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Understanding More About CapCut Lenta Template and Slow-Motion Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jan 08, 24, updated Apr 19, 24

Slow-motion videos in black and white filters are trending on social media these days. You might be curious how everyone creates such cool videos. It is possible with CapCut, a video editor associated with TikTok. The question arises: is it difficult to achieve perfection in such slow-motion videos? Then, let us tell you there is a camera Lenta CapCut template for this purpose.

Using it, you just have to import the media of your choice and leave the process on CapCut. This article will guide you on making a slow-motion video with customization. Also, you will learn more about Camera Lenta CapCut to explore it quickly. Keep reading to create perfect slow motion by identifying the most powerful alternative.

In this article
  1. Part 1. An Introductory Review of CapCut Video Editor
  2. Part 2. CapCut Lenta Template: What Is It and How It Benefits Slow Motion Video Creation?
  3. Part 3. A Simple Guide to Creating Slow Motion Videos with CapCut
  4. Part 4. The Perfect Desktop Alternative in the Form of Wondershare Filmora for Slow Motion Videos
  5. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. An Introductory Review of CapCut Video Editor

CapCut is a smart and high-efficiency tool to ease your content creation journey. Beginners and professionals use this platform for captivating social media content. It’s a handy tool to collaborate with teammates on projects within a secure workspace. Unfortunately, it’s a full-featured software but still far from many major video editing software.

capcut video editor

Key Features of CapCut

This versatile tool simplifies complex editing tasks with its straightforward interface. It’s a default video editor for TikTok, the most popular video-sharing platform. You can download CapCut on Windows, macOS, and smartphones or use it online. If you want to explore its functionalities before using it, then keep reading.

  • Predesigned Templates: CapCut is trending on TikTok due to its templates. It offers predesigned templates in which users do nothing except import videos. Such templates contain pre-existing music, effects, text, and transitions. You can browse desired templates by tapping on categories like For You, Meme, and Beat.
  • Editing Functions: Like other editing platforms, CapCut offers common trimming and merging features. You can annotate videos and add customized text with adjustable font sizes and shapes. Besides, users can adjust the speed of video to create slow-mo or fast-forward clips. It allows you to reverse footage to add a fun factor to the content.
  • Audio Editing: This video editor makes copyrighted music library accessible to users. You can import audio from your gallery if you fail to find your desired music. Also, it allows you to extract a soundtrack from a video. Users can cut down audio parts to adjust their duration with the video. You will also get the flexibility to improve the audio quality of your added sound.
  • Keyframe and Tracking: With AI integration, this tool detects the motion of video objects. Afterward, it changes the background of the video while retaining the main objects. Plus, you can create stunning motion graphics and animated effects with its keyframe option. It can adjust the color, opacity, shape, and position of the added keyframe animations.

Part 2. CapCut Lenta Template: What Is It and How It Benefits Slow Motion Video Creation?

As highlighted above, CapCut is widely famous for its video templates. Among some popular and massively used templates is the Lenta video template. It shows blurry faces and objects at first glance with a black-and-white filter. Moving forward with this, you will see an unblur video revealing with a beat. The Lenta template format is now available in 10 more options added by famous creators.

Camera Lenta CapCut has crossed the usage of over 500 million. The video created with such a template provides a cool look and glorifies your social persona. Anyone without a basic knowledge of video editing can make slow-motion videos by adding clips. This template has enabled you to create a slow-motion video with effects quickly.

capcut lenta slow motion template

Part 3. A Simple Guide to Creating Slow Motion Videos with CapCut

Despite using the Camera Lenta CapCut Template, you can also create slow motion. If the template does not emphasize details in slow-mo, edit it yourself. In this regard, you should follow the steps below to access and use the slow-motion option.

Step 1: Launch the CapCut application in your system and access its main interface. Click on the “New Project” to enter the editing window of this platform. Go to the media panel and tap “Add” to select media for the process. Drag material to the timeline section below and begin the editing.

add media to capcut

Step 2: After dropping the video, you will see the editing panel on the right side. Move there and hit the “Speed” option next to the “Split.” Then, choose “Curve” and find speed ramping templates. You can pick one otherwise, tap “Customize” and find a graph below. Adjust the dots on the graph downward to slow down or upward to fast forward the video smoothly.

access curve section and adjust speed

Step 3: After making the desired slow motion, go to the top right corner to hit the "Export" button. Set parameters from the "Export" screen and press the "Export" again to get the video in the gallery.

export final video capcut

Part 4. The Perfect Desktop Alternative in the Form of Wondershare Filmora for Slow Motion Videos

There is a need to manually edit the video for desired changes. Shifting video in slow motion effect by Camera Lenta CapCut is time-consuming and difficult. The best alternative to this slow-motion video app is Wondershare Filmora. It is easily available on the desktop rather than browsing the apps on the internet. Filmora is an AI-powered video editing tool that gives high-quality results.

Users can get screen recording, AI text-to-speech, and many other benefits from this tool. They can apply the slow-motion effect in video with its Uniform Speed feature. Plus, these AI features make the editing process easier than the CapCut video editor.

Free Download
Free Download

How to Create Slow-Motion Video by Filmora

Filmora makes the slow-motion video process easy due to advanced features. You do not need to be a professional editor to edit the video on Filmora. It has easy-to-follow steps to create a slow-motion video. So, let's go through the steps to understand the video editing process.

Step 1Install the Filmora to Import Media

Install the Filmora on your desktop and open it to explore it. After that, click on the "New Project" option from the main interface. This option helps to access the editing screen to import the required file by pressing the "Ctrl+I” keys.

import video to timeline
Step 2Use the Uniform Speed Feature to Slow Down the Video

After importing the file, drag the file to the timeline panel and hit “Ctrl + R” on the video to access the speed options. From the displayed “Uniform Speed” panel, Slow down the video with the "Speed" slider. Retain the quality of the video by heading to the “AI Frame Interpolation” drop-down list. Click on the “AI Frame Interpolation” downward icon to choose the “Optical Flow” option.

change video speed filmora
Step 3Finalize the Process and Save it

Make further editing if required or get a final preview to see the applied changes. After finalizing, save the project by selecting the "Export" button in the top right corner.

export video from filmora

Key Features of Filmora in Video Editing

The key functionalities of this editing tool have been discussed in this part. You can go through this to understand the workings of this editor and get maximum benefits:

1. AI Image

Users can visualize their words through the AI Image generator feature of Filmora. In this regard, they should add a proper description in the text to generate the image. The description should include the composition, content, and other details for the exact image. It also offers aspect ratio and image style options to generate accurate AI images.

2. AI Thumbnail Creator

Influencers and social media activists post videos regularly. Thumbnails boost viewer engagement, so they add the thumbnail after finalizing the video. Filmora offers the AI Thumbnail feature to generate template-driven thumbnails for video. AI generates the thumbnail automatically by analyzing the best shots from the content.

3. AI Portrait

CapCut is used to change the background of the video. This background-changing process can cause errors in the final video. Filmora has an AI portrait feature to change the background accurately. It also offers versatility by offering 70+ stickers and AR effects. AI integration tracks the main object and facial features to add effects frame-by-frame.


CapCut is famous because it provides ease in editing to non-tech persons. As highlighted, the camera Lenta CapCut template requires clips to generate slow-mo videos. In this regard, users don’t need to put any effort and get appealing content automatically. Besides, this article has shown the steps to slow down video manually.

CapCut proves difficult for beginners to slow down video with speed ramping. So, if you need an easier but more advanced solution, you can benefit from Wondershare Filmora. It can ease your tasks and take your video editing to a professional level.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Apr 19, 24
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