos without manual effort.

nsmb motion blur video

Download: Android

Key Features

  • This app easily supports Android 5.0 OS and above.
  • It’s a simple and lightweight app that won’t take up storage space on your phone.
  • This app has more than 1M downloads which tell its reliability.
  • This app will add the function of ‘Preview," through which you will be able to see your final results easily.
  • You can adjust the strength of the added motion blur using the slider in this app.
  • This app has limited options and does not offer vast features for video editing.

Tutorial: Do you want to learn how to use this app? Here is a simple and easy video tutorial that you can watch to learn how to use this tool:

3. Node Video – Pro Video Editor

Node Video is a complete professional tool as it offers various editing features that can help you. You can discover tons of advanced editing tools on this app, such as keyframe animation, pen tool, motion tracker, puppet pin, etc. It also provides 3D renders that can assist you in mapping your videos to 3D models.

It also offers various types of effects and filters that can transform your video effectively. Moreover, you can also add a motion blur effect from this tool to your video within seconds. It has a built-in motion blur effect that can be added instantly without complications.

node video pro video editor

Download: Android | iOS

Key Features

  • Apart from the motion blur effect, this tool contains various sorts of other effects such as gaussian blur, radial blur, cross blur, directional blur, etc.
  • The rendering speed of this app is extremely fast to provide you with fast results.
  • Its advanced features can automatically separate backgrounds and human faces instantly.
  • Using this tool, you can edit the audio in the video clip by changing properties and effects.
  • You can modify the color grading of your video by modifying lift, gamma, and gain elements.
  • To continuously use this app, you have to buy its subscription plans.

Tutorial: In this video tutorial, you can find authentic instructions to use Node Video without any hassle. Thus, visit this video link to check the tutorial:


Apps like NSMB and Node Video work efficiently as they contain built-in motion blur effects. They work similarly to CapCut, as you can easily add a motion blur effect to your videos automatically. However, these apps provide limited options to choose the area and amount of effect. So, if you want to add customization to your videos proficiently, you can try Videoleap.


Motion blur effect can immensely change the dynamic of your professional videos. If you want to instruct about specific movements in your video, the motion blur effect can enhance it easily. In this article, we have shed light on how to do motion blur on CapCut. For more options, we have also provided three alternatives to CapCut for your additional help.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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